By all rights, you’re a bowler’s bowler. You spend multiple days at the bowling alley every week and every month, fine-tuning your hook shot and upping your game with practice sessions galore. You love the thrill of competition and the sound of pins crashing with every successful pocket crash.

If this sounds like you and you have a cache of bowling balls that you bring to the alley with you, it’s time to put a 3-ball bowling bag in your cart. Why? Well, a top-quality triple bowling bag is the perfect investment for serious bowling aficionados who want to protect their equipment from the elements, sudden impacts, and other hazards such as food and drink.

And lucky for you, we’ve tested dozens of 3-ball bowling totes currently for sale and worked to sort the best from the rest so you don’t have to. Whether you’re a PayPal spender or just wanna put it on your Visa or Mastercard, we’ve compiled an online shopper-friendly list of the 6 Best 3-Ball Bowling Bags In 2022.

Let’s get rolling.

The 6 Best 3-Ball Bowling Bags To Shop For In 2022

6) Hammer Premium Triple Tote Bowling Bag

Hammer Premium Triple Tote Bowling Bag, Black/Orange
  • 600D/1680D fabric
  • Rugged inline style wheels
  • Rear lift handle
  • Carrying handles w/comfort wrap
  • Transparent top

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The first of two Hammer products on our list, the Hammer Premium Triple Tote Bowling Bag is a rugged, fashionable tote that offers high-end protection for your bowling ball cache. It’s made of jerky-tough 600D/1680D fabric and has useful features such as a transparent top, strong inline-style wheels, and a comfort-wrapped carrying handle.


  • The compact shape of this bag is both classic and functional.
  • The handle is easy on the hands.
  • The transparent bag top is a nice aesthetic touch.


  • The balls fit a bit tight compared to other 3-ball bags on this list.
  • It doesn’t have the extra storage space offers elsewhere on this countdown.

5) 900 Global 3-Ball Deluxe Bowling Bag

900 Global 3-Ball Deluxe (Black/Red/Silver)
  • Black/Red/Silver
  • 600 Denier Nylon
  • Quad 5" Urethane quiet wheels
  • Dual Wheels (total of 4 wheels)
  • Large shoe compartment holds up to size 15

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Featuring some of the quietest urethane wheels we’ve ever tested on a bowling bag, the 900 Global 3-Ball Deluxe Bowling Bag rolls like a whisper and protects like a champ! Constructed of 600D nylon, this three-ball standout can take whatever you throw at it. It also has three extra compartments (including a roomy shoe compartment) and a handy removable pouch for small accessories like gloves and bowling ball cleaner.


  • The added storage space is perfect for any combination of accessories you can think of.
  • It’s so nice to use a bowling tote that rolls this quiet.
  • The addition of a removable pouch will definitely benefit any bowler on the go.


  • It’s a bit chunky and unwieldy for some tastes.
  • The handle can be a little stiff and abrasive.

4) Storm 3 Ball Rolling Thunder Bowling Bag

Storm 3 Ball Rolling Thunder Signature Series Bowling Bag Black
  • Dual stage, locking, telescopic handle with upgraded grip release
  • Two 5 inch wheels with 6 spokes and Super soft clear gum tires for ultimate traction
  • Wheel bearings for smoother roll

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Fashioned from soft shell mock leather, the Storm 3 Ball Rolling Thunder Bowling Bag straddles the line between sturdy construction and classy presentation. Storm has redesigned the base for this tote, adding stability and overall protection for your balls and accessories. It also features reinforced zippers, a locking telescopic handle, and two traction-ready 5-inch wheels with bearings for an easier roll.


  • The look of the mock leather is a sight to behold among other less fashionable bags.
  • The 5-inch wheels can roll over chipped concrete and rocks with little to no problem.
  • The zippers hold their place and don’t come apart at the seam.


  • The telescopic handle sometimes fails to catch correctly.
  • The main zipper is a little tricky to pull around the corner.

3) Hammer Premium Triple Roller Bowling Bag

Hammer Premium Double Roller Bowling Bag, Black/Orange
  • 5 inch smooth Kruse urethane wheels with steel bearings for Ultra smooth quiet ride
  • 600D/1680D fabric
  • End pick up handles for easy lifting
  • Customized Hammer branded zipper pulls
  • Three large accessory compartments

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When ample storage space and unbelievably sturdy construction meet, you get the Hammer Premium Triple Roller Bowling Bag. Crafted out of 600/1680D fabric that resists rips, spills, and sudden impacts, this bag more than lives up to the weight of the Hammer brand name. We love the simple pick-up handle and Kruse urethane wheels, and the inclusion of several accessory pockets and a removable pouch is a huge get.


  • Even if you check this bag at the airport, you can rest assured that it won’t lead to damaged bowling equipment.
  • The 600/1680D fabric construction is nearly impossible to rip or distort.
  • The Kruse urethane wheels are wide enough to keep traction on uneven terrain.


  • It may be a little wide and chunky for some bowlers.
  • The orange and black color scheme isn’t for everyone.

2) Storm Streamline 3 Ball Black Roller Bowling Bag

Storm Streamline 3 Ball Roller Bowling Bag Black
  • Package length: 27.94 cm
  • Package width: 29.718 cm
  • Package height: 77.724 cm
  • Product Type: SPORTING GOODS

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Low on fuss and heavy on value, the Storm Streamline 3 Ball Black Roller Bowling Bag is a minimalist marvel. Its compact design belies a rugged 600 denier polyvinyl fabric construction that will protect your balls and accessories even when you toss the bag haphazardly into a trunk or storage unit. The real selling points are the extra-wide wheels that easily make it over whatever uneven ground you’re walking on. It also has plenty of extra storage space and one of the biggest shoe compartments we’ve ever seen on a bag like this!


  • We really dig the no-frills approach. It’s all function and very little flash.
  • The extra-wide wheels stay balanced even when the ground doesn’t.
  • The bowling shoe compartment holds a pair up to men’s size 17 — the biggest on this list!


  • It’s heavier than we expected.
  • The price point is a bit much for some bowlers on a budget.

1) Kaze Sports Deluxe 3 Ball Bowling Roller Bag

KAZE SPORTS Deluxe 3 Ball Bowling Roller with Double Wheels (Black)
  • Doubled up 5-inch polyurethane wheels guarantee smooth, quiet and balanced roll
  • Retractable square locking handle retracts flush to base and extends up to 41.5 inch
  • All YKK zippers, smooth and long lasting
  • 4 outer accessories pockets, 3 inner mesh zip pocket, separate vented shoe compartment hold up to men's 15 size shoes
  • Securing straps in each padded ball compartment to enhance rolling stability. Extra Inner Padding and Strengthened 1680D Nylon Construction

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While the Kaze brand name might not ring a bell for some, the Kaze Sports Deluxe 3-Ball Bowling Roller Bag is setting out to change that for good! You can’t beat this roller tote’s reinforced 1680D nylon construction and the added safety of the extra padding stitched within. The retractable square handle is perfectly calibrated, the added compartments are spacious, and the YKK zipper system resists catches and snags better than most. It’s the complete 3-ball bowling bag package at an extremely affordable price point.


  • We love how the 1680D fabric holds up against all kinds of hazards.
  • The accessory compartments are well-designed and deep.
  • The zipper system is our favorite on this countdown.


  • It feels just a little cramped in the ball compartment.
  • The ball sling doesn’t match the overall quality of the bag.

Frequently Asked Questions

What brands should I purchase a 3-ball bowling bag from?

Shopping for quality 3-ball bowling bags has never been easier! There are dozens of fantastic products out there for you to find at prices you can easily afford. When you shop for a roomy bowling bag for league nights or amateur tournament play, be sure to sort out the brands worth trusting from lower-quality knock-off imprints. We’ve included items on this list from Kaze, Storm, Hammer, and 900 Global. Whenever you see the logo of one of these bowling accessory powerhouses, it’s a sign of quality craftsmanship.

Whether you’re looking to ship a bag to your house right away via a PayPal purchase or you prefer going to a pro shop to receive face-to-face service, these brands have plenty of bowling bag offerings worthy of your shopping cart.

Does Brunswick make 3-ball bowling bags?

While they narrowly missed the top six above, Brunswick Inc. does offer a few great triple bowling bags for you to consider. Our personal favorites include the Brunswick Crown Deluxe 3 Ball Roller Tote and the Brunswick Blitz Triple Roller Bag. When you shop for and purchase a Brunswick product, you know what you’re getting — a product made by bowlers for bowlers with care. The two aforementioned bags are no exception.

Closing Thoughts

If you’re a serious bowler and the bowling alley always has you coming back for seconds (and thirds), you need a sturdy multi-ball bowling bag to protect your equipment. The right 3-ball bowling bag will safeguard your bowling balls from undue wear, tear, and potential ruin. Place one of the six three-ball bowling bags from the list above into your shopping cart ASAP and see what a difference a little bit of organization and protection will make.