From summer fashion to a weekend fit for your next hot date, there is so much you can do when putting together bowling outfits for a night at the lanes. Most people think that you have to dress for comfort and comfort alone when headed to the bowling alley. That’s not true.

You can be safe, stunning, and wear clothes that are flattering while you bowl! Yes, bowling is a sport that requires a fair amount of physical exertion. Yet, you can still wear bowling outfits that look like a million bucks and fit even better. From teasing your hair just right to adding a bit of sparkle and flash to your regular wardrobe choices, there are so many cool things you can do with a bowling outfit.

Get your game on in style. We’ve got some straight fire bowling outfits to wear that will surely impress friends and romantic interests alike.

8 Cute Bowling Outfit Ideas For Your Next Bowling Date

1) Go classic with a distressed band t-shirt and skinny jeans.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to be fashionable at the lanes. Grab your favorite band tee or logo t-shirt, add some cute form-fitting jeans, and maybe a pair of Vans or Converse to seal the deal. Just be careful — skinny jeans are often hard to move in and can be tough to wear for multiple games.

You can always bring another pair of pants for the actual bowling, and wear your skinny jeans while eating or hanging out before and after.

Whatever you do, add some cute earrings and a necklace that hangs just right. It’ll work, trust us.

2) Black leggings and a super cute skirt are always in style.

Leggings are always in, especially when topped by a mini-skirt or mid-thigh stunner. You can add some Doc Martens and a headband, or just top it with a satin jacket that frames the rest of your bowling outfit perfectly.

Black leggings are always the safe way to go. But, you can add colors in and add some cute dimensions to your outfit with splashes of pink, blue, or purple.

3) Find a comfortable pair of cute bowling shoes that tie your outfit together.

Don’t rely on the bowling alley for shoes, especially if you wanna show off on the approach. Rented bowling shoes are ugly as a general rule and won’t do your bowling outfit any favors.

If you’re going to be bowling a fair amount or just want to have a cute pair of kicks any time you do, you should invest in a pair of women’s bowling shoes that catch your eye. Dressing up or dressing down, a striking pair of bowling shoes make a bowling date outfit better, full stop.

4) Dress to impress with vinyl pants and a cute blouse.

You don’t have to mute your fashion sense just because you’re headed to the bowling alley. You can lean into your style even further, actually, with a blouse and form-fitting vinyl pants. Once again, be careful about the bowling part of the night in tighter pants. As long as you feel like you can move freely and aren’t in danger of ripping something (or getting injured), go for it!

5) Dialing down the cute for something hot? You can take bowling style to a new level with a crop top.

Bowling dates aren’t ice cream socials. You’re still doing your thing, so don’t pull back if you don’t want to. Show a little skin with a crop top and find some cute pants or jeans that frame it just right. Get your earring game going strong and do your hair just right. You can be hot and convert spares. It’s not mutually exclusive.

6) Bring some urban chic to the bowling alley with stripes and a leather jacket.

One of our favorite outfit ideas for the alley is the vintage combo of stripes, a leather jacket, and either black leggings or a pair of nice jeans. You can even substitute a distressed denim jacket for the leather one, embracing your inner James Dean at the bowling center.

Regardless of whether you’re going for urban chic or a little more country, stripes and denim/leather are a first-class fashion union.

7) Get bookish at local bowling alleys with a comfy sweater and some trendy sneakers.

It’s cute to be smart and to wear it proudly. Grab some oversized glasses, a comfy thrift-store sweater, some ripped jeans, and cute sneakers to tie it all together. Think “library date,” but perhaps with a few more adult beverages and rolling heavy things at lighter things. Bookish can be drop-dead gorgeous. It’s just true.

8) The best outfits to wear in your wardrobe might be cute bowling outfits worth trying.

As long as it’s safe to bowl in or easy to change out of while bowling, any of your favorite outfits can double as a cute bowling center ensemble. If you have a few date outfits that you’ve got in regular rotation, feel free to bring one out and tinker with it for a bowling date or night out. Just be happy in your skin and wear clothes that help that happen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I bring socks to the bowling alley if I’m not wearing them with my bowling outfit?

Yes! You have to wear socks when bowling, especially if you’re renting shoes from the alley itself. And wearing the same socks that you’re likely to go out in later might not be the comfiest of propositions, especially if you play a few games. Also plan to bring at least an extra pair of socks to the lanes, if not some sneakers or cute shoes for later.

How casual is too casual for a bowling date?

It just depends on the date. A bowling date is casual by design. But, it doesn’t mean you have to be conservative with your bowling outfit choices. From breaking out the skinny jeans for before and after you head to the alley, to finding cute bowling shoes that match with your entire ensemble, you can turn casual into refined or plain hot with a few tweaks and turns.

Are fun patterns and glam fashions too much for bowling alleys?

Not necessarily, especially if you’re going cosmic bowling. Dressing up a bit and adding some glam touches and wild patterns will look cool under the strobe lights! Once again, you should only judge your bowling outfit by your comfortability in said outfit. No matter what’s worn, you can make it work.

Should I dress up for a night out with friends at the bowling alley?

You can dress up, dress down, or dress somewhere in between for a girls’ night out or a fun friend outing at the bowling alley. You can keep it casual with a t-shirt and comfy jeans. Or you can do up your makeup, hair, and entire outfit to make the night count on your terms. Bowling outfit ideas are just that, ideas. It’s up to your imagination and sense of style every time you go out, bowling alley or not.

Closing Thoughts

No matter what the occasion is or how cold it is outside, you can turn out plenty of cute bowling outfits that’ll turn heads and make you feel great while you play. Don’t sacrifice your personality and style just because you think you have to. Show out at the bowling alley from neck to waist to legs, and let your sense of fashion take center stage at the foul line.