Are you in need of a hook-heavy bowling ball which could potentially take your shot to a complete next level? It’s possible that the Storm Sure Lock will be right for you. Our Storm Sure Lock review will look at this new bowling ball from every angle in order to give you all the information you need for a potential purchase decision.

How the Storm Sure Lock hold up against the rest of the hook monsters in the bowling ball marketplace? Is this ball too reactive or just reactive enough? Read our in-depth Storm Sure Lock bowling ball review to find out!

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One of the strongest hooking balls on the market today, the Storm Sure Lock has an extremely heavy roll which leads into one of the most fiery back-end reactions that a Storm bowling ball has ever offered. If you ever played with the old Virtual Gravity bowling ball, you’ll get an idea of what you have with the Storm Sure Lock. 

It’s just that the Storm Sure Lock is much stronger and much more reactive. This ball can basically bathe in heavy and complex oil patterns and turn that oil into liquid gold for pin carry and violence. It clears the fronts with ease and stores up energy nicely in its asymmetrical core for some impressive fireworks upon impact.

Everything about the Storm Sure Lock screams strength. That can also be this ball’s downfall. If you’re  a player who needs a smoother reaction and you’re not looking to read your ball’s heavy reactivity and throw accordingly, this ball may not be for you. It’s a hard ball to tame and requires a studied hand to get the most out of it.

On fresh and heavier oil conditions, the Storm Sure Lock is a sure thing. It loses its efficacy pretty dramatically on dry and medium-dry lanes. This ball’s biggest draw is its ability to fire through oil and absorb enough to turn it into pin trajectory dynamite. That can also be its weakness, as depleted oil patterns zap this ball of its powers.Features, Specs & Materials


Storm’s new Game Improvement-17 (GI-17) Solid Reactive cover stock was built to get the most hook potential out of heavy-oiled lanes. It requires a fair amount of maintenance and regular cleaning, but it’s definitely worth it if you want sharp, angular reactions on complex oil patterns.

The brand’s successful RAD-X asymmetrical core returns for the release of the Storm Sure Lock. A featured player in the Lock series and other Storm bowling balls, the RAD-X helps this ball glide through the mid-line with ease and release stored power in a massive back-end crash.

The Storm Sure Lock’s 2000 grit Abralon finish makes it an extremely tough go on dry and medium-dry lanes. However, that’s not where this ball shines. It’s perfectly finished for heavier oil, combining with the GI-17 Solid Reactive cover stock to help you do some serious damage.SPECS:

Color: Navy, Electric, Orange
Core: RAD-X (Asymmetrical)
Coverstock: GI-17 Solid Reactive
Finish: 2000 Abralon
RG: 2.48
Differential: 0.054
Flare potential: Moderate to high
Recommended Lane Condition: Heavy


One key thing about the new GI-17 Solid Reactive cover stock is that it’s urethane base combined with all of the reactive solid bells and whistles makes it one of the most volatile cover stocks we’ve ever tested. It’s durable and holds up to normal wear and tear, but it really needs to be cleaned regularly or there’s a sharp loss in efficacy.

The RAD-X asymmetrical core is fired ceramic at its most useful. It doesn’t cut into your ball’s energy at all down-lane. And that’s huge when it comes to how hard the ball hits and how violent the pin trajectories can be.

Advantages & Disadvantages


The Storm Sure Lock can turn good hooks into great hooks, great hooks into professional grade. There simply aren’t many other balls we’ve tested that can do more when oil conditions get their heaviest and most complex. Even will oil conditions are at their freshest, this ball zips through and turns any oil it rolls through into an extra boost of energy upon pin impact.

This ball has undeniable hitting power which is unleashed if you can get it anywhere near the pocket. It’s very much like the rest of the Lock series in that it makes up for minor off hits by simply being very violent and very active on the back end.

If you are a high-speed or low-rev bowler, this ball’s going to do things on heavier oil patterns that you aren’t able to do with other balls. It adds oomph where there may not be a lot. If you really want a ball that hits strong but you don’t have the high revs to turn that into consistent pin carry, the Storm Sure Lock can fill the gap.

This ball is a mid-lane revelation. It sees and reads the mid-lane with ease, setting well into the pocket once you tame it. This gives you the sort of violent consistency with your shot which could easily lead to more marks and higher scores.


This ball is made for oil and lots of it. The less oil on the lanes, the less effective this ball is. Do not even attempt to play with this ball in dry conditions. Its complex cover stock will get chewed up and you’ll do a lot more harm than good.

Aggression can scare a lot of bowlers off who want consistency and control. Unless you’re willing to work with the Storm Sure Lock and learn its fiery reactive code, you’re going to be more vexed by it than impressed. Once you lock it in, it’s hook gold. But it requires some patience to get there.

Higher-rev bowlers may find this ball to be overkill even on heavy-oiled lanes. The reactivity is too potent and the flare potential is too wild sometimes for this ball to be worth taming for higher-rev players.

You simply need oil and a sharp eye to make the Storm Sure Lock worth investing in. What it does, it does extremely well. But, it can be kind of a niche ball if you’re not looking for heavy hook potential and powerful oil sensitivity.

Our Thoughts 

The Storm Sure Lock is one of the hardest-hooking, hardest-hitting bowling balls on the market today. If you’re playing on heavier oil patterns and really want to make your hook the star of the show, our Storm Sure Lock review says you should buy this ball right away. It’s that fiery and that effective at turning oil into crazy angular reactions and fiery back-end crashes.

However, there are drawbacks. This ball may be way too aggressive for some. Also, its efficacy curve drops sharply as oil patterns deplete. That’s definitely not enough to take this ball off our recommended list, but it’s something to consider.

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