As the fourth polished cover stock bowling ball in Storm’s Premier series, the Storm Intense has a lot of expectations to live up to. The previous Storm Code Red, Code Black and Snap Lock have all become crowd favorites with discerning bowlers. Our Storm Intense review will give you a panoramic look at Storm’s newest high-performance offering, giving you the full lowdown on how it measures up.

Does the Storm Intense’s new core shape help or hinder it in comparison to previous Storm Premier offerings? Is the Storm Intense versatile enough for play in a wide variety of conditions? Our extensive Storm Intense bowling ball review will answer both these questions and much more!


The Storm Intense’s most important new feature is its brand-new RAD-E asymmetrical core. Combined with the same R3S Pearl Reactive cover stock found on the Storm Snap Lock, the RAD-E core offers much more overall hook potential than any of the other balls in the Storm Premier series. 

In doing so, it also offers much more smoothness than the more angular polished bowling balls in the Storm lineup. You can cover more boards than with any other Storm polished ball while also getting an extended bit of hook out of it. This all comes with a smooth, swift motion and a tempered strength at the breakpoint.

Where the Storm Intense really gets it right is with its ability to read the middle of the lane. It’s much stronger and more decisive in the mid-lane than any of the other three balls in the Storm Premier line. There’s a trade-off, though – this mid-lane reactivity cuts into the ball’s force down the lane.

That doesn’t mute the Storm Intense’s back-end reaction by too much, however. It’s just a much better ball for those who want a smoother entry into the pin pocket. It’s also much better at maintaining lane length late in the pattern. It dials down some of the other Storm Premier balls’ more aggressive aspects in favor of a bit more overall control.

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Features, Specs & Materials


The Storm Intense’s R3S Pearl Reactive cover stock provides a steady balance between creative angularity and smoothness. It’s at its best on medium oil patterns, but it can still hold its own in heavier conditions with the right type of bowler behind it.

The brand-new RAD-E asymmetrical core offers much more overall hook potential while upping the ball’s flare potential compared to other balls in the Storm Premier series. It offers a wild ride even when you have things under control.

The Storm Intense comes off the line with the brand’s standard 1500 Grit polished finish. It offers average length but great mid-lane reads when paired with the ball’s cover stock/core combination.


Color: Lime, Black, White
Core: RAD-E (Asymmetrical)
Coverstock: R3S Pearl Reactive
Finish: 1500 Grit Polished
RG: 2.49
Differential: 0.050
Flare potential: Moderate
Recommended Lane Condition: Medium


The great thing about the Storm Intense’s R3S Pearl Reactive cover stock is that it’s extremely durable while also offering efficacious oil absorption. While this doesn’t mean you should try it on drier lanes, it does mean that you’re going to get a bit more life out of this ball before having to resort to deeper cleaning.

The new shape of the RAD-E asymmetrical core will take some getting used to. It’s not noticeably heavier than previous Storm cores, but it does provide a bit of an off-kilter introduction fresh out of the box. It tends to meander if you can’t bring the ball under control.Advantages & Disadvantages


For overall hook potential and possibilities, this is the top bowling ball in the Storm Premier series. Thanks to the RAD-E asymmetrical core, this ball hooks with more authority while also maintaining an impressive smoothness. It doesn’t snap with the same angularity as other Storm Premier balls, but it sure glides strongly to its destination.

If you struggle with getting control and length out of the middle of the lane, the Storm Intense will be an absolutely fantastic investment. You’ll get an unparalleled amount of hook and tracking in the mid-lane which will slot your ball into the pin pocket more often than not.

While the ball doesn’t fire hard and snap at the back end, there’s a powerful back-end continuation which isn’t hurt much at all by the energy expended in the middle of the lane. You’re still going to see some fantastic pin trajectories and fiery pin carry will you get this ball slotted in.

Two of the most notable advantages of the Storm Intense over other Storm polished balls are its overall lane length and smoother reaction coming out of the end of an oil pattern. If these are holes in your game which need plugged, you’re not going to find a better Storm bowling ball for you than the Intense.


The Storm Intense is perfectly calibrated for most bowlers to use on medium oil patterns. While it’s still an effective ball for many on heavier oil patterns, most lower-rev bowlers won’t be able to garner enough traction in heavier oil conditions to keep the ball on the lane consistently.

There’s a solid enough drop-off in overall reactivity on heavy-oil patterns to be concerned if you’re playing in those conditions regularly. As with most high-performance bowling balls of a similar nature, there is no reason to bring this ball out on dry lanes. Read your preferred lanes carefully before committing to the Storm Intense as your strike ball of choice.

Those looking for snappier back-end reactions and a wealth of interesting pin impact angles may be underwhelmed by the Storm Intense. It’ll be too smooth off the dry for many who need that extra bit of torque before pin impact. It’s not completely lost on angularity by any stretch, but there are better back-end crashes to be had elsewhere in the Storm Premier series.

Our Thoughts 

The Storm Intense is a very interesting addition to the Storm lineup and a fantastic medium-oiled bowling ball. You’ll get more hook potential out of the Storm Intense than other Storm balls, along with a smoother overall motion.

However, the Storm Intense isn’t for everybody and can be troublesome for lower-rev bowlers playing in non-ideal conditions. 

Overall, it’s a very good bowling ball that doesn’t do enough great for enough different types of bowlers to make it an unquestioned recommendation.

Overall Score: 7 out of 10

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