Stop renting bowling shoes! Owning your own pair of men’s’ bowling shoes is what separates casual bowlers from true bowling enthusiasts.

When you rent bowling shoes, you sink money into used kicks that don’t offer the arch support and comfort that new bowling shoes will. In truth, most bowling alleys skimp on their bowling shoes and rarely replace them if they can help it.

Rather than suffering through potential foot pain and ill-fitting footwear that does more harm than good, you should invest in a pair of bowling shoes that fit both your style and your bowling form. For the cost of a dozen bowling shoe rentals or so, you can own a pair of some of the best bowling shoes for sale right now.

And rather than forcing you to do the research yourself on men’s bowling shoes, we’ve decided to do it for you! We’ve pared down dozens of bowling shoe options, separating the contenders from the pretenders with our list of the 6 Best Mens’ Bowling Shoes For Sale In 2022.

Let’s get started with entry #6.

The 6 Best Men’s Bowling Shoes In Stock For 2022

6) BSI Men’s Bowling Shoes

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There’s something about all-black bowling shoes that pops at the local bowling alley. Sleek and strong enough to last, BSI Men’s Bowling Shoes are both lookers and great athletic support accessories. Available in men’s sizes 7 to 16, we adore the EVA midsoles and how little they weigh us down in the middle of a bowling approach. It’s not a high-end shoe, but it’s a superb entry-level pick.

  • They’re simple and to the point in the best of ways.
  • The all-black construction looks great with any bowling outfit you put together.
  • The light EVA midsoles help you step with confidence and power.
  • They feel a little bit rigid in the uppers, cutting into the flexibility of the shoes at your ankles.
  • If you like a bit more flash and color out of your kicks, these aren’t the bowling shoes for you.

5) Dexter Bowling Ricky IV Men’s Shoes

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Are you in the market for a low-cost bowling shoe that isn’t a low-quality bowling shoe? For anywhere from $40 to $60 or so a pop, Dexter Bowling Ricky IV Men’s Bowling Shoes promise both durability and comfortability without breaking your bank. Dexter is known for its array of cost-effective bowling accessories, and these shoes are no different. They look cool, they feel great, and they will leave room in your budget for everything from bowling bags to a new ball or two.

  • You know what you’re getting with Dexter bowling shoes. They are well-known for a reason.
  • They are available in four different color schemes, including an attractive blue/orange combination.
  • The outsoles are lightweight and won’t hinder you during your shot process.
  • They are a bit stiff in the ankle.
  • Compared to higher-priced bowling shoes, these don’t offer the same kind of arch support.

4) KR Strikeforce Flyer Black & Orange Men’s Bowling Shoes

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With durable slide soles on both shoes, KR Strikeforce Flyer Black & Orange Bowling Shoes allow you to tinker with your footwork as you see fit. The soles are also non-marking which cuts down scuffing and sticking to a fantastic degree. And thanks to KR Strikeforce’s patented Komfort-Fit technology, these shoes conform to your feet and work with you as you play.

  • You don’t have to worry about scuffing up your local lanes after pulling these out of the box.
  • The Komfort-Fit construction cuts down on crimping, swelling, and cramping.
  • We love the slide capabilities of these shoes. They hit their mark much more often than not.
  • We’d prefer mesh uppers for decreased rigidity and better movement.
  • In all honesty, the classic black/orange set-up isn’t going to be for everyone.

3) Pyramid Men’s Path Seamless Mesh Bowling Shoes

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If you’re not familiar with Pyramid’s bowling balls, you’re in for a treat. Pyramid knows how to create high-quality equipment at prices that anyone can fit into their budget. And that’s the same for the Pyramid Men’s Path Seamless Mesh Bowling Shoes. Complete with a two-year warranty and built with both top-tier cushioning and breathable mesh materials, these shoes feel like a natural extension of your foot during play.

  • These shoes just look cool as heck. And there are six different styles to choose from!
  • The mesh material in the construction increases breathability and flexibility.
  • These feel so soft on your feet. The cushion game is on point.
  • The soles are a bit sticky out of the box and can lead to scuffing and sticking on the lanes.
  • The warranty is great, but the soles do wear out a bit fast with repeated use.

2) KR Strikeforce Mesh Bowling Shoes For Men

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Take the best qualities of the KR Strikeforce bowling shoes we just profiled above and add a superb mesh upper that increases flexibility and is breathable as you bowl. That’s the KR Strikeforce Mesh Bowling Shoe! And thanks to the FlexSlide Technology of the microfiber slide pads on each sole, you’ll be able to maintain traction while getting creative with your steps and slides during each shot.

  • The mesh uppers allow you to flex and twist your ankle without pushing back.
  • FlexSlide Technology is a godsend! Slide on either foot and build your approach as you see fit.
  • KR Strikeforce is setting the bar for quality low-cost bowling shoes. This is their best offering so far.
  • To maximize your sliding and flexibility, you’ll need to break these in.
  • If you need strong ankle support when you bowl, this might not be the shoe for you.

1) Brunswick Vapor Men’s Bowling Shoes

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One of the coolest things about our #1 pick, the Brunswick Vapor Men’s Bowling Shoe, is the inclusion of top-shelf microfiber slide pads — great training wheels for beginners trying to figure out a four-step or five-step process. Constructed with removable insoles and durable outers for an extremely affordable price point, these are some of the best budget bowling shoes ever released.

  • You can replace the insoles right away with something that gives you the right arch support and traction.
  • The microfiber slide pads included on the soles of these shoes are the best you’ll find at this price point.
  • These shoes combine a classic look with a usage life that you don’t usually see for under $100.
  • The stock removable insoles are decent but lacking.
  • The shoe construction is durable but takes some breaking in.

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Sure! If you sign up to receive emails with different marketplaces or bowling shoe brands, your consent could help you save some big money. From regular coupons to deals for linking with Facebook, submitting your info for marketing emails could cut your cart balance in a significant fashion. And if you have any worries, you can always contact the customer service for the marketing provider or hit the unsubscribe link usually provided at the bottom of every email.

Are there regular deals that drop the price when shopping for men’s bowling shoes?

Be sure to adjust your filters on your different marketplace accounts and target categories of bowling shoes that you’re interested in. And if you can complete a form to receive coupons, signing up for marketing emails could help you resolve your shopping balance at a sharp discount. Pay attention to deals for shoes as they come along and take advantage of the discounts that come your way!

Do top bowling brands like Storm and Hammer have good bowling shoes I can shop for?

While we are not highlighting offerings from the two brands on our list, Storm and Hammer both have some quality shoes worth considering. The Storm Men’s Gust Bowling Shoe is a good budget option that looks like a modern skating shoe. And the Hammer Blade Bowling Shoe is a high-end option that offers great support while you bowl. They’re not our top choices altogether, but they are solid alternatives.

What brand makes the best bowling shoe products right now?

With two out of the six entries in our list above, KR Strikeforce is our favorite brand in operation timed right now. Dexter, Brunswick, Pyramid, and BSI are great options to purchase as well — especially if you have a coupon code to further your savings. However, KR Strikeforce is your right-hand brand (or right-foot brand) when it comes to quality men’s bowling shoes at affordable prices.

Closing Thoughts

Your footwork is crucial to your success as a bowler. Without the right combination of speed, balance, and strength in your approach, you won’t be able to maximize your bowling form and your lane talents. With the right foot support and the right men’s bowling shoes, nothing is standing between you and higher bowling scores each night out.