If you’re not in the center of the bowling universe and tapped into everything going on in the game, you might be a bit confused about the prospects of using bowling ball fingers inserts. Why should you alter your bowling ball grip, especially if the ball was drilled to fit your fingers in the first place?

There isn’t a short answer to this question, so we’ve decided to create this one-stop guide about finger inserts for clarification. If you want to add revolutions, create new entry angles, and find more enjoyment from your overall bowling game, this article might be a huge bookmarking opportunity for you as a bowler going forward.

Let’s get started with one of the most commonly asked questions we get about inserts…

Why should I use bowling ball finger inserts?

There are many reasons to use thumb inserts or other bowling ball finger inserts. Some help the ball feel lighter and easier to throw. Others promote a relaxed fit that gives you more room to be creative with your release.

You can create a fingertip grip for hook mastery. You can use the perfect oval shape slug to gain control over your errant throws, slotting your ball back into the pocket where it belongs. From thumb slugs in all sizes and colors to grips inserted for pure comfort, there are plenty of reasons to opt for finger inserts for your bowling ball arsenal.

How do finger inserts for bowling balls affect ball speed?

It depends on the quality of the insert, to be honest. If your fingers are too tight in a ball, you risk both delaying your release and messing up your entire shot. If your fingers are too loose, the ball might shift during your swing and cut into your speed and hook potential.

Even the greatest selection of finger inserts won’t matter if your hand just doesn’t fit. Talk with a pro shop operator and tell them what you’re looking for out of your ball. From VISE inserts to grips with differing textures, they might have ideas for everything from increasing speed to ramping up your revolutions to and through the pins.

Do bowling ball finger inserts work for different bowling balls?

Bowling ball inserts work for all kinds of bowlers with all kinds of different bowling balls. While they are not essential for some bowlers, they ramp up the enjoyment factor considerably for others.

And since there are so many different inserts to choose from, you have plenty of pre-drill and post-drill options and styles to play with. The difference between one insert and another is based upon how it alters your grip and aids your throwing mechanics. Ask your local pro shop owner about the specifications of your particular bowling ball and what inserts might work best for your particular set-up. Or, try some post-drill options and use the trial-and-error method to figure out what you need and what you want.

What are the best bowling ball finger inserts for sale right now?

Our two favorite bowling ball insert brands right now are VISE and Turbo. Both offer plenty of stock insert options are prices that work with any bowler’s budget.

VISE Grips

Our search for the greatest selection of inserts led us to VISE and their amazing array of bowling accessories. If you want inserts that deliver unparalleled grip, lift, and comfort, opt for their VISE Power Lift and Power Oval Grips package. For just a few bucks, you’ll be able to modify your bowling ball to your liking with both a Power Oval and Power Lift grip system — allowing you to slot into the sweet spot in your foul line shot.

Turbo Grips

Looking for fun colors and unparalleled options for your bowling ball grips. Try the Turbo Quad Grips package! This 4-in-1 grip system promises Perfect Oval, Perfect Oval Mesh, Round Mesh, and Power Oval capabilities in one single, colorful insert. It’s a fantastic deal for a fantastic product!

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7 Advantages Of Using Bowling Ball Finger Inserts

1) A properly fit grip will help improve your game.

Even if you get a bowling ball drilled to fit your fingers, that doesn’t mean that it’s going to be the perfect fit. Your fingers might swell or lose heft over the course of a few games, causing your grip to tighten or loosen. Also, your ball was likely drilled when you weren’t active and throwing a ton. Using a properly fit grip will help you calibrate things perfectly for optimal throwing results.

2) Finding a smooth release is finding a good release.

With the help of bowling inserts, you might be able to smooth out the hitch in your release. For example, thumb slugs could stop your thumb from getting stuck in the middle of your shot — aiding in the momentum and hook you can create down the lane. Sanding off the rough edges of your shot release will help you to maximize the pin carry and violence you can create at impact.

3) You might be able to achieve more ball speed.

Are you struggling to find your ideal bowling ball speed? A poor grip on your ball might be the culprit! Any grip system that increases your comfort and confidence when holding a ball during your swing could help you increase your overall speed. After all, optimizing your grip is essential to getting proper momentum from a throw.

4) You might be able to add revolutions.

If you’re looking for the high-rev theatrics of wild pin impacts and increased pin carry, coupling a good finger insert system with the right reactive resin bowling ball is a smart play. You can get much more creative with your shot and cause more havoc when you have a better grip on things. And if you’re getting the spin you need, you might see spares turn to strikes over and over again.

5) With a properly fitted grip, you get a consistent feel for the game.

Bowling is very much a game about textures and grips. If you’re struggling to hold onto your ball in a way that’s comfortable and efficacious to your particular shooting style, you’re going to struggle to maintain any sort of consistency throughout a league or tournament night. Whether you need something a bit more flat or textured, the right grip can help you find a feel for the game at the perfect time.

6) The right fingertip grip is a hook artist’s dream.

Fingertip and semi-fingertip grips are great for increasing hook potential — especially when paired with a reactive resin ball that has an aggressive coverstock. By eliminating the added time and effort to get your fingers out of the ball, you add to your ability to open up angles and cause some wild turns at the breakpoint.

7) You can work towards preventing sport injury with the proper equipment.

Simply put, a proper bowling ball grip will keep you from hurting yourself. Consistently playing with a ball that just doesn’t fit your hand and throwing style is just asking for disaster. You could hurt your fingers or even drop the ball at a very inopportune time. Be mindful of how your hand feels when throwing a bowling ball and adjust your grip accordingly.

Closing Thoughts

With the right bowling ball inserts, you can benefit from the comfort and utility of a properly-fitted grip. That potential means more ball speed, added revolutions, and a smooth release that helps you shape a hook just so. With the help of a few videos and monitoring your own needs during a throw, you can adjust your ball with inserts to maximize your scoring potential and minimize your overall injury risk.