The Storm Code X is the latest hook-heavy bowling ball addition to Storm’s well-received Premier line. Our Storm Code X review will look at this intriguing new bowling ball from every angle, giving you a complete overview of the ball before you potentially make a purchase decision.

How does the Storm Code X stack up in comparison to bowler favorites such as the Storm Code Red and Storm Code Black? Is the Storm Code X too aggressive overall or just aggressive enough? Delve into our in-depth Storm Code X bowling ball review for the answer to these questions and more!

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The Storm Code X gives Storm’s popular Code line a powerful mid-lane beast with more overall hook potential than its predecessors. It also offers more lane length than crowd favorites such as the Storm Drive and Storm Sure Lock. In short, this is a heavy oil dream ball which turns oil into some nifty firepower down the lane.

Storm’s Alpha Crux is usually the first ball to come to mind when you think of the hook-heaviest balls in Storm’s oeuvre. Despite a weaker overall cover stock than the Alpha Crux, the Storm Code X has even more hook potential than the Alpha Crux! The Storm Code X has been uniquely formulated to peak aggressiveness thanks to its core/cover stock combination.

If you really want to get the most out of the Storm Code X, you’re going to want to pull it out in the heaviest oil conditions and the longest oil patterns. This ball simply drinks oil. The less oil on the lanes, the less overall reactivity and back-end firepower that you’re going to get out of the Storm Code X. If lane conditions start to deplete badly, ensure you have a backup strike ball on hand.

In short, the Storm Code X is a gift from the bowling gods for lower-rev bowlers. It is so touchy and so reactive that you don’t have to put much behind it to really get it firing. This ball’s motion off the spot is angular and fiery, while its energy-storing propensity leads to some wild pin trajectories after pin impact.

Features, Specs & Materials


The R2S Solid Reactive cover stock makes its return to Storm’s Premier line with the Storm Code X. It’s an extremely aggressive cover stock which absorbs oil with ease. You will easily clear the fronts of freshly-oiled lanes with this cover stock in your weaponry.

There’s a lot to love about the proven RAD4 asymmetrical core, especially if you’re looking for maximum hook potential and angularity off the breakpoint. You can get extremely creative with your angles thanks to the firepower within this core.

The 3000 Abralon finish on the Storm Code X helps it get much more traction than previous Storm offerings in deep oil while providing needed lane length to balance out the ball’s overall aggressiveness.


Color: Black, Blue, Purple
Core: RAD4 (Asymmetrical)
Coverstock: R2S Solid Reactive
Finish: 3000 Abralon
RG: 2.50
Differential: 0.058
Flare potential: Substantial
Recommended Lane Condition: Heavy


The R2S Solid Reactive cover stock was one of the biggest selling points for many Storm devotees when the Storm Code X had its specs first announced. That’s for a great reason – the R2S Solid Reactive cover stock is a peak heavy-oil performer which also boasts very good durability compared to a majority of high-performance bowling ball cover stocks.

The fired ceramic RAD 4 asymmetrical core gives the ball an off-kilter grace which leads to some powerful angularity. However, it’s also efficacious enough to store energy for some amazing back-end reactions that you’ll have to see to believe.

Advantages & Disadvantages


The Storm Code X is a must-have for lower-rev bowlers looking for added oomph to their overall hitting power. In fact, this ball is a great bet for any bowler looking for a hook potential boost which translates to some insane angles and powerful pocket explosions. This ball doesn’t just hit the pins. It absolutely annihilates them.

Two fantastic selling points for the Storm Code X are its fantastic mid-lane read and continuation through the pins. This ball excels at dominating long, complex oil patterns and holding onto energy for a burst all the way through the pins. You’ll hear a real difference with your pin impact when you get the Storm Code X slotted in just right.

There aren’t many balls better than the Storm Code X when it comes to turning heavy oil into liquid dynamite. This ball never gets submerged in fresh patterns, nor does it lose any lane length thanks to its box finish. When oil patterns are at their freshest and heaviest, the Storm Code X does the most damage it possibly can.

The distinct and overpowering motion on the back end seals the deal for the Storm Code X as a heavy-oil masterpiece. This ball gets angular with the best of them and allows you to open up and approach from wherever you want. While the cover stock isn’t the most reactive by itself, it pairs with the RAD4 asymmetrical core to provide peak reactivity and amazing pin carry.


While the Storm Code X holds its own on medium oil patterns, it will burn up badly if you play it on dry lanes or medium-dry lanes. This is ball has been completely formulated for oil absorption as its primary source of added firepower. The less oil there is, the less effective the Storm Code X will be in all facets.

This ball can be extremely hard to handle for bowlers who aren’t used to this level of hook potential. Unless you’ve tamed a ball of its ilk before, there will be an extremely sharp learning curve when taking the Storm Code X out of the box. It’s not for those who need a bit more finesse out of their bowling ball formulation.

Our Thoughts

The Storm Code X is a true gem for those looking for a hook-heavy, heavy-oil machine to add to their arsenal. It’s not for dry lanes and it’s not for those bowlers who aren’t primed to read and react to its aggressiveness.

However, that doesn’t stop the Storm Code X from completely excelling where it needs to excel. You know what you’re getting with the Storm Code X, and you know it’s going to set the lanes alight if you get it rolling in prime conditions.

This may be the most explosive and intriguing ball so far in Storm’s Premier line.

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Overall Score: 9.25 out of 10.