The sport of bowling has converted people of all ages into die-hard fans for centuries now. You might have friends who bowl every other night or dive deep into league play at your local bowling center. You might have family members that are keen on shopping for the latest bowling balls and bowling bag options when they hit the online marketplace.

Rather than using this as an opportunity to earn commissions and impress affiliates, we wanted to create a gift idea guide for the person in your life who’s as bowling crazy as we are. By putting all these ideas down in one place, we’re hoping to make the purchase part of the gift process that much easier on you.

So, get your surprise party plans in order and your gifts on lock. Here are the best gift ideas for strike artists and gutter ball dreamers in 2022.

What are the best gifts for bowlers and bowling enthusiasts?

Bowling balls make for thoughtful gift ideas for kids and adults alike.

The most essential gear in a bowler’s arsenal is usually their cadre of bowling balls. Bowling balls are more than just accessories or common equipment. The right bowling ball changes the game for a bowler, opening up a world of possibilities and intrigue at the lanes. Oftentimes, a good bowler finds a new level of play just by having a ball that works with their shot and not against it.

If you’re looking for the latest and greatest bowling balls, you can head over to your local pro shop and check the new balls that they’re advertising. Or you can read through our extensive lists of top bowling balls from around the world to find a smart buy from a friend or loved one.

Not sure what bowling ball to buy? Bowling shoes make for a great gift!

If you’ve got shoe sizes in hand and are in the search for great bowling gifts, why not look for some cool and cute new bowling shoes? Sometimes it’s hard to gauge exactly what bowling ball a bowling enthusiast might need or want. Undoubtedly, it’s easier to gauge a friend or loved one’s sense of style compared to the nuances of their bowling throwing style.

Whether you choose shoes that tie up or ones with velcro straps, gifting a unique and flashy pair of bowling shoes is always a cool idea. Heck, throw in a pair of rad socks that complement the kicks! They’ll love the combo.

There are some cool bowling bags out there that your loved ones will surely enjoy!

Serious bowlers need a serious bowling bag that’s able to carry all their bowling accessories safely and securely to and from the bowling alley. There are plenty of rugged and good-looking bowling bags out there from the most trusted brands in the bowling world. From roller bags with reinforced wheels to totes of all different colors and styles, bowling bags make for thoughtful gifts for everyone from parents to professors.

Bowling center gift certificates are fantastic gifts for any special occasion.

For those bowling enthusiasts with a keen interest in spending as much time at the bowling center as humanly possible, gift certificates are sure to put a smile on their faces.

Rather than taking a chance on a gifted bowling accessory that may or may not be their style, a bowling alley gift certificate is a welcome alternative. With per-game prices rising in recent years across the globe, throwing anywhere from $20-100 on a bowling alley gift card is the perfect way to give a friend or family member a stress-free night at the lanes.

Bowling lovers know the importance of a good bowling towel at the local bowling alley.

A ball’s journey to and through the pins can be a grimy one. Everything from food particles to oil and polish can muck up a ball and mute its efficacy. That’s why most top bowling companies sell bowling towels specifically made for cleaning up a ball during play.

The right microfiber towel is a dream for bowling lovers of all ages. It helps to sop up all the nastiness, allowing a player to find their groove with a clean and fully effective ball at their side.

A novelty bowling gift or bowling game will be a fun diversion for the bowler in your family.

From young children’s bowling toys to desktop bowling trinkets and games, there are thousands of bowling gift ideas out there that aren’t made for use at the bowling alley. Maybe you can buy a friend a tabletop bowling toy for use in the middle of a brutal meeting schedule.

Or, maybe you can buy your young niece a plastic bowling toy set that will have them talking about the game for years to come. There are so many cool little bowling novelties out there, from books to bouncy balls shaped like bowling balls. You’re bound to find something that bowling enthusiasts will enjoy.

If the gift recipient is a serious bowler, a bowling cleaning kit is a wonderful gift idea!

In the same vein as a good bowling towel, bowling ball cleaning kits are great gift ideas for bowlers who head to the lanes more than once a week. Complete with a towel, sprays, and other cleaning accessories, these kits help bowlers maintain their equipment for optimal and extended usage.

If you’re shopping for an add-on gift for a stocking or birthday present, consider a bowling ball or bowling shoe cleaning kit. It’s practical and useful, especially for high-volume bowlers on tight schedules.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are bowling gifts good for birthday presents?

Bowling gifts are great birthday gifts for the bowling lover in your family or friend group. From cool and unique bowling shoes to gift certificates for bowling centers, there are plenty of great birthday gifts out there for the bowling aficionado in your life. Pay attention to what they are talking about or carrying with them to the local bowling alley, and shop based on the information they’ve given you. The right bowling ball or bowling accessory is enough to make a bowler’s birthday something so special!

What do pro bowlers use?

Pro bowlers use the finest bowling balls, bowling towels, and bowling accessories they can get their hands on. And if they have ad deals with bowling manufacturers, they likely receive a lot of these items as part of their deals. If you have a friend who is an aspiring professional or wants to play like the pros, there are plenty of articles out there that detail what each pro likes to use and where to buy said items.

What should I get for someone who likes bowling?

As we said before, it just depends on the bowler and the information you have about their likes and dislikes, wants and needs. If you’re just buying a gift for a colleague who’s into bowling and you don’t know them that well, a cool novelty gift or pair of bowling socks could work. If it’s a close friend or family member that you’re shopping for, a new bowling ball or quality bowling bag could very well be a hit with them. Look for clues and ask questions that don’t give away your bowling gift ideas. You’ll find something they’ll love, no doubt.

Closing Thoughts

From top bowling ball offerings to shoes with cool designs, your bowling gift ideas are only limited to your imagination. With accessories and items in all different colors and styles, you just have to choose a gift based on the recipient. That can be tough, but we’ve given you plenty of ideas to get started with here!