The Roto Grip No Rules arrives in hopes of cornering the marketplace for hook-heavy, aggressive high-performance bowling balls. Our Roto Grip No Rules review will look at this fiery new ball from every angle possible, giving you a panoramic view of Roto Grip’s latest offering before you make a potential purchase decision.

Does the Roto Grip No Rules overdo it when it comes to aggressiveness, or is just right for bowlers looking for added strength and hook potential? How does the Roto Grip No Rules stack up with other maximum-hook bowling balls currently for sale? Delve into our extensive Roto Grip No Rules bowling ball review for the answers to these questions and much more!

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The folks over at Roto Grip started from scratch with the Roto Grip No Rules, developing a brand new asymmetrical core design and cover stock technology in hopes of dialing up the aggressiveness of this new ball to eleven. They did just that as the Roto Grip No Rules hooks heavy and hits extremely hard with equal parts violence and consistency.

This ball is teeming with off-kilter explosiveness and portends a crazy five inches or more of flare potential in deep oil. If you’re looking to get creative with your angles and your approaches, you’re going to have a lot of fun putting the Roto Grip No Rules to use. It’s a high-motion masterpiece that turns the heaviest of oil into crazy juts and dynamite back-end reactions.

The Roto Grip No Rules gobbles up oil like it’s candy. The amount of traction you can get in the freshest of oil patterns with the Roto Grip No Rules will open a wide range of possibilities for bowlers of all different styles and throwing speeds. This ball never gets submerged and offers impressive lane length no matter how slick things get or how fresh the oil conditions are.

Roto Grip worked long and hard on the No Rules, taking the most crowd-friendly aspects of previous core and cover stock designs and augmenting them to create the most explosive ball they’ve ever released. The “No Rules” moniker suits this ball perfectly. There’s really very little you can’t do with this ball, especially on deeper and more complex oil patterns.

Features, Specs & Materials


The Roto Grip No Rules introduces the Micro DNA Reactive Solid cover stock to the world – a fantastic new advancement in tactile technology which ups the ante in terms of energy-storing capability and creates maximum friction in the slickest of oil conditions.

Coupled with one of the most aggressive cover stocks in the current batch of high-performance bowling balls, the brand-new Chaotic asymmetrical core adds eye-popping flare potential and forgives off hits with top-level hitting power.

The rough 2000 Grit Pad box finish helps this ball rip through the oiliest of fronts without expending much energy at all. It only adds to the friction potential of the Roto Grip No Rules when oil density is at its peak.


Color: Neon Green, Neon Orange, Black
Core: Chaotic (Asymmetrical)
Coverstock: Micro DNA Reactive Solid
Finish: 2000 Grit Pad
RG: 2.51
Differential: 0.053
Flare potential: Substantial
Recommended Lane Condition: Heavy


If the Roto Grip No Rules had even a slightly higher RG than its moderate 2.51”, the touchy new Micro DNA Reactive Solid cover stock would likely be in danger of burning up when oil patterns deplete. As it is, you still need to be very diligent about cleaning this cover stock and deep cleaning it every 50 to 75 games or so.

The Roto Grip No Rules’ perfectly-calibrated RG is thanks to the amount of time spent in refining the ball’s new Chaotic asymmetrical weight block. It’s the brains and the heart of the ball’s operation, opening up the ball’s angularity potential and ramping up its hitting power something fierce.

Advantages & Disadvantages


It’s hard to find an asymmetrical high-performance bowling ball which does this much damage, portends this much hook, and is this versatile. The Roto Grip No Rules will give a variety of different bowlers a wide array of new hook possibilities that simply may not be possible with the vast majority of high-performance bowling balls out there today.

The trouble with most asymmetrical high-performance bowling balls is that they tend to lose steam at the back end and simply quit before pin impact. That’s not the case with the Roto Grip No Rules. It offers an impressive mid-lane read capability which is simply unheard of with most bowling balls of its ilk.

Furthermore, this ball stores up energy efficaciously and releases it in one of the most impressive back-end reactions we’ve ever seen out of an asymmetrical core bowling ball. It’s not exactly the sharpest back-end reaction, but it’s an extremely hard-hitting one which leads to massive increases in pin carry when you slot it perfectly into the pin pocket.

What pushes the Roto Grip No Rules over the top is its versatility on a wide variety of oil pattern lengths and densities. It’s not a ball for dry lanes, but it will surprise you with how it reacts to the dry spots in complex oil patterns. This ball is made for heavy oil and does its most damage there, but it can still impress when said patterns start to deplete a bit.


The Roto Grip No Rules is not made for dry or medium-dry oil conditions. While it reacts well to dry spots in longer oil patterns, it needs a wealth of oil at some point for it to really have any firepower at all. Without oil, this ball simply won’t stay on the lane and could easily burn up if played for too long in dry conditions.

Those looking for sharpness on the back end are going to be a bit disappointed with how smooth and continuous the Roto Grip No Rules can be through the pins. The back-end reaction is definitely impressive from a hit strength perspective, but some bowlers will find their entry angles limited by this ball’s overall constitution.

Our Thoughts

The Roto Grip No Rules is one of the most impressive and explosive asymmetrical high-performance bowling balls to ever be released. Minor quibbles aside, this ball is simply a hook-heavy fireworks show waiting to happen.

If you need a ball which hooks strong and hits harder with absolute consistency, you’re not going to do any better than the Roto Grip No Rules.

Overall Score: 9.5 out of 10

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