The Best 13 Bowling Towels [Reviewed in 2019]

A clean bowling ball is a happy bowling ball – and an effective bowling ball. Bowling towels are an essential add to any bowler’s bag who is remotely serious about playing the game. Especially if you’re playing with a high-performance strike ball made to absorb oil and read the lanes, finding the best of the best bowling towels will keep you at the top of your game throughout the game.

Don’t let your bowling ball get gummed up and lose its efficiency and its pop. Get your hands on one of our list of the Top 13 Bowling Towels in 2019. A clean, like-new bowling ball is the key to maximum reactivity on the lanes. These bowling towels will help you get there. 

Top 13 Bowling Towels in 2019

1. Storm Microfiber Bowling Towel

This is one of the strongest straight microfiber bowling towels you’re going to find. It holds up to seven times its weight in moisture, sopping up lane oil and grime indiscriminately to ensure your bowling ball  remains clean and at peak effectiveness.


  • For a straight microfiber bowling towel, you’re not going to find one that absorbs more oil and leaves less residue.
  • One of the easiest bowling towels on the market to machine wash.
  • Repeated washes will not harden this towel or make it prone to abrasion.


  • Pricier than the average bowling towel on the online marketplace.
  • A little small for some bowlers’ liking. Cleaning a whole bowling ball with it is a bit of a task.

2. Brunswick Reactive Shammy Pad

If you’re playing on heavy oil lanes consistently, you may find a top-quality leather shammy pad like this much preferable to a normal microfiber bowling towel. And with a one-year warranty to safeguard your investment, it’s no wonder why bowlers have bought these en masse since they were released.


  • One-year warranty ensures that you get the most out of your shammy pad – or your money back!
  • High-quality leather construction ensures it will last through multiple uses.
  • Fantastic at oil absorption. Just one courtesy wipe does a lot!


  • On the more expensive side of the bowling towel market.
  • Some bowlers find it way too small to effectively and efficiently clean their bowling balls during play.

3. Pyramid Leather Shammy Bowling Pad

The Pyramid Leather Shammy bowling pad combines a sharp, simple design with some of the highest-quality construction you’ll see in the family of bowling towels and bowling shammies. It’s a heavy-oil cleaning monster and well worth its middling price point.


  • The edge stitching on this bowling towel is some of the strongest we’ve seen. This bowling towel is built to last through repeated use and washes.
  • Effective for all bowling ball cover stocks and all various oil densities at the lanes.
  • One of the sharper overall designs of the bowling towels on this list. Aesthetically pleasing.


  • Can be a little bit stiff at first. It gets a lot easier to use after a few weeks’ worth of play.
  • A little bit bigger than a normal bowling towel. Can be a little bit tricky to stuff it in a loaded bowling bag.

4. Creating The Difference Big Fluffy Pad

This bowling towel/bowling shammy hybrid was created with a ton of thought put in over the particular needs of regular bowlers. It’s unique dual-sided cleaning design ensures you’ll get effective oil absorption and cleaning no matter which side of the pad you use.


  • One side is made for dry lanes. One side is made for heavier oil lanes. No matter where you play, this bowling towel has you covered!
  • Microsuede/synthetic sherpa construction is fantastic at oil absorption and cleans up any other debris in a snap.
  • Very nicely sized and portable for the bowler on the go.


  • Inflated price point due to all of its bells and whistles.
  • Can be tricky to wash with other items. Much easier as a standalone machine wash.

5. Ebonite Shammy Bowling Towel

This shammy is one of the least abrasive, most versatile bowling towels or bowling shammies on the market. Its leather construction is quite durable but also very kind to your bowling ball’s surface. Extremely functional, extremely durable. 


  • Leather construction promises a long use life while also proving extremely absorptive. 
  • One of the easier-to-use bowling towels you’ll find. Not much chance of abrasion even after multiple washes.
  • Comes in three different color options.


  • A bit pricier than a normal bowling towel.
  • Most of the color options lose their brilliance with repeated use and washes.

6. Genesis Pure Pad Buffalo Leather Ball Wipe

Made of genuine buffalo leather, the Genesis Pure Pad Buffalo Leather Ball Wipe’s dual-layer construction combines powerful absorption with undeniable durability. Out of all of the bowling towels on this list, this one may very well end up lasting a regular player the longest. 


  • Quite simply the most durable of the bowling towels and bowling shammies on this list. This is thanks to its high-quality buffalo leather makeup.
  • Available in a wide variety of attractive color options.
  • Effective on any bowling ball cover stock type.


  • Much more expensive that run-of-the-mill microfiber bowling towels.
  • You’ll need to take special care washing it with its buffalo leather construction in mind.

7. WINGKIND Shammy Bowling Ball Cleaning Pad

Just like the entry before, the WINGKIND Shammy Bowling Ball Cleaning Pad is made of buffalo leather. However, this is a much more cost effective option! If you want top oil and grime cleaning capability but are strapped for cash, take note.


  • Extremely durable buffalo leather construction ensures that this will be one of the last bowling towels you buy.
  • Great at oil absorption while also cleaning off ball return marks and scuffs with the same efficacy.
  • A cost-effective option which doesn’t sacrifice quality.


  • Has been known to leave a bit of a black residue on your hands with repeated use.
  • Will stain your other laundry if you decided to machine wash it with other things.

8. Storm Shammy Bowling Ball Cleaning Pad

Storm simply makes quality bowling products. This is the second of four entries for the beloved company on our Best Bowling Towels of 2019 countdown. This bowling shammy is particularly great at sopping up stickier residue from a bowling ball without leaving a trace.


  • This shammy sops up substances that cheap bowling towels simply cannot. If you accidentally get sticky food residue from the snack bar on your ball, it’ll clean it right up.
  • Small enough to be easy to port and easy to stuff into your bowling bag.
  • Versatile enough to be effective cleaning any and all bowling ball cover stocks.


  • Easy to stain.
  • The price point may be prohibitive for bowlers on a budget.

9. Brunswick Microfiber EZ Grip Bowling Towel

The key feature of the Brunswick Microfiber EZ Grip bowling towel is its EZ Grip namesake side which holds the bowling ball firmly in place so you can ensure you give it a thorough wiping down. It’s easy to use and super effective at its job!


  • EZ Grip side makes holding and cleaning every part of your bowling ball a complete breeze.
  • Microfiber construction boast great absorption for lane oil and other sources of troublesome moisture such as sweat.
  • Comes in a wide variety of colors.


  • The EZ Grip side tends to wear quickly with repeated washes. Be careful with that.
  • Can lose its overall efficacy as you continue to wash it. 

10. Hammer Shammy Bowling Towel

One of the most effective oil absorption bowling towels on the market today, the Hammer Shammy bowling towel is perfect for use on heavy oil lanes. No amount of oil and grime will be too much for it’s top-quality construction. A no-nonsense bowling towel from a no-nonsense bowling brand.


  • Suede construction is both durable and fantastic at lane oil absorption.
  • High volumes of oil and grime are easily sopped up without excess left on your bowling ball.
  • Simply one of the higher quality bowling towels you’re going to find  – from the materials used to its efficacy.


  • If you wash this bowling towel with other laundry, the orange logo has been known to bleed into other fabric.
  • Logo wears off quickly.

11. Storm Shammy Cleaning Pad Blue

Constructed from leather and as durable as it is effective at sopping up lane oil, the Storm Shammy Cleaning Pad Blue is an investment which will pay off for years for a serious bowler. It takes whatever you throw at it and washes well for repeated use down the road.


  • Leather construction makes it one of the longer-lasting bowling towels on the market.
  • Extremely effective for heavy oil lanes. Boasts powerful absorption capability.
  • Lasts longer between machine washes than cheaper microfiber bowling towels.


  • A little bit pricey compared to other entrants on this list.
  • Overuse could lead your bowling ball to becoming sticky in some areas. Be judicious.

12. Storm Woven Bowling Towel

A cotton bowling towel which barely shows oil and dirt on it even at the peak of its use, the Storm Woven bowling towel is simply a beauty. If appearances matter to you and you don’t want to pull out a dirty rag over and over to clean your ball, the no-show construction of this bowling towel will blow you away.


  • The black and gray color palette hides dirt and oil sopped into your towel. It looks new even when it’s not.
  • Made of extremely durable cotton which does well in a machine wash.
  • The thickness of this bowling towel does well for it when it comes to absorbing large amounts of oil from your ball’s cover stock.


  • It’s a large bowling towel compared to most so it’s not exactly the easiest to cram into your bowling bag.
  • Cotton construction has been known to lead to a bit of linty residue at the end of its use life.

13. Bowling Ball Cleaning Kit

While the microfiber bowling towel included in this kit is a star of the show in its own right, it’s the valuable add-ons for an agreeable price point which takes this kit over the top. In addition to the towel, you receive a 4-ounce bottle of Monster Tac Remove-All Bowling Ball Cleaner and an applicator rag for polishing and deep cleaning.


  • Comes with multiple cleaning aids to ensure your bowling ball rolls like new every time you throw it.
  • The microfiber towel is an extremely effective towel for being part of a set. It’s great at lifting smudges and oil alike.
  • The cleaner applicator rag is cover stock-friendly and doesn’t become abrasive with repeated use.


  • The towel itself isn’t the highest quality compared to most of the standalone bowling towels on this list.
  • The design of the bowling towel is extremely basic. Not a lot of stylistic flair.


What Is A Bowling Towel?

Bowling towels are a massive addition for any bowler’s bowling bag. Not only do bowling towels wipe off excess dirt, oil and grime which cakes onto your bowling ball’s cover stock, but they also allow bowlers to wipe excess moisture and sweat off your hands.

Keeping your hands dry will allow you to get a more consistent grip, aiding in both your power and your control.

Keeping your ball clean will increase its overall per-shot reactivity, especially if it’s a high-performance bowling ball which absorbs oil to react to the lanes. Bowling balls get gummed up and lose their hook potential. Using a bowling towel regularly combats this and allows you to get much more out of your bowling ball every shot.

Which Type of Towel Works Best For Bowling Balls?

At the very least, you want a lint-free towel which won’t defeat its own purpose and gum up your ball with towel lint. Microfiber towels absorb much more lane oil, so they’re usually the bowling towel of choice for bowlers of all skill levels.

Not only that, but microfiber towels can help you shine your ball to a near-factory look with just a little bit of water and some elbow grease.

How Do I Clean Or Wash A Bowling Towel?

If you can afford it, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to purchase special microfiber detergent when washing your bowling towels. Microfiber detergents is specially formulated for the delicate nature of your bowling towels and ensures that they remain effective at absorption after repeated washes.

If you are a bowler on a budget, use minimal detergent and wash your bowling towels alone with very hot water. You may lose a little bit of efficacy over time, but not as much as you would throwing them in with your regular laundry.

Do You Need A Specific Towel For Bowling Balls?

While you don’t necessarily need a top-end microfiber bowling towel, you need a specific towel which won’t scratch your cover stock or leave its own linty residue all over it. 

Especially when it comes to porous high-performance reactive resin cover stocks, abrasive towels not meant for use as bowling towels can damage your cover stock. You need something soft and absorptive, so a budget rag from the dollar store could do much more harm than good.

Is A Bowling Shammy The Same Thing As A Bowling Towel? 

Bowling shammies are a bit more durable and are known to be a little bit better at overall oil absorption than normal bowling towels. However, there are some bowlers who prefer their old microfiber bowling towels and claim the oil absorption difference is negligible. 

A bowling shammy is definitely classified as a bowling towel by many, but there are definite differences in construction and durability. Shammies can last a bit longer with efficiency maintained than most microfiber bowling towels.

Closing Thoughts 

The best bowling towels extend the life of your bowling ball. They also maximize your hook potential and pin violence by ensuring your bowling ball reacts properly every shot, every time. Wiping down your bowling ball with a bowling towel after every shot is a great practice which will pay dividends with your scores as time goes on.

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