Are you a serious bowler or looking to get more immersed in the game you love? If the answer is yes to either of those, one bowling ball is far from enough. With the wide variety of different lane conditions at different bowling alleys and the increased specialization of reactive bowling balls for varied oil densities and patterns, a prepared bowler needs to have an array of strike and spare balls at their disposal.

With this in mind, a double bowling bag is far from adequate. In fact, a 4-ball bowling bag still won’t get the job done for marathon bowling sessions where oil patterns break down and nuanced approaches are rewarded. A bowler looking to ascend to the top of their league or tournament standings would be best served by a 6-ball bowling bag – the ultimate in carry capacity and preparedness for top bowlers around the world.

Unsure of which 6 ball bowling bag to buy? We’re here to help with our primer and definitive list of The 3 Best 6 Ball Bowling Bags For 2021.

The 3 Best 6 Ball Bowling Bags

1) KR Strikeforce Royal Flush 6-Ball Roller Bowling Bag

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Featuring extremely durable materials and 5-inch urethane wheels with steel bearings that keep everything quiet as can be, the KR Strikeforce Royal Flush 6-Ball Roller Bowling Bag provides the perfect blend of luxury and efficacy for the serious bowler. It also comes with an unmatched warranty and plenty of compartments for any accessory you could ever think of needing on a given night. 


  • Comes with a 7-year warranty which is tops among the 6 ball bowling bags we’ve tested.
  • 1680D fabric has ballistic properties to ensure that your bowling balls and accessories are completely protected from undue external pressure or an unfortunate accident.
  • The bag has a front-loaded design and a strong zipper system which doesn’t snag or give you fits when the bag is at full capacity.


  • The bag requires a fair amount of initial setup which can be a bit vexing even with instructions.
  • Intricate design can be completely compromised when one latch or zipper is broken. Pay special attention to all the components after purchase to ensure nothing comes to you faulty. 

2) Hammer Premium 6 Ball Stackable Roller Bowling Bag

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One of the most versatile 6 ball bowling bags ever released, the Hammer Premium 6 Ball Stackable Roller Bowling Bag has a removable top bag when carries two balls and accessories when you don’t need the entire shebang for a quick bowling excursion. While it’s still a pretty hefty investment from a cost perspective, it’s actually one of the cheaper 6 ball bowling bags you’re going to find. That’s amazing considering the value it provides!


  • 5-inch urethane wheels come with handy steel bearings which reduce noise regardless of the terrain.
  • This bag comes equipped with some fantastic luxury features such as extra large accessory pockets and one of the stronger locking handles we’ve ever tested.
  • Heavy-duty 600/1680D material weathers everything from unforeseen drink spillage to being thrown around in the back of a truck or closet. 


  • Initial setup can be tricky and is easy to mess up without paying very close attention to the instructions.
  • Can be pretty unwieldy when attempting to pick the bag up off its wheels and carry it down a staircase or another terrain quirk where rolling isn’t possible. 

3) Storm 6 Ball Rolling Thunder Bowling Bag

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One of the most trusted brands in bowling ball manufacturing has earned its stripes as one of the best 6 ball bowling bag manufacturers in the business with this true beauty. The Storm 6 Ball Rolling Thunder Bowling Bag is equal parts strong and versatile, combining an extremely sturdy frame and overall composition with one of the easiest front loading bases we’ve seen from any rolling bowling bag.


  • Telescopic handle has an easy grip release which makes it a snap to both extend and retract at a moment’s notice.
  • Balances ample storage space for six balls plus accessories with a simple front loading design which keeps access a top priority.
  • The entire bag is so carefully and meticulously constructed that the 5-year warranty is almost an afterthought. The materials are strong and the overall constitution of the bag is unparalleled.


  • Taller bowlers may not be a fan of the length of the handle. It doesn’t extend enough to be a comfortable roll for those considerably taller than average height.
  • At the higher end of the pricing scale for quality 6 ball bowling bags. It’s worth the investment, but it’s still going to set you back a healthy amount. 


What should I look for in a 6 ball bowling bag?

The difference between an adequate 6 ball bowling bag and a great 6 bowling bag is durability and ease of use. The stronger the material of the bowling bag, the better it’s going to hold up through repeated uses and when regularly filled to capacity with bowling balls and other accessories. 

Don’t buy a budget 6 ball bowling bag to save a few dollars and risk the bag collapsing. Your 6 ball bowling bag is not only a convenient way to bring your bowling ball arsenal to the alley, it’s also tasked with potentially protecting thousands of dollars worth of balls and accessories. 

From an ease of use perspective, it’s essential that your 6 ball bowling bag have high-quality wheels which can navigate through both outside and indoors terrain. If the wheels of your bag are faulty and break, your bag will become useless as it’s completely unfeasible to lug all of that equipment around without the aid of a rolling component.

Look for a 6 ball bowling bag with wheels that are made of urethane or a relatively equivalent material in durability. Also, try to find a bag where the wheels are big enough to navigate it at full capacity around tight corners, down steps, etc. 

Finally, make sure that your 6 ball bowling bag has ample space for both a half dozen bowling balls and the other accessories essential to your bowling night. A top 6 ball bowling bag should easily fit your ball arsenal, your shoes, a towel, ball cleaner, and other things you deem crucial to getting a leg up at the alley. 

Are their weight limitations to a 6 ball bowling bag?

The only 6 ball bowling bags a top bowler should be concerned with have wheels and are built to carry the burden of 6 max-weight bowling balls plus accessories. 

If the wheels are strong enough and the bag is made of an adequately tough material, the overall weight of your load will be less of a concern than the physical space all of your balls and accessories take up. 

It does behoove you not to try and overfill your bag to the point where the zippers are strained. While it’s unlikely the wheels of a top-quality 6 ball bowling bag will break in such an instance, you could do damage to your zipper construction and the overall efficacy of your bag going forward.

What’s the best material for a 6 ball bowling bag? 

While your 6 ball bowling bag will likely have multiple components made of different materials, a high-quality 6 bowling bag will likely be made of some type of composite polyvinyl. Polyvinyl is used in the best 6 ball bowling bags because of its combination of malleability and durability.

Pay close attention to the thread count, or denier count of your bag. The higher the thread count, the thicker the material will be and the longer usage life your 6 ball bowling bag will likely have. 

A strong polyvinyl bag will weather all kinds of environmental factors such as improper storage or inquisitive animals who attempt to bite and claw at it. For such a critical investment for your bowling endeavors, that’s a huge thing. 

Closing Thoughts

While a casual bowler may scoff at the concept of a 6 ball bowling bag, true bowling aficionados know the value of having multiple ball options for a wide swath of unique shot scenarios. If you’re looking to take your game to the next level or maintain your perch as one of the best bowlers in your circle or league, consider investing in one of the three 6 ball bowling bags on our list above.

What you lose from an initial cost perspective, you’ll gain in maximum portability in everything that’s essential to your quest towards becoming the best of the best in your bowling world.