Are you a fashionista with a bowling habit? Do you simply like to look your best whenever you go out, whether that’s to a bar or a bowling alley?

If your answer is “yes” to either of those questions, you’re probably a fan of colorful acrylic nails! And if that’s the case, you’re probably wondering if you can actually bowl with them.

Well, we’ve got the answers…

Can you throw a bowling ball with fake nails?

Yes! While an acrylic nail may have trouble when stuffed into tight finger holes, there are plenty of ways to safeguard your fake nails at your local bowling alley. You’ll likely have to be extra careful to protect your beautiful acrylic nails from damage, especially when engaged in a long night of league bowling. From using a larger bowling ball with larger holes to perfecting the glorious granny roll, we’ve got plenty of bowling tips for those looking to look their best with long fingernails on the lanes.

Keep your nails strong and your beautiful manicure intact without shelving your bowling balls for later days. We’ll show you how.

What is the safest bowling technique to bowl with long nails?

Steering clear of bowling ball holes altogether is the best way to protect both long acrylic nails and natural long nails. Rather than using bowling tape over your natural nails or harsh chemicals to keep your fake nails in place, you can enjoy bowling with the help of the infamous granny roll.

This helps you avoid direct contact between your nails and your bowling ball while still enjoying the sport you know and love!

Whether you have strong nails or delicate ones, you can let loose a granny roll at the foul line with the confidence needed to protect your acrylic nails from breaking.

While you won’t see a pro bowler busting out a granny roll anytime soon, it sure beats harsh nail treatments and extra weight in your bowling bag for casual players.

Here’s the simple, effective five-step process for executing a granny roll:

  1. Use both of your hands to cup and stabilize the ball. If you do this right, you’ll have ample wrist support and neither arm will take the brunt of the throw.
  2. Rather than getting a moving start, head over to the foul line to assume the correct position needed to execute your throw.
  3. Spread out your legs to about shoulder width. This will give you a stable base and protect you from hitting yourself at the same time.
  4. Begin your swing by pulling your arms back between your legs with the ball still cupped.
  5. Release the ball on the other side, making a big deal of keeping your legs steady and your posture balanced.

It’s not the most effective strike-throwing technique in the bowling world, but a granny roll is a lot easier on your fingers and protects longer and shorter nails alike!

What other bowling techniques work with long acrylic nails?

Anything that keeps your nails safe and keeps the first-aid kit at bay is a good bowling technique for those with acrylic nails!

The best techniques for bowling with long nails limit direct contact with your bowling ball’s surface. This includes using an alley-provided ball ramp, finding a larger bowling ball with finger holes big enough to prevent breakage, and/or using accessories like protective tape to ensure your best game is a safe one.

There are plenty of nail products out there like clear coats that can offer added peace of mind, but the real trick to bowling with acrylic nails is to maximize your protection by being prepared — both health-wise and otherwise.

6 Insiders’ Nail Care Tips To Avoid Broken Nails While Bowling

We’re here to give your nails a break without breaking them! From bandaids with gentle adhesive to smart dietary choices, here are six ways you can bowl with acrylic nails without worrying so much!

Protect your nails with the help of finger cots

A finger cot is designed to slip over the top of your fingers while leaving enough room to breathe. These protective covers are smart bowling plays for those with acrylic nails, especially if you use a small rubber band to hold them in place at the opening.

Pre-cut protective tapes are a smart play for fashionable bowlers

Already sliced up into easy-to-use strips, pre-cut protective tapes are cut-resistant beauties that can be applied to your discretion to protect your long fingernails from damage.

Drink plenty of water and take your vitamins

The best protection for acrylic nails during any active pursuit is to make sure your actual fingernails are healthy. The better shape that you and your natural nails are in, the stronger the base is for your acrylic nails to adhere to. To put your health first, nails and otherwise, drink plenty of water each day and take vitamin supplements with key minerals like iron and vitamin C.

Eat the right things such as sweet potatoes and foods cooked in olive oil

Eat foods rich in biotin, a B-complex vitamin that boosts your metabolism when processing amino acids. Such foods include sweet potatoes, liver, egg yolks, salmon, foods cooked in rich olive oils, and nuts such as peanuts and almonds.

Fingertip bandages are great for bowling time with big nails

Butterfly bandages are shaped just right for wrapped over the tip of your finger, protecting your nail and skin at the same time. They are great aids when you want to bowl with acrylic nails, as long as you place them right.

Rubber gloves might do more harm than good while bowling

We don’t recommend using rubber gloves for bowling. Even the best rubber gloves lack the grip necessary to confidently throw a bowling ball. They may protect your nails in the short term but could lead to other injuries as you go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you play in a bowling league with acrylic nails?

It depends on your bowling skill level and your ability to get around them to bowl a good game. If it’s an extremely competitive bowling league, acrylic nails might be a liability for your scoring average and your team as a whole. If you’re going to bowl in a league with long fingernails, be sure to safeguard them and be sure that they won’t end up costing your strikes and spares when you need them most.

Can you cheer with acrylic nails?

Unless otherwise specified, most cheerleading troupes require you to keep your nails short. This is to protect you and your fellow cheerleaders from injury when doing team moves. If you’re helping with the base of a pyramid while wearing acrylic nails, you’re at risk of breaking your nails and potentially hurting someone else.

Can you have acrylic nails as a cook?

Acrylic nails are a no-no for those working in kitchens. They are often made with chemicals that could end up harming customers due to food contamination. And because they are often so long, they are magnets for germs that could cause illness for restaurant patrons. Be smart and either skip the nails or wear rubber gloves while cooking.

Final Thoughts

So, can you bowl with acrylic nails? It all depends! If you don’t want to be the one person in your league using a granny roll, you’re going to need ample accessory protection and smart diet choices to keep your acrylic nails in place after a long session.

It’s definitely not impossible, but there are a few extra steps you need to take to prioritize your nail health while bowling.