The DV8 Pitbull bowling ball is one of the most aggressive high-performance bowling balls to hit the marketplace in quite some time! Our DV8 Pitbull review will look at this hook-heavy ball from every possible angle, leaving nothing uncovered as you mull over a potential investment.

Is the oil-loving DV8 Pitbull versatile enough to maintain its firepower once oil patterns start to deplete? Is the ball’s extraordinary strength a potential disadvantage as well? Dive into our extensive DV8 Pitbull bowling ball review for the answer to these questions and more!

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There are hook-heavy bowling balls and there are balls which completely maximize the possibilities of physics and push hook potential to its extreme. The DV8 Pitbull undoubtedly falls in the latter category. When oil patterns are at their heaviest, the DV8 Pitbull turns that oil into some of the heaviest and powerful hooks ever seen out of a high-performance bowling ball.

One of the key balancing points for the DV8 Pitbull, though, is that it provides excellent lane length and continuation for a ball this strong. High rev bowlers will dig this ball because it’ll add length and open up their angles at the back end. Lower rev bowlers will adore this ball because it will increase their overall hook potential exponentially.

The fresher the oil conditions, the better the DV8 Pitbull responds. This can prove a bit troublesome as the game wear on and the oil patterns on the lane start to the deplete. While the DV8 Pitbull won’t completely fall off the lane in such conditions, its overall violence and hook potential will decrease.

That’s not to say the DV8 Pitbull doesn’t work well with complex patterns and shifts from heavy to medium oil. As long as there is a solid amount of oil in the fronts to charge up the DV8 Pitbull, you’ll get a very powerful hook which releases sharply at the breakpoint before causing some violent back end reactions.

Features, Specs & Materials


The DV8 Pitbull’s Composite Bite Reactive Solid cover stock is the most aggressive cover stock in the entire DV8 company canon. The strength of its overall reactivity will be apparent on your first throw as the ball kicks into wild motion.

This aggressiveness is tempered for some powerful back-end crashes with the help of the Pitbull Low RG asymmetrical core. This core design stores energy easily and provides some crazy fireworks upon pin impact.

The DV8 Pitbull’s sharp early motion is partially attributed to the ball’s extremely rough 1000 SiaAir sanded finish. No matter how much oil is present at the front of the lane, the DV8 Pitbull will hook through it with ease.


Color: Black, Violet, Green
Core: Pitbull Low RG (Asymmetrical)
Coverstock: Composite Bite Reactive Solid
Finish: 500/1000 SiaAir
RG: 2.486
Differential: 0.055
Flare potential: Moderate to High
Recommended Lane Condition: Heavy


For such an aggressive cover stock, the DV8 Pitbull’s Composite Bite Reactive Solid cover is extremely durable. This ball can take a beating in the heaviest oil conditions and still react quickly shot after shot. While regular cleaning of this ball is recommended due to its porous nature, you’re going to get extended play life out of this ball even if you forget to clean it every once in awhile.

What’s really awesome about the light Pitbull Low RG core is that it is built for both higher-rev and lower-rev bowlers to get something out of it. It’s been perfectly calibrated to provide some off-kilter angles while storing up energy efficaciously for powerful pin carry at the back end. Advantages & Disadvantages


We’ve tested a ton of balls over the years, and very few of them offer anything close to the total hook potential of the DV8 Pitbull. Oil is gold for the DV8 Pitbull. The more oil on the lanes or the fresher the conditions are, the more firepower the DV8 Pitbull has at its disposal. 

This is a heavenly ball for lower-rev bowlers who are used to their angles and hooks being limited by the nature of their throws. The DV8 Pitbull has been built to open up hook possibilities for a wide variety of bowlers, turning extreme aggressiveness into sharp breakpoint action and fiery pin carry.

Expert bowlers looking to create roll and flare in the heaviest conditions are going to have a lot of fun with the DV8 Pitbull. The ball’s rough finish/cover stock combination is built to absorb oil easily while creating traction out of virtually nowhere. You can teach this ball all kinds of tricks as long as there’s oil to be had.

In short, this ball is all about shock and awe. A lot of high-performance bowling balls fall short despite company claims of maximum hook potential. Not only does the DV8 Pitbull not fall short, it offers even more hook possibilities than we’ve seen out of maxed-out balls before. It’s a beast, but so worth it to tame if you’re looking to take your hook over the top.


The less oil on the lanes, the less effective the DV8 Pitbull will be. There’s a sharp decrease in overall reactivity and firepower as the overall oil density of a lane decreases. 

This is a great ball to keep around for heavier oil conditions and fresh patterns, but you’ll want a backup strike ball once patterns start to deplete. 

A ball with maximum hook potential is a dual-edged sword. The DV8 Pitbull takes a steady hand and a bowler who’s able to read and react to its wildest impulses. If you’re just starting to get your hook in order, the DV8 Pitbull may throw you off course. You have to be ready for the strength it possesses.

Our Thoughts 

There are inherent disadvantages to such an aggressive bowling ball, but that’s not enough to keep us from recommending the DV8 Pitbull enthusiastically.

Simply put, there’s so many cool things you can do with your hook shot with the DV8 Pitbull in tow. It’s aggressiveness is nearly unmatched, and the pin carry you’ll be able to get out of it will be well worth the learning curve out of the box.

If you want a ball with absolute firepower that only gets stronger as the oil gets deeper, buy the DV8 Pitbull right away and don’t look back.

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Overall Score: 9 out of 10