All over the world, bowlers wait with bated breath for new releases of Storm bowling balls. Storm products employ the latest in bowling technology to maximize the high-scoring effects of core shape, weight block placement, and coverstock reactivity.

If you need a reactive resin ball with mid-lane staying power, increased entry angles to the pin pocket, breakpoint sharpness, and a big backend reaction when you hit the pins, you can’t do much better than a Storm bowling ball.

And with no hidden fees for their top offerings, what you pay for is what you get — and what you get is a bowling ball purchase with staying power at the lanes.

We’re here to give you the skinny on the newest offerings from Storm, a sneak peek at a coming attraction set to be released, and a quick overview of the best Storm balls available for purchase right now.

Let’s get going to the eye of the Storm.

What is the newest Storm bowling ball out now?

Those shopping for new reactive resin bowling balls at the start of 2022 were given a late holiday gift in January with the release of two new Storm bowling balls. Both are worthy additions to your bowling bag arsenal, developed to help you control the lanes both inside and out.

Lucky for you, you don’t need to shop around to find specs and deals on these beauties, either. We’ve got you covered below.

Storm Nova Bowling Ball

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Are you looking to deliver sharp hook after sharp hook in the freshest of heavy and medium-heavy oil conditions? The Storm Nova Bowling Ball is an aggressive mid-lane monster that strikes a balance between the muted hook of the Dark Code and the wild angularity of the Proton PhysiX. The real selling point here is the inclusion of the Ignition asymmetrical core — the first time this core design has been made available on the market outside of private label releases. This is the ball you need if you’re looking to create havoc with a heavy, pronounced down-lane motion.


  • Whether you find this ball on sale or at its suggested retail price, this is a heck of a deal for bowlers looking for a hook-heavy oil eater.
  • This ball’s down-lane motion is fiery and angular, offering plenty of new entry angles for you to tinker with.
  • If you’re a Storm enthusiast, the combination of the much sought-after Ignition core and the R2X Hybrid Reactive coverstock is going to be a dream come true.


  • This ball is unpredictable in dry lane conditions. It can still hang, but it’s better in the wet stuff — no contest.
  • If you’re looking for a more consistent, softer hook, look to other Storm balls or offerings from other brands.

Storm Spectre Bowling Ball

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Ready to add effortless length and efficacious breakpoint consistency to your online shopping cart? Sort and filter out the rest, and get a hold of the new Storm Spectre Bowling Ball. With a higher overall differential and lower RG than the venerable Storm Hy-Road, this reactive pearl heavy-hitter reacts so well to shifting lane conditions. One of our favorite all-around balls to hit pro-shop stock in quite time, the Spectre haunts medium oil lanes with impressive torque and rad back-end booms every time you slot it into the pocket.


  • This ball offers different strengths for different throwing styles, making it one of the most malleable Storm releases in quite some time.
  • The Storm Spectre clears the fronts with little to no trouble, hitting the mid-lane with a purpose.
  • If you need a ball that blends and booms all the way down the lane, this balanced ball is worth your time.


  • The reactive pearl coverstock doesn’t offer the angularity and creativity of other more aggressive Storm bowling balls.
  • While this ball blends well through wet and dry, it shouldn’t be played in extremely dry conditions for a long period of time.

What new Storm bowling balls are coming out?

Ready for a new entry to the beloved Storm Phaze series? The Storm Phaze 4 might be the most angular and aggressive symmetrical ball ever released by the company. With a low RG and massive back-end power, this ball promises to offer top-tier consistency and fantastic hook potential in equal doses. Available for sale on February 11th, 2022, the Storm Phaze 4 is a bit earlier and slower to respond to friction than previous Phaze releases. It’s a fantastic addition to a great series, and well worth your time once it hits the market!

What are the best bowling balls produced by Storm?

Get your online shopping password-typing fingers ready — here’s our list of the four best Storm bowling balls currently available for sale.

4) Storm Dark Code Bowling Ball

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With a pleasing aroma of cherry delight wafting off of it, you’d be forgiven if you thought this ball was all flash and no substance. It’s not. This asymmetrical wonder offers one of the most distinct and aggressive back-end reactions in the Storm bowling ball catalog. If you need a strike ball ready and willing to attack the freshest and deepest of oil, the Dark Code is for you.

3) Storm Phaze III Bowling Ball

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One of our favorite mid-performance bowling balls with a Storm logo, the Storm Phaze III Bowling Ball offers an amazing amount of hook potential for a symmetrical ball. The backend motion is consistent, powerful, and perfect for increasing pin carry. And with quality mid-lane length and plenty of lane control to work with, this is a great compromise between early Storm Phaze options and the IQ series.

2) Storm Hy-Road Bowling Ball

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A top-seller around the world for over a decade now, the Storm Hy-Road Bowling Ball still offers one of the best mid-performance values in the entire bowling ball industry. Released in 2008, the Hy-Road is the longest continuously-stocked ball in the bowling world right now. And, for good reason — it always takes the high road with great length, backend strength, and consistent breakpoint reactivity.

1) Storm Parallax Effect Bowling Ball

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One of the heaviest heavy oil hitters available for purchase, the Storm Parallax Effect Bowling Ball turns its pearl reactive coverstock into pure dynamite upon pin impact. Its orange coffee cake scent belies the crazy angularity, backend theatrics, and strong length this ball offers. If you want to open up your angles and find new entry points on the pin deck, the Parallax Effect is beyond effective.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did Storm buy Roto Grip?

Back in 1997, Storm purchased Roto Grip and maintained the imprint as a standalone brand. Both Storm and Roto Grip have earned their reputation as high-quality bowling ball manufacturers for high-performance, mid-performance, and entry-level balls.

When did Storm open for business?

Originally known as High Score Products, Storm Products was founded by Barbara and Bill Chrisman back in 1985. For the first six years of its existence, High Score Products was a chemicals company that earned its market share by developing and selling bowling ball cleaners. The company didn’t start making bowling balls until 1991 and didn’t change its name to Storm until 1994.

Are Storm balls good for beginners?

It depends on the ball you’re looking at. On the page above, only the Storm Hy-Road might be forgiving enough for a true beginner to work with. However, the company does offer a few entry-level options like the Storm Ice Storm Bowling Ball perfect for inexperienced straight ball shooters.

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Closing Thoughts

Take your local bowling alley by Storm! Grab one of the newest Storm bowling balls from the list above, and enjoy the spoils of the newest and best bowling technologies out there right now. With a Storm ball in hand, you’re primed for dominance — whether you’re a casual bowler, a league star, or an aspiring professional looking for an edge.