Are you looking for a bowling ball that can conquer medium and dry lanes with efficacy? It’s possible that the Ebonite Cyclone bowling ball is for you! Our Ebonite Cyclone review will look at it from every possible angle, giving you a complete overview before you potentially make a purchase decision.

Does the Ebonite Cyclone skimp on some things due to its budget-conscious price point? How versatile is the Ebonite Cyclone really? Get the answers to these questions and more in our in-depth Ebonite Cyclone bowling ball review!


Ebonite’s new Cyclone bowling ball ups the ante for the company’s high-performance offerings by pairing a familiar pearlized cover stock with a brand-new symmetrical core. This combination makes the Ebonite Cyclone a complete gem when it comes to storing energy for impressive back-end reactions.

The cool thing about the Ebonite Cyclone’s particular back-end reaction is that it remains continuous and carries through the heads almost effortlessly. From the breakpoint to full pin impact, the Ebonite Cyclone expends very little energy before causing some crazy pin trajectories and violent crashes.

The Ebonite Cyclone is perfectly calibrated for medium oil patterns, fresh or not. It’s all quite a dry-lane wonder, turning any oil it comes across into gold for a fiery burst of pin carry. The more oil on the lanes, though, the less effective the Ebonite Cyclone is at tapping into its true potential. It gets submerged in those conditions and all of its properties become muted.

If you’re looking for impressive length and undeniable mid-lane movement on medium oil patterns, there aren’t many high-performance bowling ball options which can do it better than the Ebonite Cyclone. And, the cool thing about it’s smooth finish is that you can easily rough up the surface for similar results when oil conditions lean towards medium-heavy.

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Features, Specs & Materials


Ebonite’s crowd-favorite GB 10.7 Reactive Pearl cover stock has been an undeniable hit for previous Ebonite offerings such as the Game Breaker. It’s not an extremely porous cover, sacrificing heavy-oil absorption ability for durability and structural integrity.

When paired with a brand-new Ebonite symmetrical core design, the GB 10.7 Reactive Pearl cover stock smoothly reactions to oil patterns both fresh and depleted. The angularity may not be there, but the strength sure is.

One of the slickest finishes you can get out of the box with a bowling ball, the Ebonite Cyclone’s 4000 Abralon, Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish pushes the ball down the lane with ease in medium and medium-dry conditions. Removing this shine will help you attack heavier oil patterns when needed.


Color: Purple/Orange/Yellow, Black/Gold/Silver, Navy/Pink/Gold
Core: Symmetrical
Coverstock: GB 10.7 Reactive Pearl
Finish: 4000 Abralon, Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish
RG: 2.53
Differential: 0.053
Flare potential: High
Recommended Lane Condition: Medium, Dry


The GB 10.7 Reactive Pearl cover stock is built to take a major beating on the lanes. The cover stock is pearlized to such a degree, though, that the reactivity isn’t fully there when oil patterns get heavier. However, that’s a worthwhile trade-off for the overall play life you’re going to get out of the Ebonite Cyclone.

Coupled with an extremely balanced new symmetrical core design, the Ebonite Cyclone’s cover stock feels even more sturdy. The whole ball design is built for maximum balance and minimum dissonance. It’s an effortless throw, to be sure.Advantages & Disadvantages


The real selling point for the Ebonite Cyclone is the amount of high-performance bells and whistles the ball provides for such a fair price point. On medium and medium-dry lanes, the amount of lane length and hook potential you get out of the Ebonite Cyclone feels almost criminal in comparison to the minimal investment required to buy it.

Compared to the Ebonite Hard Ball and Curve Ball, the Ebonite Cyclone is noticeably smoother and stores energy with much more efficacy. This leads to a dichotomous back-end reaction which is equal parts impressive dynamite and continuity. It hits heavy and like a lightning bolt.

There is a versatility to the Ebonite Cyclone which is only enhanced by the malleability of its finish. This ball works fantastically out of the box on medium and medium-dry patterns. But, it’s also a good bet on drier lanes and can be sanded to meet the challenges of oil patterns which are a bit heavier. 

The Ebonite Cyclone is extremely strong at the breakpoint, but not in an angular fashion. It’s definitely the ball for you if your hook works better with a more sweeping, powerful punch. You may not hit the pin pocket with a ton of creative angles, but you’ll keep hitting it with a strengthened impact if you get the Ebonite Cyclone into a groove.


No matter how much you sand down the finish on the Ebonite Cyclone, it’s simply not built for heavy oil conditions. Once lane conditions pass medium-heavy, the structure of the ball’s cover stock just can’t swim as effectively as it can glide. You’ll end up having to clean the ball too much for very little benefit.

There is a distinct lack of angularity at the breakpoint which could vex advanced bowlers who are looking for that extra bit of geometrical oomph. If you use the Ebonite Cyclone as your main ball, your angles may be limited enough to make it more of a challenge than a benefit.

The shiny box finish of the Ebonite Cyclone can be tricky if you’re not playing on medium oil patterns consistently. You’ll have to do a lot of maintenance on the ball to get it primed for a bit heavier oil density, and that trade-off may be too monotonous and time-consuming for some.

Our Thoughts 

The Ebonite Cyclone offers a high-performance, medium-oiled bowling ball experience to those playing on a budget. You simply don’t get this kind of acute reactivity and back-end reaction at this price point.

There are noted drawbacks for bowlers who crave more angularity and are routinely playing in heavy oil conditions, but those drawbacks don’t ding the Ebonite Cyclone too much when you get so much out of it for so little.

Overall Score: 8.5 out of 10

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