If you bowl multiple times a week in both league and exhibition settings, you know the toll that such activity can take on your bowling ball arsenal. Especially when it comes to the latest advancements in reactive bowling balls, such extended and regular play requires that you constantly clean your bowling balls to keep them effective. 

Furthermore, your needs for polishing and resurfacing your prized equipment to match changing lane condition demands are going to be much more pressing than that of a casual bowler. If you take the normal approach to doing this, you’ll be spending an exorbitant amount each year at your local pro shop having them do the work for you. 

There’s an alternative for the true bowling aficionado – the bowling ball spinner. These handy devices allow you do everything a pro shop will do without having to pay service charges which quickly add up. From simple cleaning jobs to full ball resurfacing, the best bowling ball spinners will give your equipment the pro shop treatment without the constant pro shop cost.

If this seems right up your alley, then keep reading! We’ve compiled our picks of the best bowling ball spinners for the money right now along with some useful information about bowling ball spinners and their myriad uses. 

The Best Bowling Ball Spinners

1. Innovative Personal Ball Spinner

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One of the most well-constructed and effective personal bowling ball spinners ever released, the Innovative Personal Ball Spinner balances durable construction with finite precision thanks to its computer-engineered design scheme. In addition to a very generous 2-year warranty, this ball spinner standout comes with a goodie bag of needed materials such as sandpaper, polishes, cleaners, and even a towel!


  • Nylon material of the spinner itself provides both peak durability and malleability as you maneuver your ball for various tasks.
  • Comes with both an extensive manual and a how-to manual for using your spinner to its maximum effectiveness.
  • The add-ons included with this spinner are ridiculous. In addition to needed supplies for cleaning, polishing, and resurfacing, there’s also a foot pedal switch which will help you keep your hands free for maximum focus on the task at hand.


  • The switch placement is odd as it’s not on the motor itself. It comes off counterintuitive until you get used to it. 
  • There’s no speed control dial, so you’ll have to stick with maximum speed regardless of the task.

2. Bowlerstore Products Vertex Ball Spinner

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This top-quality bowling ball spinner has been carefully constructed for peak performance and quiet usage, but that didn’t stop Bowlerstore Products from providing consumers with a fantastic 5-year warranty for the spinner itself and 3-year warranty for the motor. The Vertex Ball Spinner  provides one of the easiest ball-cleaning experiences we’ve ever been privy to from a portable bowling ball spinner.


  • The combination of strong metal pulleys and flexible nylon makes the spinner one of the strongest ever to be released for home use.
  • The build of the entire unit is so well-balanced that there is very little noise and wobbling no matter what kind of job you’re using it for.
  • The entire bowling ball spinner unit weighs just 21 pounds and is easy to port wherever you need it, whenever you need it. 


  • The speed of the spinner can be compromised to a troublesome degree with extended hand pressure. 
  • The motor has a tendency to heat up considerably during longer, more complex jobs. 


What is a bowling ball spinner?

A bowling ball spinner is a one-stop machine for the ardent bowler which will clean, polish, and resurface your bowling balls to ensure your get maximum reactivity and meet any lane condition challenges which come your way.

These fantastically handy devices are small enough to set on any table or small desk which is relatively close to a power outlet or extension strip. They are basically the compact version of what a pro shop uses with less moving parts and a much simple setup for the bowling ball cleaning/polishing/resurfacing layman.

What are the advantages of having a bowling ball spinner?

There are so many inherent pluses to owning a bowling ball spinner if you’re an active bowler who heads to the alley multiple times a week. 

Firstly, there’s the cost. While a bowling ball spinner will require a relatively significant initial investment, it will pay for itself multiple times over by significantly reducing your pro shop service costs or by eliminating them altogether!

Secondly, the design schemes of the best bowling ball spinners are so user friendly that it’s extremely simple to do some complex resurfacing tasks. Spinners are built to allow for even pressure applied to the entire ball, making any sanding or polishing job much more even and increasing the overall efficacy of your equipment going forward.

Finally, a top-quality bowling ball spinner will provide you with invaluable lessons about your bowling balls and how they work. You’ll learn so much more about when to polish and when to sand, when to clean and when to fully resurface and why than if you were to just pay a pro shop to do all of the work for you.

Knowing your equipment and learning more about bowling balls in general will do wonders for you game and help you read situations better when oil patterns get more complex or start breaking down due to extended play.

How often should I be using the bowling ball spinner?

Because reactive bowling balls are oftentimes built with softer, malleable coverstocks to handle heavy doses of oil, it’s imperative that you don’t overuse your bowling ball spinner and risk damaging the overall integrity of your prized equipment.

Attempt to limit your usage of a bowling ball spinner for cleaning purposes to every 50-75 games or so. Resurfacing and polishing jobs should be done more infrequently as they can take a heavy toll on your equipment if done improperly or simply done too much. 

The best rule of thumb is to pay attention to the reactivity of your bowling ball and log the times you’ve used the spinner for various tasks. You shouldn’t be afraid of using your bowling ball spinner when you need it, but you should be careful about potentially overusing it or misusing it by not paying attention to instructions. 

Closing Thoughts 

Either of the bowling ball spinners on the above list are the perfect investment for a serious bowling lover who wants to both learn more about their bowling balls and stop wasting gas money and service costs taking their equipment to the local pro shop. 

The right bowling ball spinner will do most of the tasks you’d ask from a pro shop while also giving you valuable insight into how your bowling balls work and their overall effectiveness in a wide variety of lane condition scenarios.