The folks over at Brunswick started from scratch in creating the Brunswick Kingpin, introducing a new core, a new coverstock and a new outer core filler material to the bowling world. Our Brunswick Kingpin review will look at this intriguing new high-performance bowling ball from every possible angle, providing a panoramic view which will aid you in a potential purchase decision.

Do the technological advancements of the Brunswick Kingpin work together in harmony or are things a bit off-kilter? How does this atypical asymmetrical bowling ball compare and contrast to its symmetrical core brethren in Brunswick’s Pro Performance line? Delve into our extensive Brunswick Kingpin bowling ball review for the answer to these questions and much more!

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The Brunswick Kingpin offers the most hook potential in the entire Brunswick high-performance bowling ball catalog to date. The more oil this ball is given to soak up, the more traction it gets in the middle of the lane before jutting hard into a massive back-end reaction. That’s what you get when you pair an extremely aggressive coverstock with a first-gen wonder of an asymmetrical core design.

Providing easy length through the fronts in advance of an unparalleled adhesion display in the mid-lane, the Brunswick Kingpin stores energy extremely well en route to a massive fireworks display off the spot. This ball’s extremely low RG core gives the ball a very low center of gravity which gets under the pins for some breathtaking pin trajectories after impact.

The ball is given a massive added boost of hitting power and durability thanks to a proven DynamiCore outer core shell. You’ll hear a difference when this ball hits the pins just right. The Brunswick DynamiCore gives this ball the propensity to be a true wrecking ball on the lanes, increasing pin carry even if you hit the pocket just left or right of the detonation point.

The Brunswick Kingpin provides solid versatility across oil densities and different oil patterns, but it really sets the lanes alight when conditions are at their slickest. This ball has been manufactured to absorb oil quickly and efficiently, firing through the fronts with ease before getting extremely angular and fiery heading towards the back end. This ball does it all in heavy oil.

Features, Specs & Materials


The new Enhanced Composite Adhesion reactive solid coverstock hooks extremely quickly and can give bowlers of varied rev rates a vast array of new pin entry angles to work with. This ball gets fired up and angular quickly thanks to the composition of the new reactive solid coverstock.

Things only get wilder with the pairing of the aforementioned coverstock and the ball’s brand new Kingpin Ultra Low RG asymmetrical core design. This ball gets extremely low and hits extremely hard when taking the sturdy DynamiCore outer core shell into consideration.

The whole heavy oil package is topped off beautifully by the Brunswick Kingpin’s rough 500 / 1500 SiaAir box finish. This ball’s bread and butter is its ability to adhere to and hold strong through the middle of the lane in slick conditions. This box finish is the perfect complement to do just that.


Color: Black, Light Blue, Purple Solid
Core: Kingpin Ultra Low RG (Asymmetrical)
Coverstock: Enhanced Composite Adhesion (Reactive Solid)
Finish: 500 / 1500 SiaAir
RG: 2.483
Differential: 0.055
Flare potential: Moderate to Significant
Recommended Lane Condition: Heavy


The Brunswick Kingpin’s ECA reactive solid coverstock would be extremely vulnerable without the help of the durable DynamiCore outer core shell. As it is, you need to make sure you’re diligent about cleaning this ball’s porous coverstock or risk losing invaluable traction and breakpoint reactivity headed towards the back end.

Our testers have been raving about the new Kingpin Ultra Low RG asymmetrical core for its pure firepower, but it can come off a bit unwieldy for the uninitiated. This is especially true when oil patterns break down and this ball is forced to react off the dry.

Advantages & Disadvantages


If you want the biggest hooking ball in the Brunswick high-performance oeuvre, look no further. The Brunswick Kingpin is the perfect first ball when you’re looking to make a statement on fresh medium or heavy oil patterns. Give this ball the right push with the right amount of oil and watch how it fires up for some amazing breakpoint movement and extraordinary back-end crashes.

When this ball gets to the pin pocket with oil as its fuel, you’re going to be a bit taken aback by how hard this ball hits. The pin trajectories and overall pin carry you can get with this ball in fresh oil conditions is simply astounding. No matter how much speed you throw with or how many revs you generate, this ball will hammer the pins out of heavy oil in ways unseen from other Brunswick offerings.

If you struggle with other high-performance bowling balls skidding past the breakpoint, you’ll have nothing to worry about with the Brunswick Kingpin. This ball is simply too calibrated and too powerful in the middle of the lane for this ball to lose its way. You’re going to get consistent, violent reactivity out of this ball on medium to heavy oil patterns.

Another lovely thing about the Brunswick Kingpin is that its overall composition takes well to surface adjustments. If you start to lose energy a bit too early or aren’t getting peak reactivity throwing at a slower speed, you can easily resurface the Brunswick Kingpin without worrying that it’s going to lose its charms.


The less oil you feed to the Brunswick Kingpin’s aggressive coverstock, the less you’re going to get out of this ball from an overall performance standpoint. This ball does well reacting off the dry on complex oil patterns, but too much dry will leave this ball flagging and veering into the gutters without any semblance of consistency.

The breakpoint shape of the Brunswick Kingpin is angular to an extraordinary degree. Unless you’re able to read that and tweak things to get the pin entry angles you desire, you’re going to have a hard time taming this ball down the lane. If you need a smoother overall ride and a more predictable hook pattern late, look elsewhere.

Our Thoughts

The Brunswick Kingpin is mana from heaven for speed-dominant bowlers who want extraordinary hook potential borne from fantastic mid-lane length and traction. This ball can also open up angles for lower-rev bowlers who need an added oomph of aggressiveness to increase pin carry.

This ball can be extremely tough to handle if you’re not used to working with its level of aggressiveness. It also needs to be bagged when oil patterns are less dense or have broken down over the course of play.

Regardless, the Brunswick Kingpin is a breakthrough heavy oil hook darling which will up your strike counts considerably if you get it cooking in the slickest of conditions.

Overall Score: 9.25 out of 10

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