The Motiv Trident Abyss bowling ball is one of the most intriguing high-performance hook monsters to hit the marketplace in years. Our Motiv Trident Abyss review will look at this aggressive new bowling ball from every angle, giving you a complete panoramic view of Motiv’s long-awaited offering so you can make a much more informed purchase decision.

Is the porous cover stock on the Motiv Trident Abyss durable enough to keep this ball in play game after game? How versatile is the Motiv Trident Abyss when it comes to matching up with different bowler strengths and weaknesses? Dive into our extensive Motiv Trident Abyss bowling ball review for the answer to these questions and much more!

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The folks over at Motiv swung for the fences with the Motiv Trident Abyss, doing everything in their power to formulate a hook-heavy masterpiece which dominates the heaviest of oil patterns. The ball’s brand-new solid reactive cover stock is as porous and oil-friendly as they come. The rough sanded finish on the ball is there to ensure maximum traction in the slickest conditions.

In short, Motiv didn’t just succeed in creating a ball with top-tier hook potential. They went so far as to create a ball with more total hook and down-lane reactivity than anything else the company has ever released. This ball doesn’t just swim in oil. It gobbles oil up and becomes a fireball through the deepest of patterns, storing up maximum energy for huge crashes on the back end.

Everything about the Motiv Trident Abyss screams strength. The asymmetrical core sports a low RG which gives it an extremely low, off-kilter center of gravity. This allows the ball to get underneath the pins in such a way as to create pin trajectories that are downright extraordinary. Speed-dominant bowlers will love the extra leverage and oomph this ball creates on the back end.

Lower-rev bowlers will also adore the Motiv Trident Abyss for the amount of extra hook possibilities it provides. This ball is so active down the lane on its own accord that it doesn’t take much behind it to create an absolute fireworks display upon pin impact. A lot of bowling balls claim to have a wow factor to them, but the Motiv Trident Abyss is one of the few which actually will cause jaws to drop around the lane.

Features, Specs & Materials


The Motiv Trident Abyss introduces the insanely aggressive Coercion HV3 Reactive cover stock to the world. This reactive solid wonder is built to drink oil greedily and turn it into extraordinary angularity and increased pin carry upon impact.

The aggression of the Motiv Trident Abyss is only magnified by its Turbulent asymmetrical core – a core which definitely lives up to its name. It’s the same hook-centric core from the past two Trident offerings. It’s a proven commodity which provides massive hitting power and added hook creativity.

Heavy oil is no match for the abrasive 2000 Grit LSS box finish on the Motiv Trident Abyss. This box finish cuts through the freshest of fronts will zero difficulty. It’s the perfect box finish for one of the heaviest hooking balls we’ve ever thrown.


Color: Two-Tone Grey
Core: Turbulent (Asymmetrical)
Coverstock: Coercion HV3 Reactive (Reactive Solid)
Finish: 2000 Grit LSS
RG: 2.49
Differential: 0.054
Flare potential: Maximum
Recommended Lane Condition: Heavy


The biggest drawback to the porous nature of the new Coercion HV3 Reactive cover stock is that there are definitely questions about its long-term durability. Deeper and more prevalent pores in a cover stock means an increased need to clean the ball thoroughly after each use. The cover stock may weaken quickly without a concerted effort to drain it of oil as much as possible.

The constitution of the Turbulent asymmetrical weight block is calibrated finitely in order to maximize hitting power. It can come off a bit unwieldy, but it’s an absolute wrecking ball when slotted into the pocket.

Advantages & Disadvantages


The down-lane motion and hook potential of the Motiv Trident Abyss on the heaviest oil patterns around is worth the price of admission alone. This ball hooks hard and distinctly in the middle of the lane without bleeding energy, saving up all of that goodness from absorbing oil to unleash absolute havoc upon pin impact.

The Motiv Trident Abyss isn’t just the strongest bowling ball in the Motiv company oeuvre. It may actually be the strongest high-performance bowling ball available for sale from any company. The hook potential of this ball is otherworldly. No matter who throws it and how hard, this ball will open up angles in a way that’s completely baffling on first sight.

The beautiful thing about the Motiv Trident Abyss is that it’s absolute peak aggressiveness doesn’t force you to sacrifice control. While the ball definitely does not hesitate with its distinct motions and angular turns down the lane, there’s a definite sense that you’re in the driver’s seat and can tweak things to better suit your own personal style.

The Motiv Trident Abyss excels at dominating the most complex of oil patterns. It’s also built to ensure maximum results when oil conditions are at their freshest. If you need a ball which will start out your league night with an absolute bang, look no further than the Motiv Trident Abyss. The deeper the oil, the crazier the reactivity you’re going to get.


If the Motiv Trident Abyss isn’t fed a steady diet of oil on the lanes, it’s not worth playing with. In fact, taking this ball out on dry lanes or medium-dry lanes could burn the cover stock to a crisp. While the core’s low RG may save you from complete disaster in such conditions, there’s no use tempting fate when you’re not going to get much out of it.

This ball is way too strong for beginning and intermediate bowlers. It may, in fact, be way too strong for expert bowlers who simply want more nuance out of their strike ball. While the Motiv Trident Abyss isn’t a simple ball, it has a simple prime objective of offering maximum strength and reactivity on every shot. Such a ball isn’t for everyone.

Our Thoughts

The Motiv Trident Abyss is a weapons-grade bowling ball which completely changes the game. There is simply no other ball like it out there. It offers maximum hook and hitting power without sacrificing an element of consistency.

Its lack of overall versatility is the only thing that cuts into its score, but you’ll forgive it when you see what this ball does in the deepest of oil.

Overall Score: 9.25 out of 10

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