The Best 2019 Bowling Balls for All Styles of Bowling

The 13 Best Reviewed Bowling Balls in 2019

Your search for the best bowling ball on the market will turn up a litany of different bowling balls with a wide array of different perks. If you go into your search for the best bowling ball out there without doing your research, you’re going to be overwhelmed by the choices presented to you in the marketplace. We’re here to help!

This guide is all about picking out the best of the best bowling balls on the market today. Some of these bowling balls are the best bowling ball for spare shooting, while others are the best bowling ball you’re going to find for your primary strike ball. All of these bowling balls are worth your time and investment. So, bookmark this article right away! You’re likely going to want to buy something you see here!

What To Look For in a Bowling Ball?

When you’re looking for the best bowling ball out there, you’re actually looking for the best bowling ball to accentuate the positives of your particular shot. If you’re a high-speed bowler with a powerful (and sharp) hook, you’re going to be looking for a very different bowling ball than someone who is a straight bowler through and through.

You’ll also be looking for different things out of your primary strike bowling ball and your spare ball. For most intermediate to expert bowlers, the best primary strike ball has a reactive cover stock which adds violence to your hook and turns lane oil into energy for high-quality pin impact. As for a spare bowling ball, a much less porous cover stock which reacts less and holds its line more is usually preferred.

In your search for the best bowling ball for you, you’ll need to really take a look at your overall bowling game. What are the positives of your bowling game which need to be accentuated? What are your opportunity areas and which balls can help you address those?

By diagnosing your bowling game right off the bat and looking for the best bowling ball to complement what you’re capable of, you’re bound to narrow your search to find the right bowling ball(s) for you. To be honest, it’s likely that one of the best bowling balls for you will be on our list of the Best Bowling Ball Reviews below.

13 Best Bowling Ball Reviews


1. Brunswick Kingpin Max Bowling Ball

Brunswick Kingpin Max Bowling Ball Navy/Green/Light Blue, 15lbs
  • Features the KingPin Ultra low RG core
  • Has the and exceptional-x enhanced composite adhesion Coverstock
  • Ball is finished at 1000 siaair micro pad

The Brunswick Kingpin Max is a true hook monster. It reacts fast and powers up through a variety of different oil patterns and transitions. If you’re looking for the best bowling ball to fine tune your hook and get powerful continuation through the pins, the Brunswick Kingpin Max is definitely for you.


  • Brunswick ECA-X cover stock facilitates traction to a maximum degree, slicing through heavier oil patterns and delivering consistent hits.
  • Brunswick DynamiCore is known for unreal hitting power and energy conservation which leads to fireworks at the end of your shot.
  • This is a great ball to work on your overall hook shot. It provides a lot of power for you and could show your hook potential you didn’t even know you had.


  • This ball can be way too reactive for some in the middle of the lane, cutting into lane length and frustrating bowlers who are unable to counteract its firepower.
  • Has a bit of an inflated price point which will scare off bowlers on a budget.

2. Motiv Venom Cobra Bowling Ball

Motiv Venom Cobra Bowling Ball, Black Bronze Pearl with Gold Silver, 15 lb
  • Sabotage Hybrid reactive cover stock
  • Top gear inner core
  • 5500 grit lsp factory finish

The Motiv Venom Cobra bowling ball is one of the most reactive hook-heavy bowling balls you’re going to find on the market. However, it balances that with reliable lane length and one of the strongest overall pin impact ratios out there. Simply put, the Motiv Venom Cobra reacts strong and finishes strong with little to worry about when your shot is going well.


  • Sabotage Hybrid Reactive cover stock provides fantastic lane length while also facilitating some amazing angular friction reactions down lane.
  • Top Gear dual density weight block works beautifully with the cover stock to provide some of the hardest hits and craziest angles we’ve seen in bowling ball tests.
  • The Motiv Venom Cobra has one of the most singular and fiery back-end reactions of any bowling ball on this list.


  • This ball can be extremely overpowering for bowlers who aren’t used to such reactivity and overall force.
  • It can burn out pretty badly on extremely dry lanes.

3. Hammer Black Widow Legend Bowling Ball

Hammer Black Widow Legend Bowling Ball (15lbs)
  • Hammer is calling to what it is, a legend
  • The Black Widow Legend takes the proven history of the Black Widow line and takes it up a notch
  • This is the first ball in this line to use a hybrid coverstock

If your local bowling alley is swimming in heavy oiled lanes, the Hammer Black Widow Legend is the best bowling ball for you. Several PBA bowlers use the Hammer Black Widow Legend as their strike ball of choice when oil density gets heavy. Combining unheard-of durability for a reactive bowling ball with sharp reactivity, the Hammer Black Widow Legend is an absolute powerhouse.


  • The Hammer Black Widow Legend has one of the most aggressive cover stocks on this list. It turns oil into gold with the right shot behind it.
  • Its Gas Mask core is one of the most beloved and powerful bowling ball cores out there. It’s earned its sterling reputation.
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty which will keep your worries at bay and ensure you get maximum play life out of the ball.


  • If you are not an advanced bowler who can tame an extremely reactive bowling ball, stay away. This ball may be too much for you.
  • Not the bowling ball for budget-conscious bowlers. This one is definitely an investment.

4. Columbia 300 Nitrous Bowling Ball

Columbia 300 Nitrous Bowling Ball, Black/Blue/Bronze, 15 lb
  • Columbia boost/gear will reactive cover stock
  • Columbia nitrous core weight Block
  • 500/2000 Abralon Polished w/Powerhouse factory finish polish

The Columbia 300 Nitrous bowling ball is a dream ball for strokers and beginning bowlers who are starting to inch closer to an intermediate skill level. This ball does a lot of little things well. That makes it the perfect bowling ball for a bowler who isn’t quite sure what their strength is just yet. The Columbia 300 Nitrous basically holds a bowler’s hand and helps them figure that out.


  • The Columbia 300 Nitrous bowling ball’s reactive cover stock is balanced enough to forgive mistakes and help beginning bowlers move up a notch with hook potential.
  • 2-piece symmetrical core creates amazing balance, stability and increases lane length to powerful effect.
  • Has a very fair price point for the amount of use and teaching potential the ball has.


  • This ball is not for advanced bowlers who have a handle on what they’re good at. This ball is more about finding out what you’re good at.
  • Once you start to figure out your shot and want to advance, this ball will lose a lot of its efficacy for you.

5. Ebonite Cyclone Bowling Ball

Ebonite Cyclone Bowling Ball, Red/Blue Sparkle, 11 lb
  • Gb 10.7 Cover stock
  • Cyclone core
  • 4000 Abralon and Powerhouse factory finish polish

The Ebonite Cyclone is heavy on reactivity but forgiving enough for intermediate bowlers when it comes to off hits. Its symmetrical core helps clean up mistakes and counterbalances the extreme reactivity of the cover stock to a wonderful degree. Once you rein this ball it, it will do some amazing things you’ve never seen before coming out of your shot release.


  • This ball is a heavy oil dream. Its heavy reactivity works extremely well in high oil density, increasing angular reactions and overall firepower.
  • Symmetrical core keeps your shot on track and stores energy for a fantastic finish.
  • If you’re just on the precipice of becoming an advanced bowler, this ball is a fantastic graduation ball. It’s controllable but has some fantastic high-end potential.


  • If you’re not used to the cover stock’s level of reactivity, you’re going to struggle. It’s a tough ball to tame if you’re not versed.
  • This ball comes with a hefty price tag. You need to be sure this is the best bowling ball for you before plopping down your hard-earned cash.

6. Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball

Brunswick Rhino Black/Green/Orange, 12lbs
  • The Rhino features one of the most popular cores of all time the light bulb core
  • The gear will-16 Cover stock helps the ball get down lane easily
  • The ball is finished with 500 Grit stair pad then Polished with crown factory Compound and crown factory shine

If you need a bowling ball perfectly designed for dry and medium-dry oiled lanes, the Brunswick Rhino is the best bowling ball you can find. It’s one of the most durable reactive bowling balls on the market. It’s also one of the finest when it comes to reading even the most minute amount of oil and turning it into angular precision and a powerful back-end reaction.


  • R-16 reactive cover stock is precision-built to react to the smallest amount of oil on a lane. It does big things with just a little bit of oil.
  • Symmetrical core provides fantastic lane length and stores up energy for a strong back-end finish.
  • One of the most durable reactive resin bowling balls you’re going to find.


  • Beginning bowlers beware – this ball is too reactive and hard to rein in if you’re not used to its overall firepower.
  • Not for use on heavy oiled lanes. This ball gets gummed up and submerged when oil density is too thick.

7. Hammer Black Widow Spare Bowling Ball

Hammer Black Widow Spare Bowling Ball Blue/Orange/Smoke, 15lbs
  • Features the gas mask core
  • Has a polyester Coverstock
  • Ball is finished with 2000 Abralon with Powerhouse factory finish polish

The Hammer Black Widow is one of the most unique low-rev bowling balls on the market, utilizing an asymmetric gas mask core which actually functions more like a symmetrical core in conjunction with weight blocks to keep your shot on a straight line. Its one of the best bowling balls out there for maximizing your lane length. It also hits like a freight train upon pin impact.


  • You can get some incredible speed and sneaky back-end pin violence out of a straight shot on light oil lanes.
  • Durable polyester cover stock which resists wear, oil absorption, dirt buildup.
  • Provides one of the most even lane rolls of any bowling ball we’ve ever tested.


  • Comes undrilled, so you’ll have to take it to a pro shop as soon as you order it off of Amazon.
  • Can be a bit spendy for a beginning straight bowler.

8. Pyramid Path Rising Pearl Bowling Ball

Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball (Black/Hot Pink, 8lb)
  • New Era 139 Symmetric Core offers Variety for Drilling
  • Path Reactive Pearl coverstock offers delayed/angular reaction
  • Ideal for medium-dy lanes, Finished to 1500-Grit/Polished Factory Finish for extended length
  • Great Entry-Level Performance Ball
  • Perfect Scale Rating: 181.30

If you’re an intermediate bowler looking for a great introduction to high performance bowling ball reactivity, the Pyramid Path Rising Pearl has got your name written all over it. What it lacks in high-end hook potential is made up for with off-hit forgiveness and an undeniable sense of complete control. You’ll be able to fine tune your hook shot to precision with the help of this ball.


  • Pearl cover stock is extremely durable yet fantastically reactive. Its hook potential is great but not marred by too much overall reactivity.
  • Symmetrical core increases overall control and keeps the ball’s reactivity from becoming too much.
  • High-speed bowlers will love this ball’s overall performance and the crazy things it can do on the back end.


  • If you’re a true beginner, this bowling ball may have too much oomph for you. It’s more built for bowlers who have already thrown a reactive resin bowling ball before.
  • It doesn’t portend the high-end hook potential and pin carry that an expert bowler would want.

9. Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball

Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball, Cool Water, 8-Pound
  • Polyester Coverstock
  • 3-Piece Core
  • High Gloss Finish

The best bowling ball on this list for a true beginner, the Ebonite Maxim bowling ball is a great teaching tool. When you need a bowling ball to learn the basic with sans the worry about hyper reactivity and loss of lane length, look to the Ebonite Maxim. It’s a durable hitting machine which will help increase scores for beginners and intermediate bowlers alike.


  • Extremely durable polyester cover stock is forgiving for beginners who may not have a handle on things. It will bounce back and keep delivering.
  • Symmetrical core makes this one of the best spare bowling balls and straight bowling balls out there. It just holds onto the lane.
  • Extremely affordable price point. It’s a great ball to start with when you’re not sure you want to fully invest.


  • Lacks hook potential. This is either a straight bowler’s ball or a spare bowling ball. It’s not a strike ball for hook bowlers.
  • Only comes in lighter weights. You’re not going to be able to find a 16-pound version.

10. Storm Timeless Bowling Ball

Storm Timeless Bowling Ball- Blue/Platinum/Black (13lbs)
  • A revolutionary ball in collaboration with Jason Belmont the reigning three time pba player of the year
  • Timeless bowling ball is the first release in our new signature line
  • The ball Comes with an aromatherapy fragrance which is quite popular for Storm bowling balls

The Storm Timeless bowling ball has the seal of approval from PBA star Jason Belmonte. In fact, its unique design was created with Belmonte’s input! What resulted is a fantastic reactive bowling ball which also has enough durability and stability to be forgiving for beginners. It’s an insanely heavy hitter which turns off hits into crazy pin carry.


  • R2S cover stock doesn’t sacrifice durability and overall control for its powerful reactivity. It’s simply perfectly balanced.
  • Dual-Drive weight block is fine tuned to increase overall violence at the back end of your shot while functioning extremely smoothly through the heads.
  • One of the heaviest hitters on this list, by far.


  • This ball has been known to burn out pretty badly on extremely dry lanes. Beware.
  • Inflated price point will scare away beginning bowlers. It’s not a ball for someone looking to save a few bucks.

11. Brunswick T Zone Deep Space Bowling Ball

Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball, 10 lb
  • Features bullet point core
  • Finished with Royal shine Compound
  • Brand new purple blue swirl with sparkle

The Brunswick T Zone Deep Space bowling ball is one of the most trusted balls out there for beginners and intermediate bowlers looking for a stable spare ball. It does portend solid hook potential, but its real draw is its fantastic lane length and ability to help minimize the effect beginner’s mistakes have on an overall shot.


  • One of the most durable polyester cover stocks on the market. This ball has straight-line power for days thanks to its strong outer composition.
  • Symmetrical core is perfectly calibrated to increase lane length and hitting power in equal doses.
  • This is one of the most well-reviewed spare bowling balls to have ever hit the online marketplace.


  • This ball has no real reactivity and gets submerged in heavy oil lanes.
  • Can be a bit muted as a spare bowling ball for an advanced bowler looking for a bit more.

12. Ebonite Choice Bowling Ball


The Ebonite Choice provides an unbeatable combination of a powerful, durable cover stock and undeniable hook potential which leads into an insane back-end reaction. It’s also a lot easier to control than some of the other heavy oil bowling balls on this list thanks to a symmetrical core calibrated to reduce the impact of shot mistakes.


  • GSV-1 cover stock burns through heavy oil with ease, keeps the energy building for a fantastic back-end crash no matter how oily the lanes are.
  • Symmetrical mass bias core increase pin carry and lane length without cutting into hook potential.
  • One of the more durable and easy-to-maintain reactive cover stocks we’ve ever played with.


  • This ball can be extremely volatile and hard to handle for inexperienced bowlers, and can be trouble for all bowlers on fresh house conditions. 
  • The ball can get chewed up pretty badly on drier lanes. Keep it in the bag on those occasions. 

13. Hammer Scandal/S Bowling Ball

Hammer Bowling Scandal/S Ball, 15
  • With the Semtex Hybrid CFI cover stock finished at the same surface as the original Scandal, you will get that same strong mid-lane motion you loved from the Scandal but with more pop on the back end.
  • Reaction Aggressive Mid-Lane w/ Continuous Backend
  • Best Lane Condition Medium to Heavy Oil

The Hammer Scandal/S bowling ball sports unmatched hitting power with an added perk of retaining energy for a massive back-end reaction. It works fantastically on heavy oil and does well with transitions in oil patterning on the lane, smoothing itself out for a late hitting burst. It’s also reacts smartly and gently enough to keep the control firmly in the hands of the bowler.


  • Semtex Hybrid CFI cover stock matches great reactivity with durability that is unparalleled in reactive resin bowling balls. 
  • Symmetrical core adds a counterbalance of control which benefits both slower bowlers and those who need a little bit of tracking to rein their hooks in.
  • Some heavy oil bowling balls tend to overreact to oil conditions. The Hammer Scandal/S doesn’t do this. In fact, it makes varied oil conditions feel similar to each other when thrown with efficacy.


  • High-speed bowlers may not get the same benefits out of this ball as lower-speed bowlers. Higher speeds can cut into this ball’s overall efficiency.
  • When the ball gets gummed up with oil, it starts to loose its smoothness and act erratically. It needs constant cleaning to combat this.

What Is The Best Bowling Ball On The Market Today? 

Motiv Venom Cobra Bowling Ball, Black Bronze Pearl with Gold Silver, 15 lb
  • Sabotage Hybrid reactive cover stock
  • Top gear inner core
  • 5500 grit lsp factory finish

While it’s not the most forgiving for beginners, the Motiv Venom Cobra bowling ball gets our nod as the best bowling ball on the market right now. It has so much overall power and so much hook potential  that it really functions as a cheat code of sorts. If you can learn how to harness its firepower, you can increase your scores by a large amount just by letting it loose.

You’re going to hit the pin pocket at angles you’ve never even considered while also getting some of the most explosive back-end reactions possible. It just does so much and can turn a good hook shot into a really great one with ease.

What Is The Best Bowling Ball For Straight Bowlers? 

Hammer Black Widow Spare Bowling Ball Blue/Orange/Smoke, 15lbs
  • Features the gas mask core
  • Has a polyester Coverstock
  • Ball is finished with 2000 Abralon with Powerhouse factory finish polish

The Hammer Black Widow Spare bowling ball is an absolute straight-line beast. While it’s marketed as a secondary ball, it’s also a fantastic option as a strike bowling ball for a straight bowler. Some spare bowling balls offer fantastic lane length but leave a lot to be desired when it comes to overall pin carry. That’s not the case with the Hammer Black Widow Spare bowling ball.

The Hammer Black Widow is designed to store energy efficaciously and expend it with a powerful burst upon hitting the pin pocket. That gives a much heavier overall hit than the majority of spare bowling balls out there. If you’re a high-speed straight bowler who is simply looking to overpower pins, the best bowling ball you could invest in is definitely the Hammer Black Widow Spare bowling ball.

What Is A High Performance Bowling Ball?

A high performance bowling ball is usually a reactive resin or particle cover stock bowling ball which reads and reacts to varying lane oil densities. For a bowling ball to be labeled high performance, it must go beyond simply rolling down the lane. The best high performance bowling balls absorb lane oil in such a way as to control friction and give you angular, powerful reactions you wouldn’t otherwise be able to get with a bowling ball.

High performance bowling balls strike a balance between reactive cover stocks and core technologies which conserve energy for some powerful pin reactions. The best bowling balls out there take your normal shot and amp it up a couple of notches. The best high performance bowling balls go even further, using state-of-the-art tactile technologies to push your shot to levels it’s never reached before.

What Weight Ball Do Pro Bowlers Use? 

About 70% of PBA bowlers use a 15-pound bowling ball – one pound lighter than the allowed maximum. About a quarter of the bowlers on tour use a 16-pound bowling ball, with a smattering of pros opting for a lighter 14-pound bowling ball.

As for female professional bowlers, the majority of PWBA pros also throw a 15-pound bowling ball. Fewer PWBA bowlers throw 16-pound bowling balls. There is a much higher percentage of 14-pound bowling balls on the lane than on the men’s tour, with a few 13-pound bowling balls also being used currently.

Maintaining Longevity in Your Wrist for Optimal Bowling

Although having the best bowling ball for you is recommended to improve your game, you should also consider maintaining your wrists in order to have a sustainable career in bowling. We’ve created a comprehensive list on our favorite wrist braces for bowling. Click on this link to check it out!

Closing Thoughts

There are so many different opinions about what the best bowling ball on the market is that you’re rarely going to get two people to agree! However, this article has all the information you need to figure out what the very best bowling ball is for you. Whether you’re a hook-dominant bowler or a straight bowler with a lot of power behind you, there’s something on the above list for you.

And with your own personal best bowling ball in hand, there’s not much you won’t be able to do at the lanes! 


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