Bowling balls aren’t just for adults. Little bowlers with big imaginations can get in on the fun as well! Regardless of whether or not your little son or daughter knows the difference between a strike and a spare, the best bowling balls for kids are easy to control and easy to learn with.

If you’re waiting to buy your kid a bowling ball until they’re old enough to refine their shots and tackle the game more maturely, don’t! The best way to get a child into bowling for good is to give them good memories about the game at an early age! And if you purchase a bowling ball specifically designed for your toddler, they’ll be able to make a bowling lane their playground in the most imaginative ways possible.

So, which bowling balls are best for toddlers? We’ve scoured through dozens of bowling ball brands around the world, paring things down into a concise and in-depth countdown of the 6 Best Toddler Bowling Balls For 2021.

The 6 Best Bowling Balls For Toddlers In 2021

6) S&S Worldwide Ultra Bowling Ball

Unbreakable Rubber Ultra Bowling Ball. Hollow 8.5" Rubber Ball with Two Sets of Finger Holes for All Ages. Designed for use...
  • Molded 1-piece rubber bowling ball eliminates the bonding process
  • Includes 2 sets of finger holes to accommodate all ages and sizes of hands
  • 5 lbs.

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With two sets of finger holes made for different thumb and digit sizes, the S&S Worldwide Ultra Bowling Ball is a classic rubber bowling ball that’s kid-tough and parent-approved. Your little child will be able to grip it easily and throw it with no problems, thanks to its low overall weight of five pounds. While it’s not meant for actual bowling lanes, it’s a great practice ball at an even better price.


  • The two sets of finger holes make it usable for kids of most ages.
  • Its rubber exterior is nearly impossible to crack or chip.
  • It’s sold at a very reasonable price point.


  • It’s not made for bowling alleys.
  • The color is a bit drab.

5) Champion Sports Plastic Bowling Ball

Champion Sports Plastic Bowling Ball: Rubberized Soft Ball for Training & Kids Games, Orange
  • ROTO MOLDED - Our plastic bowling balls are formed with seamless smooth precision for an authentic bowling experience for the whole family
  • BRIGHT COLOR - Bowl with solid bright orange; perfect for physical education, gym classes at school, lawn recreation, your home game room, and plastic or foam pin sets
  • PERFECT FOR MULTIPLE HAND SIZES - Each finger hole is perfectly round; designed for easy grip and handling for players of various hand and finger sizes
  • PERFECT FOR PRACTICE - If you're a beginner trying to become the best, you need the right accessories; this multi-surface equipment helps develop your control and technique for the bowling alley
  • SAFE FOR KIDS, ADULTS - This light yet weighted ball makes bowling a fun, cool game for men, women, boys, and girls; the perfect sporting goods for a backyard birthday party, vacation, and more

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Continuing with the theme of practice ball accessories for toddlers, the Champion Sports Plastic Bowling Ball is a bit of a crowd favorite. And considering that it’s just three pounds, your toddler won’t have to push themselves past their limitations to throw it! The bright orange color will please your child to no end, and its durability gives them the option to just stand in the driveway and chuck it over and over with no worries.


  • The bright orange exterior is bursting with the pure color that little kids love.
  • It’s super sturdy and it’s nearly impossible to damage irreparably.
  • The holes are small enough for toddlers’ fingers.


  • Your kid won’t be able to throw this at the local bowling alley.
  • It might be too light for some bigger children.

4) Sportime UltraFoam Bowling Ball

Sportime UltraFoam Bowling Ball, Weighted, Multi-Color, 1 Pound - 019899
  • The Ultrafoam Weighted Bowling Ball is constructed of an exclusive foam rubber material and has the ability to absorb and dissipate the shock of impact, while still providing significant kinesthetic feedback. Its multi-grip handhold pattern provides a one size fits all bowling experience. This colorful and washable ball is made of super soft, super safe, affordable and virtually indestructible material.
  • Made of indestructible Ultra Foam
  • Suitable for elementary and middle school grade levels
  • Foam's softness reduces injuries
  • Covered in fun bright colors kids will love

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You won’t need to rent your little child some bowling shoes to get the most out of the Sportime UltraFoam Bowling Ball. This virtually indestructible foam bowling ball puts all playtime pins in range for your growing young bowler. The real feature here are the abstract swirls and bright colors that will match your kid’s wonder with resonance and glee.


  • The UltraFoam construction of this ball makes it one of the most sturdy practice bowling balls for toddlers out there.
  • The color scheme is super cool to gawk at.
  • The finger holes are molded nicely so they won’t hurt your little one’s fingers.


  • It’s not big or heavy enough for normal bowling activities.
  • It’s not made for use on normal bowling lanes.

3) Brunswick Spiral Viz A Ball Bowling Ball

Brunswick Spiral Viz A Ball Bowling Ball- Black/Blue/Yellow (6lbs)
  • Introducing Viz-A-Ball from Brunswick: Bowling balls with exclusive 360 degree, limited edition graphics
  • This bowling ball is perfect for the recreational bowler or beginner
  • This also works well for experienced bowlers who want to throw the ball straight at spares

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We started our countdown with three practice bowling balls, and we’ll finish it with three bowling alley-ready balls for toddlers. The Brunswick Spiral Viz A Ball Bowling Ball is our favorite from the venerable Viz A Ball series for kids and young adults alike. And while it doesn’t glow in the dark like other offerings, its well-designed spiral pattern and bright colors more than makes up for that.


  • The coverstock pattern is one of the most striking we’ve seen from this or any complete line of bowling balls.
  • This is a great spare ball that doubles as a great beginner’s ball for toddlers.
  • It hits much harder than expected at first glance.


  • It’s got extremely low hook potential.
  • The polyester coverstock can get chipped or cracked if your toddler plays with it outside of the bowling alley.

2) Pyramid Path Bowling Ball

Pyramid Path Bowling Ball (Pink/Purple/Silver, 8 LB)
  • Perfect for all ages and skill levels
  • Polyester coverstock for straight shots
  • Pyramid quality
  • Perfect Scale Rating: 5.0

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Available in over a dozen colorful styles and a wide variety of weights, the Pyramid Path Bowling Ball is the ultimate entry-level ball for toddlers. It’s a great practice ball for little ones just starting out, and its polyester coverstock is durable enough to grow with them and their bowling skills. No matter what country you’re in and how young your little son or daughter is, this ball transcends ages and barriers.


  • It’s available in plenty of different colors, giving your toddler lots of choices.
  • The coverstock is very durable and hits pin pockets in a rock-solid fashion.
  • Pyramid is well-known for their budget bowling balls, and this might be their best offering.


  • It doesn’t hook all that much, even if you try.
  • The smallest size might be a bit heavy for some little ones.

1) Brunswick T Zone Deep Space Bowling Ball

Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball, 8 lb
  • Features bullet point core
  • Finished with Royal shine Compound
  • Brand new purple blue swirl with sparkle
  • Country of Origin:Mexico

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Take your toddler to outer space at the bowling alley with the Brunswick T Zone Deep Space Bowling Ball. This plastic/polyester straight ball is perfect as a toddler’s first bowling ball or an expert’s best spare ball. You can have it drilled to different finger sizes and there’s plenty of different weights to choose from. Brunswick simply knows how to make budget bowling balls, and this is their best for young children.


  • If your child dreams of holding the universe in their hands, they’ll love this!
  • Not only is this a great toddler bowling ball, it’s also a great spare ball for adults when sized and weighted correctly!
  • It can be drilled to fit any size of fingers.


  • We like the Deep Space design a lot more than some of the other T Zone offerings.
  • It’s not recommended to play with this ball at home. It could get damaged.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there kids’ bowling balls?

Yes, there are plenty of bowling balls for kids! Whether you’re taking your child to the local bowling alley regularly or are on the lookout for bowling products safe for home use, you can bring the bowling experience to your toddler in many different ways. They don’t need a lick of bowling skills to start learning. From house balls at bowling alleys built for tiny fingers to foam-core practice balls that are lighter and fun to play with, your children can learn the sport with big smiles plastered across their faces.

Can a 3-year-old go bowling?

Yes! While a 3-year-old should probably use the lightest ball you can find with finger holes made for young fingers, they can still play! The ideal choice for a 3-year-old is probably a plastic bowling ball made for throwing a straight ball, or a toy ball made for beginners to learn the game at home. What is the right weight for a bowling ball for a three-year-old child? Make sure it’s well under ten pounds, probably closer to five or six. Parents can either buy a ball with pre-drilled holes, train their young ones with house balls provided by the local bowling alley, or use toy balls and toy pins to instill the love of bowling into their little ones.

How much does a child’s bowling ball weigh?

It depends on the type of bowling ball and your child’s body weight. Regular bowling balls with polyester coverstock options and low hook potential usually aren’t made below six pounds. Start at six pounds and work upwards, paying special attention to how your kid reacts and how different weights affect their throws. If you’re looking to shop for toy bowling balls, they usually top out around five pounds or so. Stay away from balls on the heavier side, unless it’s a ball your child can handle easily.

Closing Thoughts

If you’re looking for a complete line of toddler bowling balls with no hidden fees, look no further. All of the bowling balls for kids on the countdown above are the right weight for young children and are sold at great prices for budgets of all sizes. Whether you’re searching for a polyester bowling ball with a light bulb core or a foam ball that is easy to throw, we’ve got you covered. The six options above are made for tiny hand sizes and are fun to throw at the same time.