When prepping your bowling bag for a long league night of strenuous activity, there are a host of bowling accessories you should consider bringing along for the ride. A towel is a great option for wiping sweat from your hands and oil off of your bowling ball. You should always wear kinesiology tape to increase blood flow and help with muscle fatigue, especially if instructed by a doctor or physical therapist.

There are plenty of other accessories to keep in mind, too. But, there’s one that often gets overlooked by most bowlers that should be near the top of your bowling bag list. Wearing compression sleeves bowling is an expert method for helping your muscles recover and ensuring that you’re comfortable when a few games turn into several.

What do compression sleeves do for bowlers?

Whether it’s a bowling sleeve for your upper arm alone or a full compression sleeve for your entire throwing arm, there is more than just one compelling reason to sleeve up while hanging at the lanes. Whereas normal tape support helps provide needed rigidity and stability, bowling sleeves have a range of uses that include providing extra elbow protection, improving overall muscle feel, and eliminating needless moisture dripping down your arm.

Before you bowl another game without the help of these ingenious accessories, read on for 8 Key Reasons Why You Should Wear A Bowling Arm Sleeve.

8 reasons why you should wear bowling arm sleeves

1) A bowling arm sleeve provides dependable arm muscle support and muscle relief.

Your arm is constantly flexed and extended during a bowling day or night. Use a bowling arm sleeve to support your arm through all of this unnatural activity. Muscle support and muscle relief are the two biggest selling points of bowling sleeves. When your muscles are adequately supported and needless strain is minimized, you’ll be able to throw better for longer and turn open frames into marks.

2) Arm warmth is nice when your local bowling alley gets chilly.

You don’t need to feel cold when a bowling alley operator decides to crank up the air conditioning for no reason! We lose warmth from a lot of areas on our body, including exposed arms. The reinforced fabric of a bowling sleeve is designed more than just for style. It’s designed to keep your arm pleasantly warm when external temperature conditions aren’t the most ideal.

3) Your upper arm muscles will love the feel of compression arm sleeves.

Feeling nice is an underrated plus in the corner of bowling sleeves. Think about it. A runner often wears a sweatband around their forehead to soak up sweat and keep their head from becoming a sloppy mess. But, they also tend to prefer sweatbands that are designed to feel feather-soft on their skin. The same is true for the best compression arm sleeves. Not only are bowling sleeves created for the utility of protecting your arm muscles (and skin), but they are also made out of fabrics that feel like soothing natural extensions of your arm.

4) You can wear arm sleeves to promote faster muscle recovery.

If you’re an avid league bowler in love with the sport of bowling, arm sleeves are a godsend for sore muscles. And if you’re a professional bowler who makes the sport your business, compression arm sleeves are a great way to heal your body and protect your investment. Heading to your next tournament or league outing with tired muscles is a recipe for lower scores and potential injury disaster. You can mitigate these threats by wearing a compression arm sleeve that will help you heal for future alley outings.

5) Bowling sleeves can help to hide skin conditions while providing skin protection.

Are you dealing with a skin rash? Do you struggle with eczema on your throwing arm? Compression arm sleeves are made for structural support, but they’re also created to help those with sensitive skin and underlying skin issues. Not only will a bowling arm sleeve help you conceal a skin issue that might otherwise be embarrassing, but it will also work to protect your skin from potential hazards in the air and around the alley. These hazards include dust, oil, and food grease to name a few.

6) A proper bowling sleeve stops sweat from dripping down to your hand and bowling ball.

Moisture sucks, especially when you’re trying to grip and rip your favorite bowling ball. Use compression arm sleeves to stop sweat where it starts. It will help you improve your overall bowling ball grip, decrease the chances of dropping your ball and causing injury, and will also make you feel less self-conscious if you’re sweating up a storm. Things get heated in the middle of bowling competitions. Don’t sweat it. A compression bowling sleeve can help.

7) The best compression arm sleeve for you prevents injury before it’s even a concern.

Let’s face it. We don’t head to the bowling alley expecting to get injured. Injuries just sort of happen and usually occur when you least expect them. Rather than taking chances on a potential trip to the emergency room or a long period away from the game of bowling, wear an arm sleeve to stop muscle injuries from cramping your style. A little bit of preventative muscle care goes a long way!

8) It provides needed support for those who wear kinesiology tape.

When kinesiology tape is applied lengthwise across your elbow and spans the gap between your upper and lower arm, it’s really hard to keep it in place. Your arm’s throwing motion and natural movements are counterintuitive to such tape placement, and the addition of sweat to the mix makes it nearly impossible to adhere for an entire league night. That’s where bowling sleeves can help. When you wear bowling arm sleeves, you can keep the tape in place a lot easier than if it’s exposed without support.

The 4 Best Bowling Arm Sleeves For Sale In 2022

Venom Strapped Elbow Brace Compression Sleeve

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Created to target painful areas of your entire arm and offer unparalleled support, this bowling sleeve is made of jerky tough knit compression nylon that gets the job done. It’s an attractive, no-frills arm sleeve that gives you sturdy elbow support without being uncomfortable. And thanks to its extra-wide adjustable strap, you’ll be able to secure it in place and tailor it to your particular arm shape.

B-Driven Sports Compression Arm Sleeve

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Available in dozens of different colors that range from bright to earthy (and everywhere in between), this is the perfect bit of athletic armor for a serious bowler. This sleeve’s pro-fit compression fabric uses flat-seam stitching and a reinforced silicone band to its advantage for both utility and comfort. Promised to be 30% stronger than most bowling sleeves, this is the perfect accessory for those who go hard at the lanes.

CompressionZ Compression Arm Sleeve

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Do you suffer from preexisting conditions like arthritis, lymphedema, or elbow tendonitis? This arm sleeve is built with you in mind! It has been proven to reduce instances of swelling and inflammation during strenuous athletic activity, and its premium-quality construction makes it a long-lasting solution for your bowling habit. Available in an array of different patterns and colors, these sleeves are fun and formidable when you need them most.

Bucwild Sports Compression Arm Sleeve

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A flashy all-sport compression sleeve available in a jaw-dropping number of colors, this sleeve is all about performance and pure adrenaline. They look like a million bucks wrapped around your arm and do everything and anything that you’d expected a compressive sleeve to do. Need added elbow stability? Are you getting too cold at the lanes? Is your blood flow all messed up? Bucwild has the right solution for all of these issues and more!