Top 10 Most Expensive Bowling Balls [Reviewed 2019]

Will the most expensive bowling ball you can find also be the best bowling ball you can find? This article is here to answer that question. We’ve compiled a list of the ten most expensive bowling balls in the online marketplace right now, along with a compendium about the pros and cons of choosing one of the most pricey bowling balls out there.

Paying a premium for certain services is always a good idea if it means you’re getting equal quality back for your hard-earned dollar. Is this the same with the most expensive bowling ball you can buy? It all depends upon what being looked for out of it and who’s looking for it.

Is Getting An Expensive Bowling Ball Worth It?

The answer to this is yes, but it depends. The truth is that every bowling ball on our forthcoming top ten list of the most expensive bowling balls out there is expensive for a reason. It may be because of a unique and high-quality reactive resin cover stock that does wonders sopping up and reading heavy oil on the lanes. 

It may be because of an advanced core technology which displaces weight in such a way as to not sacrifice control for an added boost of power and hook sharpness.

It may be a combination of such factors which gives the right advanced bowler with the right hook a complete boost to their game that other less expensive bowling balls may not have the juice to provide.

If you’re a beginning bowler, an intermediate bowler, or a straight-line bowler through and through, the vast wealth of reactive, hook heavy monsters on this upcoming list may not exactly be what you’re looking for. Budget options may be a much more solid bet in these cases.

However, bowlers looking to graduate to advanced status or who already sit near the top of their leagues should keep this list bookmarked. For these bowlers, the most expensive bowling ball may very well be the best bowling ball.

Top 10 Most Expensive Bowling Balls 

10. Brunswick Quantum Bias Bowling Ball

Brunswick DV8 Bowling Quantum Bias Ball, 14
  • The all-white color of the Quantum Bias offers enhanced hook characteristics because of the unique traction additive found in our exclusive white pigment.
  • The Bias also has 3.5 times more cover stock for increased durability and hitting power.
  • This is the first asymmetric Quantum.

The only Brunswick Quantum bowling ball with an asymmetrical core, the Brunswick Quantum Bias hits hard with angular precision and pin carry that almost feels like cheating. It’s extremely powerful and reacts fantastically in heavy oil.


  • ECA-XR Solid Reactive cover stock reads heavy oil like a good book, reacts with efficacy and powerful angular hooks.
  • Quantum mushroom asymmetrical core adds an extra bit of oomph, back-end reaction thanks to its ability to store and displace early lane energy.
  • One of the most variable and effective hook potentials out of any bowling ball we’ve ever tested.


  • Gets hard to handle, loses punch on dry lanes.
  • Straight-line bowlers or bowlers with a more sweeping hook will have an extremely hard time trying to rein this ball in.

9. Ebonite Choice Bowling Ball

Ebonite Bowling Choice Ball, 15
  • Ebonite took the proven Centrex Symmetrical Mass Bias core and adjusted the shape to lower the differential and introduce the Mod-1 Core.
  • This core creates easy length through the front of the lane and allows for great continuation down lane.
  • The Choice combines this core with the GSV-1 cover stock which is a decendent of the coverstocks used in the successful Game Breaker series of bowling balls.

Speaking of powerful back-end reactions, the Ebonite Choice is made special for those who want a late-shot burst of pin carry and friction-stoked fire. It also combines one of the most durable reactive resin cover stocks on the market with a symmetrical core which gives you unparalleled control for a ball of its performance level.


  • GSV-1 cover stock absorbs heavy oil without a hitch, stores up energy for a fiery burst of pin impact and carry at the end of your shot.
  • The symmetrical mass bias core gives you fantastic lane length without forcing you to sacrifice your hook potential.
  • Much more durable and easy to maintain than the majority of reactive resin cover stocks out there.


  • Dry lanes chew this ball up and spit it out. They are like Kryptonite for this heavy oil monster.
  • This ball is way too aggressive and way too volatile for beginning bowlers or any bowler who is just starting to figure out their hook.

8. Storm Code x Bowling Ball

Storm Code x Bowling Ball, Black/Blue/Purple, 15 lb
  • Features the rad4 core
  • Has the R2S Solid Reactive coverstock
  • The ball is finished at 3000 Grit Abralon

It’s all about hitting power with the Storm Code x. This ball is built to set heavy oil lanes on fire, giving you a controlled and predictable hook potential that holds its own on any balanced oil patterns. It gets through the front and middle of the lane with ease, storing up energy for a powerful crash at the end of your shot.


  • R2S Solid Reactive cover stock reads the mid lane better than any cover stock we’ve seen, cuts through heavy oil and delivers a predictable and violent pin carry over and over.
  • Asymmetrical RAD4 core does fantastic on extended patterns and is a low-rev bowler’s dream.
  • One of the better reactive resin bowling balls when it comes to versatility, translating its reactivity to dry lane conditions.


  • While this ball is extremely versatile on consistent oil patterns of any density, it struggles conveying that on lanes with varied oil pattern transitions.
  • The cover stock’s lack of overall durability has been lamented by a few vexed buyers.

7. Storm Intense Fire Bowling Ball

Storm Bowling Intense Fire Ball, Ultramarine/Persimmon/Black, Size 15.0
  • The e stands for energy as the elongated ellipses near the pin increase the separation of mass as well as the potential energy of this dynamic Beast
  • Radial accelerating disk (rad) technology was unveiled in the original x-factor series as the first to feature dual Density disc technology
  • Radial accelerating disk (rad) technology is Now in its sixth generation with the rad-e and earns some of the highest marks on the professional bowler's Tour

The Storm Intense Fire lives up to its namesake, ratcheting up the intensity in the mid lane and on the back end for some of the most impressive pin crashes you’re ever going to witness. If you need an angular late friction reaction to cap your hook shot off, this is definitely the right ball for your arsenal.


  • Upgraded R3S reactive cover stock provides aggressive, no-nonsense reads on medium and heavy oil lanes. This leads to some fantastic back end fireworks.
  • Asymmetrical RAD-E core provides both fantastic lane length with an ability to store energy early for a late pin burst.
  • One of the strongest total hook potentials of any ball we’ve tested. It will get a lot of hook shots over the top.


  • This ball is all aggression and may be too hyper-reactive for bowlers who want a smoother arc to their hook shots.
  • This ball is not made for dry patterns. It loses a lot of its oomph and becomes extremely hard to control with any consistency.

6. Storm Code Red Bowling Ball

Storm Code Bowling Ball, Red, 15 lb
  • The Storm Code Red is the second of balls released in the Code series following up the popular Code black
  • The ball is finished at 1500 Grit Abralon and left with a dull finish to get the midlane roll that bowlers are looking for
  • The R2S Hybrid Reactive cover stock is on the Code Red and is paired up with the RAD4 Core

The Storm Code Red comes with one of the weirdest, but perhaps coolest extra features you’ll ever find in a high-performance bowling ball – it’s scented like cinnamon. So not only will your ball provide you with a powerful hook potential and back-end reaction, but it’ll also smell great doing it!


  • R2S Hybrid Reactive cover stock gets through the front of any oil pattern with no effort, pushes late for some extraordinary back-end crashes.
  • RAD4 asymmetrical core is an extended pattern beast and release energy late for some amazing pin trajectories.
  • Reads both medium and heavy oil lanes with efficacy, turns oil density into extra energy to expended upon pin impact. 


  • This ball deadens considerably on dry lanes. Back-end reactions get cut by a huge percentage if you play with it in these conditions.
  • This ball comes undrilled, so you’ll have to shell out the extra cash at a pro shop to get it custom drilled for your fingers.

5. Hammer Gauntlet Fury Bowling Ball

Hammer Gauntlet Fury Purple/Smoke/Orange, 15lbs
  • The gauntlet Fury has a strong Mid lane reaction with an angular backend ball motion
  • The ball is finished with 1000 Grit Abralon and then Polished to give the ball the extra down lane reaction
  • This ball should be used on medium to heavy oil lane conditions

Hammer is known for durable cover stocks with extraordinary hitting power, and the Hammer Gauntlet Fury might be their best realization of that reputation. The carbon fiber cover stock contributes to this ball’s inflated price point, but it could very well end up saving you lots of money in the long run thanks to its extraordinary durability.


  • Semtex CFI cover stock is both one of the most aggressively reactive cover stocks on the market and one of the most durable reactive cover stocks ever created.
  • Gauntlet asymmetrical core fires up late and delivers an insane back-end reaction and great pin carry.
  • Lauded by many as one of the best heavy oil bowling balls on the market today.


  • Its power is dulled down noticeably on drier lanes. It’s simply built to turn oil into gold for your shot. A lack of oil takes away that reactivity.
  • Can be a little tricky on the mid lane with transitional oil patterns.

4. MOTIV Jackal Ghost Bowling Ball

Motiv Jackal Ghost Bowling Ball, 16 lb
  • Coercion HFS Solid Cover stock
  • Predator V2 Inner Core
  • 3000 Grit LSS Factory Finish

The MOTIV Jackal Ghost haunts heavy oil lanes and delivers unparalleled continuation in such conditions. One of the best heavy oil hook monsters on the bowling ball market right now, the MOTIV Jackal has a unique reactivity and flare potential which turns violent hooks into effective hooks.


  • Coercion HFS solid reactive cover stock absorbs heavy oil easily, turning that oil absorption into some powerful friction and top angular hook potential.
  • Predator V2 core is a high-rev bowler’s best friend. This ball has the best flare potential of any ball on the market.
  • One of the best balls out there for reading and reacting with efficacy in the mid lane.


  • This ball needs heavy oil to really reach its peak effectiveness. It loses a lot of its fire and hitting power on medium and dry lanes.
  • It’s hyper-aggressive and not suitable for bowlers who aren’t use to the extra effort of fine-tuning a bowling ball’s reactivity to their advantage.

3. Brunswick Kingpin Bowling Ball

Brunswick KingPin Bowling Ball (15lbs)
  • Rule the lanes with the Brunswick Kingpin! The Brunswick Kingpin produces the most hook potential in Brunswick's history to date by combining their ECA (Enhanced Composite Adhesion) coverstock with the Kingpin asymmetrical core
  • This high performance ball reigns supreme on the heaviest of oil conditions
  • The Kingpin ball reactions is good length through the front, strong mid lane traction, and powerful backend motion

The Brunswick Kingpin bowling ball is one of the most versatile bowling balls on this entire list. It keeps its hitting power and hook potential on a variety of different oil patterns. It’s especially effective on heavy oil when it comes to maximizing pin carry and creating some unique pin trajectories on impact.


  • Relativity Traction reactive cover stock lives up to its name, gives you maximum traction and turns friction into power on any oil pattern.
  • Brunswick DynamiCore helps provide a violent, consistent hook on a variety of different oil patterns.
  • Quite simply, this ball is one of the most consistent and efficient hooking bowling balls you’re going to find.


  • While this ball is extremely versatile, it still loses a bit of oomph when it doesn’t have enough oil to absorb.
  • This ball can be extremely hard to tame for bowlers trying to figure out their hook shot.

2. Brunswick Magnitude 055 Bowling Ball

Brunswick Magnitude 055 Black/Orange/Red Solid, 15lbs
  • The Magnitude 055 features the new outer core technology called DynamiCore
  • The magnitude 055 combines the relativity traction solid Coverstock with the new magnitude high diff symmetrical core to create a truly big symmetrical ball motion
  • The New DynamiCore is blue in color and will be noticeable when drilling into the Magnitude 055 bowling ball

This is the top of the line for Brunswick bowling balls, and that’s saying something! This ball provides peak hitting power with an undeniable hook potential which provides some extremely angular impact angles. It simply hits hard and hits in creative ways, pushing the boundaries of what a high-performance bowling ball can do.


  • The Relativity Traction Solid cover stock has amazing friction potential and great durability, giving you aggressive reactivity while keeping your ball in prime condition.
  • Brunswick DynamiCore is a hook bowler’s absolute dream. If you want to control your hook, no matter how crazy it is, this will help you do it.
  • Perhaps the craziest pin carry we’ve seen out of any bowling ball we’ve tested.


  • This ball is fantastic in heavy oil. Conversely, it’s extremely temperamental and hard to keep reined in on dry lanes.
  • Can be troublesome transitioning from a heavier oil pattern into a drier oil pattern. Has a tendency to skid.

1. Ebonite Verdict Bowling Ball

Ebonite Verdict Bowling Ball, Dark Blue/Blue/Green, 15lb
  • The verdict has the Justice core
  • The ball reaction is aggressive Mid lane and backend motion
  • The ball is finished with 2000 Grit Abalone to provide traction in oil

Ebonite’s newest offering is perhaps the most aggressive, hook heavy bowling ball on our list. Novices need not apply. This bowling ball is a dream for bowlers who have been refining their hook for years and want that extra bit of bowling ball technology to take them to the next level. If you’re this close to turning your hook into professional-grade firepower, this ball can help you do it.


  • GSV-1 reactive cover stock is one of the most trusted bowling ball cover stocks on the market, combining trademark reactivity with some of the best mid-lane traction you’ll ever see.
  • Justice asymmetrical core stores power so effectively that you’ll witness some of the most insane, out-of-this-world back-end reactions you’ve seen from your shot.
  • This ball is all aggression. The more fire you put into it, the more it gives you back.


  • This ball can be tricky on dry lanes. It needs oil to really unleash its hook potential and reactive capabilities.
  • Way too aggressive for any bowler who isn’t approaching the peak of their abilities. Even some advanced bowlers struggle with it.

What Is The World’s Most Expensive Bowling Ball?

The aforementioned Ebonite Verdict shares the mantle of the most expensive non-modified bowling ball in the online marketplace with a new MOTIV offering which may in fact be more expensive than the Ebonite Verdict with all bells, whistles, and modifications attached – the MOTIV Trident Quest bowling ball.

One of the most aggressive and angular bowling balls we’ve ever tested on Amazon, the MOTIV Trident Quest is the result of years of research by the MOTIV team to create a durable reactive resin cover stock which also delivers with some of the sharpest and most off-the-wall reads and responses to oil patterns you’ll ever see.

Add in an energy-storing beast in the Turbulent weight block, and you have a medium to heavy oil bowling ball monster with insane hook potential and a powerful mean streak – all for a premium price.

Closing Thoughts 

Our search for the world’s most expensive bowling ball took us through some of the finest-tuned bowling beasts that money can buy. They all bring some fantastic things to the table, especially for expert bowlers looking to push their hook shots to the next level.

Not everyone should plop down a premium price for a bowling ball, but serious bowlers with a need for added violence and pin carry should definitely consider it. Sometimes it pays to pay.

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