Let’s face it. Bowling balls can be confusing. With so many bowling equipment companies claiming to be among the top bowling ball manufacturers in the world, it’s increasingly difficult to find the right high-performance balls and polyester bowling balls for your particular wants and needs.

Whether you’re looking for high-end bowling balls with the promise of peak ball performance, or other bowling equipment to take care of your prized strike and spare balls, you don’t need to navigate the choppy water of the bowling industry alone.

We believe in helping out other members of the bowling community and increasing your chances of success at the bowling lanes. To do so, we’ve compiled a definitive list of the Top 8 Bowling Brands In 2022 for novices and professional bowlers alike.

The 8 Best Bowling Ball Brands In 2022

8) Motiv

Amazon.com : MOTIV Jackal Ghost Bowling Ball : Sports & Outdoors

Before Motiv started to manufacture balls that rejuvenated the bowling products landscape, they started by creating ball cores for other brands you’ve probably used and loved. In 1990, Motiv decided to steer away from selling high-quality products to other manufacturers and focus on the full-scale bowling ball category as a standalone ball brand.

Over the past few decades, Motiv’s innovative ideas have revolutionized the way that bowling balls look and feel. They create a variety of eye-popping bowling ball designs for all lane conditions, creating beautiful pieces of kinetic art that look great while doing major damage on impact.

From the very beginning, Motiv has done things differently. And while they may be one of the smaller bowling companies on this list, they are undeniable a force to be reckoned with in the sport.

Our Top Pick: Motiv Jackal Ghost Bowling Ball

7) DV8

Amazon.com : DV8 Bowling Creed Rebellion Ball, 15 : Sports & Outdoors

A Brunswick company with a style all its own, DV8 combines the quality craftsmanship of its parent company with some of the most striking bowling ball designs ever released. It might not always be the first bowling ball company on people’s lips when talking about the best bowling ball brands out there. But, that doesn’t take away the company’s standing as a standout strike ball and spare ball manufacturer for bowlers of all skill levels.

DV8 also knows the power of interesting ball names and they wield that power unapologetically. Each new DV8 bowling ball receives a moniker that screams personality and uniqueness without sounding hokey. And coupled with some insane color combinations, those names become talking points for bowlers at alleys around the world.

Our Top Pick: DV8 Bowling Creed Rebellion Ball

6) Pyramid

Amazon.com : Pyramid Antidote Solid Bowling Ball 12 LB : Sports & Outdoors

Since 2011, Pyramid has worked hard to redefine what an affordable bowling ball is capable of. On the strength of low-cost blockbuster releases like the beloved Pyramid Path Bowling Ball, Pyramid has become synonymous with high-quality entry-level bowling products. Originally known for its polyester bowling ball offerings, the young company has upped its game in recent years with improved graphics and a diverse market share in different types of balls and bowling accessories.

If you think Pyramid bowling balls are just for dry lanes or spare shooting, think again. They are working hard each year to create entry-level reactive bowling balls made to tackle the slick stuff with efficacy and violent precision. And thanks to their stellar marketing team, their reputation as a bowling ball company for players on tight budgets will only strengthen as time goes on.

Our Top Pick: Pyramid Antidote Solid Bowling Ball

5) Columbia 300

Amazon.com : Columbia 300 Beast Purple Sparkle 15lb : Sports & Outdoors

The first bowling ball to bear the Columbia 300 imprint was released all the way back in the 1960s. Since then, the folks over at Columbia Industries have prided themselves on creating bowler-friendly ball options that appeal to both experts and beginners. The first bowling ball company to make the spare ball switch from rubber to plastic cover stocks, Columbia has always been unafraid to perch itself on the cutting edge of bowling technology.

Nowadays, Columbia 300 works hard to offer affordable spare balls and state-of-the-art reactive strike balls at the same time. When you stand at the foul line with a Columbia 300 logo in your hand, you know that you’re in good hands with one of the most trusted bowling ball manufacturers to ever do business. Hard-hitting bowling balls with a keen eye for both style and substance. That’s what Columbia Industries is all about.

Our Top Pick: Columbia 3oo Beast Purple Sparkle Bowling Ball

4) Hammer

Amazon.com : Hammer Black Widow Legend Bowling Ball : Sports & Outdoors

Three years after Faball Enterprises entered the bowling ball market in 1978, the Hammer was born. In 1981, the Hammer imprint began its ascendance as the go-to brand for urethane balls (with a cool logo, to boot!). The pioneers of the two-piece urethane bowling ball and the now-ubiquitous Gas Mask core, Hammer became a professional bowling staple and the first bowling ball brand to have their logo proudly displayed by professionals on PBA broadcasts.

In the 2000s, Hammer used the backing of its new parent company, Ebonite International, to rival Ebonite balls in terms of overall popularity and brand recognition. And it remains the same deal after Ebonite Internation’s acquisition by Brunswick in 2019. Whether you want to spend just a little or have a few hundred dollars to spare, you can find a Hammer ball that hits like a ton of bricks and looks great doing it.

Our Top Pick: Hammer Black Widow Legend Bowling Ball

3) Brunswick

Amazon.com : Brunswick Bowling Twist Reactive Ball : Sports & Outdoors

If you don’t know Brunswick, you’re probably new to the sport of bowling. Established in 1845 as a manufacturer of billiards products, Brunswick entered the bowling industry in the 1880s. And with every ball release in the 140 years or so since then, Brunswick has solidified its standing as a legacy bowling ball brand that’s never content to rest on its laurels.

Smaller companies have tried to take Brunswick’s crown away from them over the years. But, no one can match their capacity and consistency when it comes to delivering high-performance and mid-performance bowling balls at fair prices. From reactive options with multiple weight blocks to entry-level straight balls with a single weight block set-up, you can find anything and everything you need under the Brunswick umbrella of brands and products. (That includes a diverse array of accessories like bags and gloves, too!)

Our Top Pick: Brunswick Bowling Twist Reactive Ball

2) Ebonite

Established in 1905, Ebonite International has always been a favorite brand for bowlers in the know. And while it is now a property of Brunswick, the Ebonite logo is still a promise of high-performance bowling excellence for bowlers with varying levels of experience and skill. Some of the most versatile and talked-about bowling balls going today are Ebonite balls, including the venerable (and vicious) Gamebreaker series.

If you’re a true bowling aficionado and want a ball designed to help you improve your game while you have fun doing it, go with an Ebonite. The company’s vast array of reactive bowling ball offerings ensure that you’ll find a strike ball that breaks, spins, flips, and skids exactly how you like it.

Our Top Pick: Ebonite Gamebreaker 3 Bowling Ball

1) Storm

In 1985, High Score Products entered the bowling industry selling urethane ball cleaners. With this humble origin story, it’s insane to think just what they’ve become. After dipping their toes into the bowling ball market with the introduction of the Storm imprint in 1991, High Score tripled its profits and never looked back.

Now, Storm is arguably the biggest and boldest name in the bowling ball marketplace. Every Storm bowling ball release is an event worth talking about. Why? Simply put, Storm bowling balls offer the perfect balance of looks, brawn, reactivity, and pure adrenaline. And when you purchase a Storm bowling ball or bowling accessory, you support a company that regularly donates profits and proceeds to support breast cancer research and awareness programs. Why not buy a ball that performs like a champ from a company that’s doing its part to make the world a better place?

Our Top Pick: Storm Phaze II Bowling Ball

Other Bowling Ball Manufacturers Worth Looking At

What’s in a brand name? Plenty!

The following bowling ball brands narrowly missed our countdown cut. But, they are still among the best bowling ball imprints going right now!

  • Star Track Bowling
  • Roto Grip
  • 900 Global
  • Radical
  • Lane #1
  • AMF
  • Moxy
  • Lane Masters
  • Lord Field