The Best 2019 Bowling Balls for All Styles of Bowling

The 2019 Best Bowling Ball Ultimate Guide

Our best bowling balls 2019 ultimate guide is your one-stop shop for the best bowling balls the market has to offer right now. We’ve scanned through hundreds upon hundreds of options to compile a list that’s useful and comprehensive for any bowler with any particular skill set. Whether you’ve got a violent hook that needs tuning and calibrating, a need for a durable and reliable plastic spare ball, or even if you’re just starting out and have no earthly clue what you’re looking for – our 2019 Best Bowling Ball Ultimate Guide has you covered. 

Before we get to our rankings, let’s answer a big question that bowlers of all different expertise levels ask themselves before making a bowling ball purchase.

What To Look For in a Bowling Ball?

There are several key questions you need to answer or have someone help answer for you before you plop down your hard-earned dough on a new bowling ball. First, you have to determine your ideal bowling ball weight. While most pro bowlers use a 16-pound bowling ball, many use 15-pound balls and that still may be way too heavy for what you’re looking for. An optimum ball weight for you is one that you can comfortably throw and consistently throw.

With that out of the way, you now need to examine your bowling game. Are you going to be throwing with a hook or mainly a straight shot? If you want added hook potential, you’ll likely be looking for a ball with a reactive resin cover stock that is prone to hooking. If you need a little bit more straight-line control, plastic will do the trick just fine. If you want a solid middle ground with good hook potential and a straight-line potential, there’s always urethane.

You’ll also need to be honest about your budget and find a ball that suits your wallet just like it suits your shot. Breaking the bank may be prohibitive for a beginning bowler who’s just learning the ropes, but an expert bowler may be willing to part with several hundreds of dollars to get top performance tailored to the nuances of their game.

All in all, before you get your new bowling ball drilled perfectly to fit your hand, you need to narrow the field down to meet your particular circumstances and your particular criteria. With that being said, we’ve decided to chunk our Best Bowling Balls 2019 list into unique groups of three which should cover the majority of bowlers and their vastly different need sets.

Best Hooking Bowling Balls 2019

1) Brunswick Kingpin Bowling Ball

Brunswick Kingpin Bowling Ball

The Kingpin is built to maximize hook potential thanks to its combination of an asymmetrical core and an Enhanced Composition Adhesion cover stock. It combines steady mid-lane traction with a violent and powerful back-end motion, while the patented Brunswick DynamaCore helps you balance power with accuracy no matter how wide you hook your shot. The ball hits high with consistency, thus translating any good hook shot to pin carry. It also cuts through heavy oil lanes with precision and keeps your hook on track.

2) Storm Code Red Bowling Ball

Storm Code Red Bowling Ball

A hybrid reactive cover stock ball with enormous hook potential and cutting-edge core technology, the Storm Code Red has an amazing back-end reaction which finishes off a hook with equal parts violence and precision. The ball’s RAD4 core allows you to put increase torque on the ball without sacrificing speed or accuracy. It cuts through heavy oil like a knife, giving you plenty of leeway to set your hook shot up to perfection without having to adjust too much to lane conditions.

3) Hammer Black Widow Legend Bowling Ball

Hammer Black Widow Legend Bowling Ball

Complete with a three-year warranty, the Hammer Black Widow Legend doesn’t just promise a consistent hook shot with a pinpoint and powerful back-end motion – it promises that it’ll survive the wear and tear of any bowler’s best and worst shots. The hybrid cover stock enhances the ball’s performance while keeping you under control no matter how heavily oiled the lane is. While it’s a bit on the pricier side, it pays for itself by helping bowlers of all different expertise levels fine-tune hook shots into consistent and repeatable marks.

Best Plastic Bowling Balls 2019

1) Hammer Black Widow Spare Bowling Ball

Hammer Black Widow Spare Bowling Ball

Speaking of the Hammer Black Widow, this gem of the best bowling balls 2019 market is the straight-line polyester cousin of the hook monster Legend. With a balanced core and a straight-line power that promotes accuracy while maintaining top speeds, the Black Widow rolls evenly and cleanly to help you consistently pick up spares of all kinds. While it portends some hook potential on drier lanes, it’s fine-tuned to help you throw straight-line shots with ease and optimized power.

2) Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball

Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball

Combining a budget-conscious price with precision straight-line power, the Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball’s 3-piece core gives the ball nuanced weight displacement without breaking your bank. Its hook potential is limited as is the case with a lot of plastic bowling balls, but it tracks so well on a straight-line shot that you can still get incredible pin carry with the right finish. Coming in a wide range of weights, it’s a great plastic budget ball that the whole family can use.

3) Storm Clear White/Navy Bowling Ball

Storm Clear White/Navy Bowling Ball

Storm is one of the most trusted brands on the market for good reason, but it also doesn’t hurt that the minimalist look of this bowling ball provides a sharp addendum to its straight-line power and pinpoint accuracy. Featuring a 3-piece pancake core which keeps balls on track and a consistency that weathers all different lane conditions, this bowling ball is a fantastic spare ball or a great ball for someone who is willing to forgo hook potential for a laser-like shot that hits right where it’s supposed to.

Best 2019 Left-handed Bowling Balls

1) Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball

Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball

Lefties looking for precision mixed with potential need look no further. The Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball is a cutting-edge addition to the new generation of performance bowling balls, yet it’s perfect as an entry-level ball for a lefty just learning the game. It doesn’t have a sharp back-end finish like some of the balls mentioned before, but it has a very smooth, curving trajectory which provides optimum control on all kinds of different shots. It’s also extremely durable with a strong composition and quality reactive cover stock.

2) Columbia 300 White Dot Bowling Ball

Columbia 300 White Dot Bowling Ball

A newly-created plastic version of a crowd favorite, the Columbia 300 White Dot blends its polyester cover with a pancake-shaped core that adds oomph and assists with rotation. Its internal composition makes it ideal as an advanced bowler’s spare ball or a beginning bowler’s main ball, as the core’s balance helps unleash havoc while still providing straight-line control. Columbia is an underrated manufacturer, and this lefty bad boy is a perfect addition to their fine selection of top-performing bowling balls.

3) Columbia 300 Nitrous Bowling Ball

Columbia 300 Nitrous Bowling Ball

Did we mention that Columbia makes a fine bowling ball? The White Dot is a great ball for starters, but the Nitrous is a fantastic next step when it comes to a left-handed performance bowling ball. The Boost/R cover stock grips any lane in any condition, helping provide needed friction while the two-piece core drives up the velocity while maintain consistency. It’s extremely durable at a fair price point, with the aforementioned cover stock proving quite resistant to cracks and splits. Bowlers of all skill levels can maximize their game with the Columbia 300 Nitrous at hand.

Best Entry-Level Bowling Balls 2019

1) Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball

Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball

Priced extremely reasonably and perfect for any bowler to pick up and play, the Brunswick Tzone Deep Space is a budget marvel. First of all, it looks gorgeous with its psychedelic streaks of teal, blue and silver. However, it’s the high performance of the particle cover stock (with a polyester outer shell) and Bullet-weight core which makes this a great ball to fine-tune your straight game or learn to throw a consistent hook. It’s a fantastic teaching ball that has more bells and whistles than it should for the price point.

2) Pyramid Path Rising Pearl Bowling Ball

Pyramid Path Rising Pearl Bowling Ball

It’s extremely rare to find an entry-level performance bowling ball which provides anything close to the firepower of the Pyramid Path Rising Pearl at a price under $100. The Path Reactive Pearl cover stock creates enough coefficient friction to create dynamite hits and extraordinary pin carry. The New ERA 139 core maximizes and balances spin in such a way as to create optimum violence with accuracy for any player messing around with a hook. It also has a powerful kick on the back end which can make a decent hook look good and a good hook finish great.

3) Brunswick White Viz-A-Ball Bowling Ball

Brunswick White Viz-A-Ball Bowling Ball

An entry-level bowling needs to perform, but it should also have a flair to it which makes a new bowler want to continue to pick it up and show it off at the bowling lanes over and over. That’s exactly what the Brunswick White Viz-A-Ball Bowling Ball accomplishes. The ball is available with a variety of embedded 360-degree graphics which give it personality and really pop compared to other balls on the ball return. Combine that with a durable polyester cover stock which resists cracks and provides a smooth straight-line ride for shots, along with a unique core shape which promotes consistent dynamite when striking the pins, and you have an entry-level bowling ball which provides both the sizzle and the steak.

Best Bowling Balls For Beginner Bowlers 2019

1) Storm Tropical Breeze Bowling Ball

This ball a balanced delight for beginners. Its hybrid reactive cover stock grips the lane to help a newbie exert maximum effort while still maintaining control regardless of lane condition. However, its core construction has some sneaky great hook potential to it, building and maintaining energy before unleashing a fairly predictable but extremely powerful back-end reaction. It’s a great example of a teaching ball which can give a beginner confidence in his/her game while also providing tools to help them reach the next level.

2) Hammer Blue Vibe Bowling Ball

Hammer Blue Vibe Bowling Ball

One of the most iconic and trusted beginning bowling balls on the market, the Vibe series by Hammer always balances classic style with a repeatable response and motion which gives beginners ample opportunity to adjust and tweak their games. It glides like a swan over the front part of the lane before hooking tight on the dry boards, giving beginners margin for error as they learn their own hook shots and how to maximize their potential. The CT Reactive Plus cover stock is solid, but its smooth finish counterbalances that to help balance power and finesse for any bowler.

3) Ebonite Turbo/R Bowling Ball

Ebonite Turbo/R Bowling Ball

A beginner’s bowling ball usually needs a smoother hook potential on the back end which allows the bowler to dictate its action more effectively. Out of the three balls on this list, the Turbo/R sacrifices raw power on the back end for a more consistent finish that can help beginners pinpoint their shot and repeat it. The GB 10.7 pearl cover stock doesn’t grip too hard at all, allowing for beginners to control their shots better without any unpredictable hooking. You know what you’re getting from most shots with the Ebonite Turbo/R, which is a fantastic luxury for a beginning bowler to have.

Best Bowling Balls For Intermediate Bowlers 2019

1) Roto-Grip Hustle Ink Bowling Ball

Roto-Grip Hustle Ink Bowling Ball

The Roto-Grip Hustle Ink is a fantastic bowling ball for a beginner to bridge the gap on their way to becoming an intermediate bowler. It has an extremely smooth and predictable motion, but can also pack a sharp and violent hook on the back end as bowlers begin to find their touch and add oomph to their hooks. The symmetric core and Thrilled Solid Reactive cover stock help any bowler build a consistent shot, but there’s enough fire under the surface that an intermediate bowler can take its consistency and turn it into their own unique, effective shot.

2) Brunswick Cutting Edge Pearl Bowling Ball

Brunswick Cutting Edge Pearl Bowling Ball

Some intermediate bowlers have started to find their shot, but have yet to really amp up the speed as they continue to look to maximize control. That’s where the Brunswick Cutting Edge Pearl comes in. It doesn’t need extreme force to provide maximum value. In fact, its Low RG Symmetric Core has a very easy, relaxed length to it which cuts into a sharp breaking point. That allows intermediate bowlers throwing at slower speeds to still get powerful reaction from hooks and straight shots alike. Also, its reactive cover stock and smooth finish increases length and gives finesse bowlers a ton to work with.

3) Hammer Statement Solid Bowling Ball

Hammer Statement Solid Bowling Ball

If you’re an intermediate bowler who’s ready to take the next step to the advanced level, the Hammer Statement Solid’s powerful hook potential and wild back-end finish gives the aspiring bowler a chance to work with a real weapon on the lanes. The Aggression Solid CFI solid reactive cover stock has a grip and rip to it with adds continuity of force throughout most shots. Add in a rock-solid asymmetric core which does some pretty crazy things as intermediate bowlers look to build to their hooks and finishes, and you have a ball that provides the right challenge at the right time for the right intermediate bowler.

Best Bowling Balls For Advanced Players 2019

1) Storm Crux Prime Bowling Ball

Storm Crux Prime Bowling Ball

Fans of the Catalyst core from earlier Storm bowling balls will fall in love with the Storm Crux Prime’s improved asymmetrical core which promotes wild yet controlled motion into an explosive back end finish. The SPEC Solid Reactive cover stock digs harder and cuts with more purpose through the heaviest of oil. Extremely durable, this ball is a perfect lead bowling ball for an advance bowler who is at the lane multiple times a week. For an advanced player with a mean hook, this ball does breathtaking damage with consistency.

2) DV8 Notorious Bowling Ball

DV8 Notorious Bowling Ball

Some bowling balls have great cores meant for power and hook potential, but the DV8 Notorious takes it to an entirely new level. In addition to the ball’s new Antagonist core which creates off-center chaos, the DynamiCore increases overall shot power and combines with the Antagonist to create a near-quantum effect. This top bowling ball’s 500/3000 SiaAit (grit) finish gives it unbeatable traction through most of your shot before settling into a smooth yet powerful back end reaction. It’s a pricey beast, but it’s the right investment for an advanced bowler ready to build a professional-level reputation.

3) Motiv Golden Jackal Bowling Ball

Motiv Golden Jackal Bowling Ball

Combining top speed and effortless agility with one of the most impressive back end finishes on the market, the Motiv Golden Jackal bowling ball bursts through the lane with controlled chaos. The Predator V3 asymmetric weight block provides massive flare and hook potential, giving advanced players the chance to add extra fireworks to their hook shots. Its Hexion Strength Enhanced cover cuts through oil with ease and provides the traction necessary to keep control and finish shots. This ball has enormous strength potential and would prove unwieldy for most beginners and intermediate bowlers, but not for an advanced bowler looking for an added edge.

2019 Best Bowling Balls For Stroker

1) Storm Marvel Pearl Bowling Ball

Storm Marvel Pearl Bowling Ball

Whether you’re throwing a low rev rate for stylistic purposes or just because of physical necessity, you need a ball that can give you a strong overall motion and a potent back end finish without having to force the issue. The Storm Marvel Pearl is widely talked about in forums and on review sites as a fantastic performance bowling ball for older bowlers looking to get bang for their buck out of a smoother, more controlled throwing motion. The lower RG core and pearl cover stock add punch to the end of shots while maintaining control and traction early, making it an attractive option for all strokerv bowlers.

2) Ebonite Verdict Pearl Bowling Ball

Ebonite Verdict Pearl Bowling Ball

This bowling ball is a stroker’s dream as it provides consistent and potent length through the front of your shot while storing its own energy for a smashing back-end finish. The Ebonite Verdict Pearl’s GSV-1 Pearl cover stock is a dream for a low-rev bowler who wants a smooth carry to the pins, but it still has a ton of potency for a sharp back-end crash thanks to its finely-tuned Justice core. If you want a smooth lane ride with all kinds of potential with little tweaks to your shot, the Ebonite Verdict does the trick and then some.

3) DV8 Pitbull Growl Bowling Ball

DV8 Pitbull Growl Bowling Ball

If you’re a medium-rev stroker who just happens to function better with the style, the DV8 Pitbull Growl will maximize your medium-rev shot into optimum pin carry with a fantastically consistent hook. The Composite Claw Solid cover stock cuts through heavy oil like a butter knife, letting a stroker bowler control their shot without falling prey to lane condition. The Pitbull Low RG Asymmetric core allows for both low-rev power and medium-rev violence, depending on what you’re looking to accomplish. It’s simply a great option for a stroker bowler who may have a little extra oomph on their shot.

Best-Rated Bowling Balls 2019

1) Pyramid Antidote Bowling Ball

Pyramid Antidote Bowling Ball

Our final section of this ultimate guide of the best bowling balls 2019 covers the best-rated balls on Amazon not covered in any of the above sections. Starting us off is the Pyramid Antidote – a fantastic medium-to-heavy oil bowling ball which provides a consistently strong and accurate reaction. The GPS Navigational Solid cover stock slices through oil with ease while the symmetrical core provides a sharp kick on hooks that leads to violent and powerful pin carry. It’s a great value at just over $100 and provides enough overall potential to be a long-term investment for any bowler.

2) Roto-Grip Halo Bowling Ball

Roto-Grip Halo Bowling Ball

The second bowling ball from Roto-Grip in our ultimate guide, the Halo is a high-performance gem which allows you to throw an effortless hook on even the most oily of lanes. The MicroTrax-S18 Reactive Solid cover stock burns through oil without a chaotic and unexpected reaction, providing smooth consistent shots with heavy hook potential and more flip and back-end reaction than most Roto-Grip balls. It’s a fantastic ball for traction and control which doesn’t sacrifice pin carry or violence at the end of a bowler’s shot.

3) Storm Drive Bowling Ball

Storm Drive Bowling Ball

The sixth and final Storm bowling ball in our 2019 Best Bowling Ultimate Guide is just as unique as any Storm bowling ball, and just as effective. The R2S Nano Hybrid cover stock handles medium- to heavy-oil lanes with ease, providing consistency mid-lane before an explosive back-end finish. The Dual Drive core functions as a weight block within a weight block, ensuring great entry level and fantastic pin carry no matter how you hook your shot. If you’re looking to get added revs with your current shot style, this ball has the potential and internal workings to do so.

Closing Thoughts

Our best bowling balls 2019 list provides a comprehensive look into the top bowling balls on the market for bowlers of all different skill levels and types. From hook shots to straight-line spares, cheap and effective plastic balls to state-of-the-art performance balls, there’s bound to be the right ball for you  somewhere on this list. Before you invest, be sure to consult this list to make sure you’re on the right path (and in the right lane) to achieving your bowling goals.

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