Due to massive public demand, the Brunswick Vapor Zone bowling ball has returned with an impressive modern twist! Our Brunswick Vintage Vapor Zone review will take a look at this long-awaited return from all angles, giving you a wealth of information about this new release before making a potential purchase decision.

What does the Brunswick Vintage Vapor Zone bring to the table to make it different from the original? Does the Brunswick Vintage Vapor Zone maintain the original’s reputation as a versatile back-end powerhouse? Delve into our in-depth Brunswick Vintage Vapor Zone bowling ball review for the answer to these questions and much more!


You’ll be seeing double as soon as you take the Brunswick Vintage Vapor Zone out of the box. Brunswick’s newest ball mimics the original Vapor Zone with pride! The Vintage has the same color scheme as the original while also carrying the same Zone Asymmetric core design (with a DynamiCore twist). If you were a fan of the original Vapor Zone, you’ll be in love right away.

The biggest change over the original Vapor Zone is the highly-modernized pearlized cover stock which provides the insane back-end burst that many current bowlers are looking for out of a high-performance bowling ball. The cover stock is also more durable than the original, so you’ll get a bit more play life!

The addition of the DynamiCore to the ball’s Zone Asymmetric core helps push the Brunswick Vintage Vapor Zone through the fronts with ease. This ball is an energy-storing masterpiece which unleashes explosives on the pins when it comes to its back-end reaction and overall pin carry.

Combining fantastic lane length with an impressive level of recovery down the lane towards the pocket, the Brunswick Vintage Vapor Zone is basically an amplification of everything you loved about the original Vapor Zone. It hits harder, cuts through oil easier, and takes the vintage treatment into the future with crafted precision.

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Features, Specs & Materials


The Brunswick Vintage Vapor Zone’s brand-new Activator Plus 2.0 Reactive Pearl cover stock pays homage to the original Vapor Zone cover stock while adding a ton of strength on the back end. This ball hits heavier than most current high-performance balls, let alone its predecessor!

Brunswick spent a lot of time updating the Vapor Zone’s original Zone Asymmetric core design with the added firepower of the proven DynamiCore. The addition only adds to the ball’s energy-storing capacity and leads to some extraordinary pin carry.

The 500 SiaAir / Crown Factory Compound finish is a bit of a red herring. For such a shiny ball, the Brunswick Vintage Vapor Zone sure isn’t afraid of oil! In fact, it turns it into explosiveness unseen from many balls with a similar finish.


Color: Purple, Blue Pearl
Core: Zone Asymmetric (w/ DynamiCore)
Coverstock: Activator Plus 2.0 Reactive Pearl
Finish: 500 SiaAir / Crown Factory Compound
RG: 2.478
Differential: 0.048
Flare potential: Moderate to Above Average
Recommended Lane Condition: Medium


Many high-performance bowling balls can be a bit of a liability with softer, porous cover stocks. That’s not the case with the Brunswick Vintage Vapor Zone’s updated Activator Plus 2.0 Reactive Pearl cover stock! This ball is extremely durable for its level of reactivity, giving you an incredible potential play life across a wide variety of different conditions.

The addition of the DynamiCore to the Vapor Zone’s original Zone Asymmetric core design doesn’t throw things off balance in the slightest. In fact, the ball feels a bit more calibrated and balanced because of it!Advantages & Disadvantages


The Brunswick Vintage Vapor Zone clears fronts with absolute ease, no matter how fresh the oil is on the lanes! After that, the ball extends for easy lane length before settling in for a fiery back end reaction. This ball is an effortless throw just like the original Vapor Zone. It’s just been updated to ensure that ease for a different era of lane conditions.

Lower-rev bowlers will have a lot of fun with the Brunswick Vintage Vapor Zone in their bag. For many lower-rev bowlers, the Vintage Vapor Zone will provide a much stronger and more angular back end reaction than other high-performance bowling balls in the marketplace. Less is still more when you slot the Vintage Vapor Zone in just right.

The continuation of the Brunswick Vintage Vapor Zone simply doesn’t quit. This ball is built to go and keep going down lane. When it finally reaches the pins, you’re in for an absolute treat! The Brunswick Vintage Vapor Zone hits harder than any Brunswick offering we’ve seen and forgives slight off hits with its impressive corrective explosiveness.

If you want a ball that will work with your creativity and will allow you to open up your angles, it’s definitely time to invest in a Brunswick Vintage Vapor Zone. This ball has something for almost any bowler and any bowling style. It’s an aggressive ball, but not so aggressive as to force a bowler to adapt to a sharp learning curve.


This ball loses most of its efficacy in dry and medium-dry lane conditions. While it’s durable enough to handle depleted oil patterns, you’re not going to see the same lane length and overall continuation you’ll see on medium and medium-heavy oil patterns.

This ball can be a bit smooth for some. While it has ample angularity and can cut at the breakpoint with the best of them, it’s been balanced to such a degree that you’re not going to get peak sharpness out of this ball off the dry. 

That’s not to say you can’t get creative with the Brunswick Vintage Vapor Zone. But, you may be left wanting if you’re looking for wild reactive oscillations to cap off your shot.

Our Thoughts 

The Brunswick Vintage Vapor Zone has a huge legacy to live up to thanks to the success of the original Vapor Zone. Not only does it do that, it also updates the original and outdoes it in a variety of different ways.

If you played with the original Vapor Zone, the Brunswick Vintage Vapor Zone will feel familiar. Yet, it will also feel like everything has been dialed up to 11. That’s a good thing. This ball balances the vintage with the modern in a way that will set the bar for future Brunswick offerings to come.

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Overall Score: 9.5 out of 10