Bowling gloves are an essential part of a serious bowler’s toolkit. Some beginning and intermediate bowlers may raise an eyebrow when a seasoned player pulls out their bowling glove, but that’s only because they don’t know yet just how beneficial bowling gloves can be for both a bowler’s comfort and their overall game.

A good bowling glove isn’t hard to find. There are so many quality options out there on the market, and we’re here to pick out the best of the best for you to choose from. But first, it’s time to convert the skeptics and the uninitiated – here’s why the best bowlers are only as good as their bowling gloves.

How To Pick A Bowling Glove & How Do They Help? 

A bowling glove on a bowler’s throwing hand promotes proper form during a shot and helps to guard against potential injury from improperly flexing the hand during an approach.

Those new to bowling gloves will notice that they are weighted in such a way as to basically set your hand into a proper placement on the ball. This improves your grip, decreases troublesome weight displacement which could injure a finger or your palm, and offers support for pre-existing injuries.

Some bowling gloves have a little bit of stickiness on the palms and fingers to add another bit of control and grip. They also help wick up sweat from your hands which could cause some grip issues, along with providing padding which increases comfort and decreases the chance of calluses.

With this wealth of uses and advantages in mind, here are the key features of bowling gloves you should be focused on when making your selection.

  • The best bowling gloves are made of durable materials which provide protection without sacrificing a bowler’s comfort. Most of the top bowling gloves out there are made of some composite including either nylon or leather. Nylon is much more flexible and light, but leather’s durability and toughness also makes it a worthwhile choice. It’s all up to preference.
  • Especially if you’re a left-handed bowler, be sure to look at the fine print when purchasing your bowling glove. Not all bowling gloves are made for both hands.
  • How various bowling gloves are weighted means a lot in promoting proper hand placement and form. Your palm should be straight and rigid, and your bowling glove should aid in that.
  • There are five styles of bowling gloves to choose from:
  1. fingerless bowling gloves
  2. one finger bowling gloves
  3. two finger bowling gloves
  4. finger sock bowling gloves
  5. full wrist bowling gloves

Each of these provide various levels of stability and grip based upon how much of your hand is covered and stabilized by the bowling glove. A lot of this will come down to your personal preference and need.

  • The style of your bowling gloves means a lot too! If you’re going to be wearing this every day at the bowling lanes, you’re going to want something that looks right and fits your own personal style!

Taking all of this into account, let’s take a look at the best bowling gloves currently available in both online marketplaces and a bowling pro shop near you.

Top 6 Bowling Gloves in 2021 

1. Monster Grip Bowling Gloves Monster Grip Bowling Glove (Small, Right)
  • Unique styling allows bowlers to have a comfortable fit while giving them Monster Gripping power on the ball
  • Textured and tacky palm provides more contact with the surface of the bowling ball allowing additional lift, turn, and revolutions to give you Monster scores
  • Hook-and-loop closure holds glove securely in place, yet allows easy removal between frames

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Monster Grip bowling gloves are a fantastic introduction for beginning and intermediate bowlers just starting to get a grip on the importance of a good bowling glove. While they don’t offer some of the rigid hand and wrist supports of other bowling gloves on this list, they make up for it with flexibility, solid grip, and unparalleled comfort.


  • Extremely affordable. Beginning bowlers hedging their bets over their first purchase of bowling gloves will appreciate the minimal initial investment.
  • Ergonomic design which places comfort over bells and whistles. The flexibility you get with this glove allows you to utilize your throwing hand as if you weren’t using a glove.
  • These two finger bowling gloves offer great ventilation so your hand doesn’t overheat wearing them.


  • The lack of additional support could prove troublesome for those with preexisting injuries or problems getting their throwing hand into proper form.
  • These are great beginner and intermediate bowling gloves, but they perhaps lack the overall durability for them to be a good investment for advanced bowlers.

2. Ebonite React/R Bowling Gloves

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Whereas the previous entry on our best bowling gloves list was a fantastic initial investment for beginner bowlers, Ebonite React/R bowling gloves sit on the exact opposite side of the spectrum. The inflated price point may scare off some bowlers, but they are a durable and worthwhile investment for advanced bowlers looking for extra support and durability as the games pile up.


  • Made of the best quality materials we’ve seen on the bowling gloves market. The leather in the palm region provides both comfort and amazing durability/padding for repeated use.
  • Provides additional wrist support to both aid with preexisting injuries and keep your wrist straight in order to ward off potential future injury.
  • The finger section of these two finger bowling gloves come with additional small vents which keep your hands from overheating later in your session.


  • The price point isn’t for budget-conscious bowlers. They require a pretty solid investment and aren’t for casual bowlers who won’t be able to maximize their value.
  • Some bowlers complain that there isn’t enough rigidity of support in key areas. This could be troublesome for someone struggling to find their shot form and looking to bowling gloves for help.

3. Brunswick Thumb Saver Bowling Gloves

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Brunswick Thumb Saver bowling gloves live up to their name. These three finger bowling gloves add full coverage on the thumb for additional gripping strength and protection. Combining great wrist support with a gripping material which enhances overall shot control, these bowling gloves balance worthwhile utility with a cheap price point.


  • The gripping technology on these 100% nylon bowling gloves is extremely effective and promotes full control of the ball through all stages of your shot.
  • Balances a real strong wrist support with overall flexibility which keeps your hand from feeling stilted.
  • Extremely cost effective for the boost in grip and support they provide. 


  • These bowling gloves lack extended, rigid metal supports in key parts of the glove. While it enhances overall flexibility, this could prove troublesome for advanced bowlers and those with preexisting injuries.
  • The three-finger setup for these bowling gloves lack adequate ventilation for your covered fingers. Some bowlers have complained of sweating issues with them.

4. Ebonite Pro Form Positioner Bowling Gloves

Ebonite Pro Form Positioner Glove- Right Hand (Medium)
  • From the Number 1 name in bowling gloves comes the glove that combines everything you are looking for
  • Gives you support, comfort, durability, and style Padded steel backhand support system for consistent wrist position during release Heavy-duty special gripping compound to increase contact with ball for added control Top-grade, supple leather glove for durability Wavy Spandex fabric finger gussets and glove back stretch for perfect fit and breathability 3 1/2 inch elastic hook and loop wrist

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You want a bowling glove which will keep your hand in rigid, perfect position every time you make a shot? Ebonite Pro Form Positioner bowling gloves are the professional-grade option for you! The addition of steel support at the back of the gloves provides needed rigidity, while the top-quality leather/spandex construction is both durable and innately stretchable. 


  • The addition of steel supports makes this the perfect bowling glove for someone who is struggling to keep their hand properly positioned during a shot.
  • The gripping technology is spot-on and provides a fantastic counterbalance to the rigidity and durability of the materials used.
  • The stretchable nature of these bowling gloves belies the actual support you’re getting from them. A perfect flexibility/toughness combination.


  • The inflated price point for these bowling gloves will scare off a lot of bowlers on a budget. They’re a great investment, but the cost isn’t anything to scoff at.
  • These two finger bowling gloves lack some of the overall ventilation perks of other high-performance bowling gloves on the market. Your hands may overheat in these.

5. Brunswick Power XXX Bowling Gloves

Brunswick Power XXX Glove (Black/Charcoal, Left Hand, XX-Large)
  • The pro’s choice for style, comfort, support and performance^Cushioned metal back-hand support system provides exceptional comfort and support^Textured palm allows additional contact with the surface of the bowling ball resulting in additional lift and revolutions^Extra-wide wrist strap provides support and maintains a consistent wrist position^Velcro closure holds glove securely in place, yet allows easy removal between frames

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Brunswick Power XXX bowling gloves are some of the best professional-grade bowling gloves you’re going to find out there. Combining high-quality durable materials, additional steel supports, and trademark Brunswick comfort, these are a pure triple threat which give you the best of all of the bowling glove worlds.


  • High-performance ergonomic design coupled with some of the most durable materials to ever be used in a bowling glove. A great balance of flexibility and quality.
  • Metal supports at the back of the hand provide both protection and fantastic hand positioning support.
  • The two-finger design has plenty of different ventilation points to keep your fingers and entire hand from overheating. All of this in a cost-effective package!


  • Some bowlers complain of the overall thickness of these bowling gloves. Your throwing hand may feel overly weighted and sluggish in these.
  • These can be a bit tricky to maneuver and use with efficacy for beginner bowlers not used to their extended supports and rigidity.

6. Storm Power Glove Bowling Gloves

Storm STPG LL Bowling Glove, Black/Red, Large
  • Innovative Removable Palm Pads
  • Add Axis Rotation In An Instant For That Commanding Ball Motion You'Ve Always Wanted
  • Decreases The Amount Of Space Between Your Hand And The Ball
  • Package Dimensions: 6" ( H ) x 11" ( L ) x 7" ( W )

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The Storm Power Glove line of bowling gloves may lack the overall support structures of others on this list. However, you’re not going to find a better bowling glove for improving your grip and overall control of the ball through all points of your shot. These bowling gloves will add to your power game by allowing you to feel the ball through every key motion before release.


  • Allows your hand to be flexible while giving you perhaps the best gripping aid of any of the bowling gloves on this list.
  • Extremely lightweight. Your hand will not feel weighted down because there aren’t additional metal supports to maneuver around.
  • Comes in both left-handed and right-handed options. 


  • These two finger bowling gloves lack adequate wrist support. While that gives you added flexibility, it won’t help those with positioning troubles or preexisting injuries.
  • A very solid buy for intermediate bowlers, but they may not be durable or offer enough support for advanced bowlers to use constantly.

Closing Thoughts 

If you were skeptical about the value and import of bowling gloves before, now is the time to really look into their benefits. If you’re thinking about upping your game and becoming a more serious bowler overall, bowling gloves will do wonders to counteract the hand problems which can occur with extended overall play.

Finding the right bowling glove for you is going to give you the support and added grip you need to bring you game to a level you never previously thought possible.