For bowling newbies, a ball’s coverstock is a foreign concept. For most casual bowlers, they just grip the finger holes of the nearest house ball and see what happens. The difference between a high gloss polish and crown factory polish is lost on them, as are the subtleties that separate a pearl reactive and a solid reactive coverstock.

The best part about bowling is that players of all skill levels can enjoy the game. However, serious bowlers know that serious, professional bowling balls from the best brands in the business are the only way to go when you want to take your game to the next level.

Do you need a new reactive resin bowling ball with an aggressive cover stock? Do you prefer a urethane ball that you can bowl without sharp breakpoint angles after you throw?

For the expert bowler, asking questions about the bowling balls you use is critical to finding the right ball for you. And when you shop for balls, you should always take information like cover stocks and other materials used to make the ball into account.

You should also take into account the very best ball being sold right now, judged by a group of your peers and bowling colleagues. That’s why we’ve created this list of the 6 Best High-Performance Bowling Balls Available In 2022.

Let’s get going with entry #6!

The 6 Best Professional-Grade Bowling Balls For Sale In 2022

6) Motiv Venom Shock Bowling Ball

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The solid purple aesthetic of the Motiv Venom Shock Bowling Ball is a real crowd-pleaser. But, it’s the ball’s aggression in dry to medium oil conditions that sets it apart from other balls that didn’t make our list. We adore how smooth the backend motion of this ball is, and how angular you can get without losing control and sight of the pin pocket. If you want explosiveness to and through the pins with an attractive coverstock to boot, this ball is for you.


  • This ball’s smooth backend movement is a real treat. It doesn’t waver.
  • It’s an aggressive ball that doesn’t overdo it. It’s reliable without being overly predictable.
  • This ball is a real looker. It looks great both coming out of your bowling bag or sitting on the ball return.


  • This ball can get a bit lost in complex and deep oil conditions.
  • If you’re looking for sharp, relatively unpredictable angularity on the back end, look elsewhere.

5) Storm IQ Tour Emerald Bowling Ball

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If you need a benchmark solid reactive bowling for heavy oil conditions, look no further than the Storm IQ Tour Emerald Bowling Ball. It offers unparalleled predictability and lane length when a lane gets slick and complex. This ball offers a lower differential, great mid-lane rolling, and controllable movement off the breakpoint that’s equal parts explosive and measured. There’s a reason why “IQ” is in the name. This ball is as smart as they come.


  • This bowling ball offers fantastic mid-lane continuation, especially on a house shot.
  • You can tweak this ball’s breakpoint reaction in finite amounts to maximize your pin carry.
  • We love how hard this bowling ball hits without being a hard ball to control.


  • It’s going to be too predictable for those who want out-of-pocket aggressiveness.
  • Drier lanes tend to vex this ball, so be careful with depleted lane conditions.

4) Motiv Jackal Ghost Bowling Ball

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Motiv promised to resurrect the crowd-favorite Jackal line with this ball, and they did just that. The Motiv Jackal Ghost Bowling Ball is a low-RG, high-differential monster that promises oodles of track flare and easy revolutions. Simply put, this is the most aggressive Jackal ball that Motiv has ever released. It’s also a mid-lane monster that doesn’t lose much through the fronts, ripping the pins to shreds with crazy back-end booms.


  • It’s the scariest ball in the Jackal catalog and it hits like a wrecking ball when slotted into the pocket.
  • So much flare and so many revolutions. You can get so creative with this ball and come towards the pocket from a wild array of angles.
  • If you’re looking for a hook monster that doesn’t quit down the lane, this ball is the best nightmare you can have.


  • This ball isn’t for the weak at heart. It’s so aggressive and hard to control at times.
  • Dry lanes will oftentimes turn this ball into a skittering mess.

3) Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball

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When it comes to lane length at an affordable price, no ball beats the Brunswick Rhino. While some bowlers consider this an entry-level or mid-performance bowling ball, we beg to differ. This is the ultimate breakpoint control specialist for those looking to refine their edges and angles heading towards the pins. We’ve never seen this ball hook early or overcompensate. It’s a budget masterpiece that does what you need it to do when you need it most.


  • For the money, you won’t another reactive ball that’s this consistent and this hard-hitting.
  • We love this ball’s length and smooth backend reaction.
  • It’s a great starter ball for those looking to learn a hook shot.


  • It’s underwhelming in terms of angularity and pure aggression.
  • This ball is predictable to a fault. It’s hard to completely open up your angles with it.

2) Storm Phaze 4 Bowling Ball

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Originally an international release for several months, the Storm Phaze 4 Bowling Ball garnered a huge buzz Stateside before its recent U.S. unveiling. It’s easy to see why. This is one of our favorite reactive resin balls in the Storm oeuvre, offering insane medium-oil dominance with the hard-hitting boost of a reinforced pearl coverstock. It’s aggressive without being overreactive. It’s powerful without being hard to tame. It’s a masterclass in bowling ball manufacturing that takes the best of the Phaze series and goes much farther.


  • Medium oil doesn’t stand a chance. The more balanced the oil conditions, the more you’ll get from this ball.
  • This ball hits like a ton of bricks from a variety of different angles.
  • It’s such a balanced ball, yet it doesn’t sacrifice pin violence and carry for all-around efficacy.


  • It’s a little rough around the edges when the oil gets too thin or deep.
  • The pearl coverstock is great but lacks the high-end aggressiveness of other offerings.

1) Hammer Black Widow 2.0 Bowling Ball

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The Hammer Black Widow series is one of the most beloved in the history of bowling. And the new Hammer Black Widow 2.0 Bowling Ball does a bang-up job of blending the best of the past with the power of modern technology. It still includes the original asymmetrical Gas Mask core that revolutionized the game. But, it now sports a breakthrough Aggression Solid coverstock that eats up medium and heavy oil conditions and turns slick stuff into pure strikes. This is a winner, through and through.


  • What an update! The Black Widow series never disappoints, and this ball has set the bar even higher.
  • The Gas Mask core is the ultimate granddaddy of asymmetrical core offerings for a reason.
  • The new solid reactive resin cover stock on this ball turns oil into massive pin explosions.


  • The huge, sweeping motion of this ball is intimidating for some.
  • It’s a rough go in dry lane conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What pound ball do professional bowlers use?

While most professional bowlers use the maximum weight allowed of 16 pounds for a bowling ball, others use lighter balls such as 14- or 15-pounders. It’s all about finding the right bowling ball for their particular throwing style and how the ball performs under pressure. If the primary materials such as its asymmetrical core and solid reactive coverstock are in place, pro bowlers might downsize a pound or two for added speed. They may also use a lighter ball as a spare ball or in heavy oil conditions. It just depends.

Should I have my own bowling ball?

House balls are beginner balls. If you’re at the bowling alley regularly or looking to enter league play, it’ll pay to have your own bowling ball drilled to your fingers. The right ball for you, whether it has low hook potential or moderate hook potential, is not one that’s been used and abused by hundreds of casual bowlers. Especially if you’re looking for a reactive resin ball that promises strong oil absorption in complex conditions, you’re going to need to purchase your own ball for maximum results.

Are high-performance bowling balls the best option when I choose a bowling ball?

If you’re looking for your first ball to learn with, you should steer away from aggressive balls made by high-end bowling ball manufacturers like Roto Grip and Hammer. These balls are generally designed for intermediate and expert bowlers looking for a leg up during competition. Opt for a symmetrical core bowling ball with a plastic coverstock (polyester coverstock) for playing and learning with. Then, choose professional-grade bowling balls when you need the added surface texture and oil absorption for complex lane conditions.

Should I have my own bowling shoes when in a bowling league?

Most bowlers choose to rent shoes from their local bowling alley. That’s because most bowlers are casual bowlers headed to the lanes for an event such as a work outing or birthday party. If you’re serious enough to join a bowling league, good shoes will play an important role in your success. The right shoes will help you displace your body weight better during a shot. They’ll also protect your joints from needless aches and pains as you go from game to game during a strenuous bowling session.

Closing Thoughts

From bowling balls that work well in depleted, dry lane conditions to balls that offer more friction and angularity headed towards the pins, there’s something for all top bowlers on our list above. And with custom drilling options aplenty, you’re bound to find deals that improve your game at prices you can afford.