If you’re not versed about bowling shoe covers and you’re a serious bowler who’s invested a solid chunk of change in your bowling shoes, you’re missing out on valuable protection for one of the key investments you’ve made in your overall bowling game. 

Bowling shoe covers are a dream come true for bowlers who want to extend the use life of their bowling shoes and save valuable money for other bowling accessories such as bowling balls or simply paying league dues. So what exactly are bowling shoe covers? Why are such a great idea for a regular bowler? We’re here to shed light on all of that.

What Are Bowling Shoe Covers & Their Uses?

Bowling shoe covers are true to their namesake. They are external protective covers for your bowling shoes which protect your shoes from potentially damaging elements such as moisture, gum, dirt and other environmental dangers to their overall condition and efficacy.

A bowling shoe cover allows bowlers to keep their bowling shoes on when they go to the restroom, the snack bar, or sometimes even to the car! Rather than having to carry another pair of shoes or change in and out of your bowling shoes during marathon bowling sets, you can just slip the covers on when you leave the lanes and not risk potential damage!

Bowling Shoe Cover Buying Guide 

A bowling shoe cover’s quality comes down to the quality of the material it’s made of. High-quality polyurethane and vinyl bowling shoe covers are some of the best on the market, providing water-resistant construction and a non-slip grip which makes walking effortless in them.

Also, take a look at the different features feted by the bowling shoe cover’s manufacturer. An added bonus like overlock stitches will increase their potential longevity and overall performance. 

Some bowling shoe covers come in a wide variety of size options while others choose the “one size fits most” route. Bring your bowling shoes with you when buying bowling shoe covers to ensure the ones you like are the ones that will be sized right for your particular shoe. This is also a great time to check out how comfortable they are to wear – whether they’re too tight, too loose, or just right for walking comfortably.

The final consideration is design. There are so many different looks to bowling shoe covers, from plain single-color designs to off-the-wall conversation starters. With as many bowling shoe covers as there are out there, you’re bound to find the design which fits your style and your particular personality.

7 Best Bowling Shoe Covers 

1. Brunswick Shoe Shield Bowling Shoe Covers

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Why not start with one of the most trusted brands in all of bowling, be it bowling balls or accessories? Brunswick Shoe Shield Bowling Shoe Covers are extremely easy to put on, extremely easy to wash for future uses, and are about as durable of an option as you’re going to find in your search for the right bowling shoe covers!


  • Their vinyl construction provides element-resistance at its finest, deflecting everything from moisture to rocks/dirt.
  • Comes in a vast variety of sizes which ensures that you’ll find the right size of bowling shoe cover for your particular feet.
  • They are built not only to protect your bowling shoes from dirt, but also to mask dirt on them so they never look worn and ragged.


  • Can be extremely tricky to get on for those with wide feet. Some users have claimed of tightness which doesn’t go away as you go up a size.
  • They look dull on purpose to mask dirt, but that also means they’re not the most aesthetically pleasing bowling shoe covers out there. 

2. Hammer Bowling Barbed Wire Bowling Shoe Covers

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Want one of the most unique looking bowling shoe covers you’re ever going to find? These barbed-wire adorned gems come in three eye-popping base colors – orange, grey, and black. Combining functionality with a really fun look, these are great for both showcasing your personality and protecting your bowling shoes from various external factors.


  • These nylon covers boast the best overall water resistance of any bowling shoe cover we’ve tested. They simply don’t allow moisture to seep through!
  • Their durable, solid bottoms are extremely well-applied and allow for unparalleled balance no matter where you walk with them.
  • Probably some of the most fun bowling shoe covers you’re going to find from an aesthetic perspective.


  • These are some of the most popular bowling shoe covers out there, so there can be periods of unavailability for the colors you want.
  • Some users have claimed that they don’t have as much traction as they should have for walking on various surfaces.

3. Hammer Shoe Cover Diamond Plate Bowling Shoe Covers

Hammer Shoe Cover Diamond Plate
  • Package length: 3.8 cm
  • Package width: 12.8 cm
  • Package height: 30.5 cm
  • Product Type: SPORTING GOODS

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While these bowling shoe covers may leave some skeptical with their “one size fits most” single size, they’re actually extremely malleable and can fit men’s shoes up to size 14! Combining great construction with a unique look, these are some of the more interesting and effective bowling shoe covers out there!


  • Made of powerful yet malleable denier nylon, these bowling shoe covers provide the perfect balance of wear-resistance and comfort.
  • The elastic opening allows for easy removal and application. You won’t struggle getting these over your bowling shoes, no matter what size your foot is.
  • The sticky soles of these bowling shoe covers allow for firm, non-slip traction on all manner of different surfaces.


  • They can be a little bit tight for those with wide feet. They’re perfectly calibrated for different foot lengths, but a little less pliable for wideness.
  • While the design is extremely unique, it covers the vast majority of your bowling shoes so you really have to like the diamond plate look!

4. MyShoeCovers Premium Bowling Shoe Covers

MyShoeCovers Premium Bowling Shoe Covers - 1 Pair
  • MADE IN THE USA of imported fabric; overlock stitch and a safety stitch that will last
  • SUPERIOR GRIP that you can count on; water and slip-resistant thick rubberized soles; no more slipping
  • WATER-RESISTANT uppers made of high quality polyurethane coated nylon fabric to protect your bowling shoes
  • 4 SIZES FOR PROFESSIONAL LOOK; see product description below for the correct sizing for your bowling shoes
  • MACHINE WASHABLE so you can have great looking covers every time you bowl

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Machine washable with a durable construction that keeps them useful for longer than most bowling shoe covers we’ve seen, MyShoeCovers Premium Bowling Shoe Covers are the best reviewed bowling shoe covers for multiple different online marketplaces. 


  • Made from a unique and powerful polyurethane blend, these bowling shoe covers guard your shoes from things both sharp and wet, acting as a great shield. 
  • They come complete with a non-slip sole which makes walking in many differing conditions effortless.
  • Their machine washable material means that they’ll be clean and ready to go for your next bowling trip.


  • The opening can be pretty tight and can be a struggle for some people when it comes to getting them on properly.
  • Extremely plain from a style standpoint. There isn’t a lot of flash or flair for those who want bowling shoe covers with a bit of personality.

5. Bowlingball.com Shoe Protectors Bowling Shoe Covers

bowlingball.com Shoe Protectors - Large
  • Protects the soles of bowling shoes from moisture, gum, food, etc.
  • Easy to slip on over shoes and stores easily inside a bowling bag
  • Contains Two (2) Shoe Protectors
  • One size larger recommended for High Performance shoes. ex: THE10

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These are some of the easiest bowling shoe covers on the market for slipping on and off. And that doesn’t mean they’re loose. In fact, they come in a wide variety of gender-sensitive sizes which ensures that you’ll find a bowling shoe cover which fits your particular foot and bowling shoe.


  • Made from a durable rubber-based material which resists tearing and stretching out.
  • Extremely adept at protecting your shoes from moisture, repeated tests show no seepage into the cover.
  • Many sizes available for both women and men. You’re bound to find the right bowling shoe cover for you.


  • Some customers have complained that regardless of the size of the cover, they can be a bit tight for wide feet.
  • They’re pretty basic from a stylistic perspective. That’ll be good for some, but leave others who want covers with a bit more personality left wanting.

6. Dexter Bowling Shoe Covers

Shoe protector large M11.5-15 - L
  • Protect your bowling shoes by slipping a pair of these covers over them when you are leaving the lane
  • They are made of high quality vinyl with an elastic top to keep water, mud and dirt off your shoes
  • DEXTER SHOE COVER SIZE GUIDE Small- Ladies: 5 to 9 and Mens: 6 1/2 to 9 1/2, Medium- Ladies: 10 to 12 and Mens 9 to 11, Large- Mens 11 1/2 to 15 TWO Dexter Shoe Covers in 1 pack

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Dexter Bowling Shoe Covers are perfectly constructed for moisture control, made of a water-resistant vinyl which keeps your bowling shoes dry no matter what you step in! Combining quality with ease of use in a way that keeps it at the top of bowlers’ wish lists, these are a great investment if you want to protect your bowling shoes from harm.


  • Made of a vinyl -based material which is about as water resistant as you’re going to find on the market.
  • Users celebrate their comfort fit all over online marketplaces, and they have a reputation as some of the best bowling shoe covers for those with wide feet.
  • Extremely cost-effective for the quality you get out of them.


  • They’re white so they’ll show dirt and wear a lot more and a lot quicker than other bowling shoe covers on this list. 
  • Not as thick as some of the other bowling shoe covers on this list. They’re not prone to tearing but may get pierced if the wrong obstacle presents itself.

7. SaVi Bowling Shoe Protector Covers

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These bowling shoe covers are perfect for women and those who want a bit of pink logo flair added to their bowling shoe cover. Walking a great tightrope between quality and a cheap price point, SaVi Bowling Shoe Protector Covers provided maximum bang for limited buck.


  • Constructed of high-quality vinyl which effectively repels oil, moisture and dirt with equal efficacy.
  • The pink logo pops and has a unique flair which really makes them stand out from other bowling shoe covers on this list.
  • They come with a manufacturer’s guarantee that they’ll accept returns for the bowling shoe covers if you’re unsatisfied for whatever reason. No questions asked!


  • Several users have complained about ease of use, claiming that they can be a struggle to get on for anyone – let alone those with wide feet.
  • Not as effective from a traction and gripping standpoint as some of the more expensive bowling shoe covers on our list.

Closing Thoughts 

Bowling shoe covers are a fantastic accessory for any bowler who wants to keep their bowling shoes safe from the elements while still being able to wear them off the lanes for things such as bathroom trips and snack bar orders. 

Combining durability with a very reasonable price point, the bowling shoe covers on our list are the perfect example of a simple idea carried out to maximum effect. Don’t put your bowling shoes in jeopardy! Grab a pair of bowling shoe covers as soon as you can.