Serious bowlers need serious portable storage to carry their bowling balls and bowling accessories from one bowling alley to another. The best bet for a bowler with multiple balls is a 4-ball bowling bag which is made to easily store and transport a bowler’s arsenal of balls. 

Rather than carry multiple bags or a single strap bag over your shoulder that could lead to strain and injury, a 4-ball bowling bag comes with plenty of perks to make your bowling experience that much easier. The following list of the Top 6 Best 4-Ball Bowling Bags In 2021 will give you the lowdown about the highest-quality 4-ball bowling bags on the market today.

Top 6 Best 4-Ball Bowling Bags In 2021 

1. KR Strikeforce Royal Flush 4×4 Roller Bowling Bag

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The KR Strikeforce Royal Flush 4×4 Roller Bowling Bag is one of the most versatile 4-ball bowling bags in the marketplace. It’s also one of the safest investments on this list thanks to an absolutely consumer-friendly 5-year warranty. A perfect balance of storage space and ingenuity which gives it plenty of uses outside of bowling, this 4-ball bowling bag meets and beats all expectations.


  • 1680-denier fabric is extremely durable, extremely heavy duty, and strong enough to withstand a large amount of weight inside it and on top of it.
  • The YKK Luggage zippers are some of the highest quality overall zippers that you’re going to find.
  • The 5-year warranty gives peace of mind that you’re going to get a long shelf life out of this 4-ball bowling bag.


  • Can be a little bit unwieldy to roll when there’s a lot of weight inside of it.
  • The design is a bit simple and not as aesthetically pleasing as some of the others on this list.

2. Hammer Premium 4-Ball Stackable Bag

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The Hammer Premium 4-Ball Stackable Bag sports one of the most attractive designs on this list. It also balances its aesthetic strengths with a 4-ball compartment which stacks your balls vertically and makes taking them out for usage super easy. There are two parts to this bag which detach from one another, giving you malleable options for what you carry and when you carry it.’


  • Large-diameter urethane wheels last a long time while making for easy portability across a variety of surfaces.
  • Heavy-duty 600-denier fabric is soft enough to flex to increase capacity, but it’s durable enough to withstand all kinds of elements and situations.
  • Extremely easy to balance when either rolling it or standing it up.


  • The handle doesn’t fully retract.
  • It can be a little bit tall overall for shorter bowlers.

3. Storm 4-Ball Rolling Thunder Signature Bag

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Whether you just want to transport two bowling balls and some accessories or four bowling balls with accessories, the Storm 4-Ball Rolling Thunder Signature Bag has you covered. Its unique design is eye-popping to say the least. Its durability is ensured by a heavy-duty frame which protects your valuable gear even if you were to throw your bag in the back of a truck.


  • Five-year warranty protects your investment while maximizing the potential life of your bag.
  • Detachable deluxe tote bag allows you to move your two best bowling balls separately and easily.
  • Steel axle and heavy-duty frame make this one of the most tough and sturdy 4-ball bowling bags on the market.


  • The fasteners are a little bit weak compared to the construction of the bag.
  • Can get a little bit bottom-heavy and hard to roll at points.

4. Storm Streamline 4-Ball Roller Bowling Bag

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One of the most cost-effective 4-ball bowling bags on the market, the Storm Streamline 4-Ball Roller Bowling Bag is one of the most sound overall investments on this list. It sports a detachable deluxe suitcase which makes it easy for you to move your favorite two bowling balls separately from the rest of the bag. Simply put, it is a budget bowler’s dream.


  • 600-denier fabric resists wear, tear, and can withstand enormous pressure both inside and outside.
  • The forged steel axle is one of the strongest on the market.
  • Telescopic handle retracts easily and stores deep into the bag.


  • The weight of the bag itself is heavier than the other bags on this list.
  • The bright red color scheme can be a little off-putting for some.

5. Moxy Dually 4×4 Inline Roller Bowling Bag

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Perhaps the unsung gem on this list thanks to its little-known manufacturer, the Moxy Dually 4×4 Inline Roller Bowling Bag is a storage-on-the-go dream. The locking retractable handle stores easily inside the bag for storing at home. The 5-year warranty ensures that you won’t waste your investment if something goes awry with the construction of the bag.


  • 5-year warranty ensures the life of your 4-ball bowling bag will be long and efficacious.
  • There’s so much storage in this bag that you’ll be able to carry the accessories of multiple bowlers.
  • Locking handle retracts super easily and stores nice and neatly flush with the bag itself.


  • Can be a little bit off-balance and off-kilter if there’s a ton of weight inside of it.
  • A little bit too tall overall for some shorter bowlers.


What Is A 4-Ball Bowling Bag Used For?

A 4-ball bowling bag is used for easy storage and portability for up to four bowling balls and an array of bowling accessories. Rather than carrying a bag which is unwieldy or heavy over your shoulder, they wheel easily on multiple surfaces like a deluxe suitcase. 

Anything that a bowler needs, be it their balls or their bowling shoes or bowling gloves, is taken into consideration with the massive storage space of the best 4-ball bowling bags. Whatever you need and whenever you need it, 4-ball bowling bags are built to transport it and safeguard it.

How Much Does A 4-Ball Bowling Bag Usually Cost?

While there may be cheaper and lower-quality options out there, the best 4-ball bowling bags on the market will set you back anywhere from $200 to $250 or so. They are pretty hefty investment comparatively to some other bowling accessories, but their multifaceted nature and ease of use makes them well worth the price point.

What Type Of Material Is Best For A 4-Ball Bowling Bag? 

The majority of the 4-ball bowling bags on this list are made of different grades of 600-denier and/or 1680-denier fabric. The high individual thread counts in these bags make them extremely thick, durable, and sturdy for repeated use. 

For safeguarding the most important accessories in your bowling accessory arsenal, bags with high-thread counts are perfect for the job.

Closing Thoughts

If you’re looking for the perfect balance of efficacy, ease, and durability when it comes to storing and carrying your bowling balls and bowling accessories, the best 4-ball bowling bags will strike that equilibrium. 

Don’t shove your bowling balls and accessories into a jumbled bag that’s hard to carry and may lead to your items crashing together and getting damaged. Get the right 4-ball bowling bag off the list above and save yourself the hassle.